The Silva Mind Control Method: The Revolutionary Program by the Founder of the World's Most Famous Mind Control Course

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The revolutionary program that teaches you how to use meditation and visualization to change your life.

First published in 1978,
The Silva Mind Control Method has helped millions of people create better, happier, and more successful lives. Based on the extraordinary course pioneered by José Silva in the 1960s, this accessible guidebook uses meditation and visualization to help you alleviate stress, overcome bad habits and emotional insecurity, increase creativity, develop concentration, harness your dreams, and deepen your relationships. Featuring transformative advice and fascinating case studies, this revolutionary book teaches you to use your mind at a deeper and more effective level and reveal its extraordinary power.

The Reviews

Don't be fooled by people using slick marketing to get you to buy expensive silva training this is the ORIGINAL system that they base their courses on. Every one of the techniques they promote in their expensive courses is a variation on the techniques in this book. Going to Alpha level is the core technique in the Silva Mind Control system and this book teaches how to do this naturally WITHOUT brainwave entrainment audios and binaural beats. The gurus hawk these expensive courses because the Silva system works ! Save your time and money and learn the original Silva Mind Control Method system!

I admit, I have not finished it. But I only needed to read the first three chapters to have an “oooh” moment. The ideas aren’t new. Yes, they’ve been written about before and talked about since. The basic premise is this: your mind is amazing. Amazing in ways that we don’t comprehend and everything we’re taught to believe is just the tip of the iceberg. He teaches you how to get into an alpha state. Ok, yes, I’ve done Joe Dispenza meditations which do just that. Not being cynical... but you need his meditations. And I often wondered... how did Dispenza do it when he healed himself... surely he didn’t have his own meditations. Ok, so I did his meditations for 10 months, 2x/day! And the results were remarkable. Yes, we control our environment; serendipities start happening. More Angelic experiences. But I got bored with “knowing” these long meditations, and like medicine, I thought things would continue to happen. But ultimately what it takes is getting into an alpha state (or theta.). And that’s what Jose Silva does... on your own, get into that state where you can harness the power of your brain to do amazing things. I started reading and had a wow moment. I know this!! And it’s probably been said throughout history. You know who else said it? Jesus. Yep. He said, we were able to do what he has done. He didn’t talk alpha. Now, he was the most evolved person in our planet, so don’t think you’ll rise from the dead. But... your mind is powerful! Anyway, I can’t wait to read the rest; I know what getting into an alpha state is like. And Jose Silva really tells you how.

This is my first Amazon review. Ever! I first learned about this book via the Mind Valley channel and Vishen Lakhiani. I've read every personal dev/self-help book out there. I swear, I own them all. This book taught me how to tap into my subconscious mind via the focused/relaxed meditation that Jose Silva teaches. I now know how to reprogram my mind because of this book. I share this book with everyone I know. It took me 10 day to learn because I practiced for the 10 days like the book says. I read it in October of 2021. In Nov 2021, I was offered the most amazing job with the most amazing benefits, off for the summer and all major holidays including spring break, the most kind and amazing co-workers and the highest pay I ever made because I had "programed" this into my mind. My new job even let me take off in Jan 2022 for a vacation to Cancun with my husband. In March of 2022, I manifested my dream Jeep Rubicon. It's exactly what I wanted; from the leather seat colors to the exterior color. The way the deal for my vehicle happened is just amazing! You do have to also remember to surrender to God/Universe and have full faith. Have faith in a fun and relaxed way! Things just keep getting better. The confidence I've learned to program is indescribable. The happiness in my Soul is also indescribable. This book even helps you program "belief" in yourself; something I never felt before! That's the best part ever. I'll update this review later. I'm currently programming something else that I know is going to be amazing.Just's all meditation. This is the real simplified meditation (some call it prayer). Learn to do some relaxed breathwork also. All of this changes your energy, which changes your vibration, which allows you to be a matching frequency to those amazing things you desire. Remember to desire in Love and Peace; not lack.

I bought the book because of a Silva Method youtube video that had me count back from 10 to 0 and as I did I noticed an unusual calmness. So, I got the book but as a new student I had to start from 100 to 0. The calmness lasted almost halfway through and then I began to shake . I have a PTSD from my first 2 1/2 years and wasn't too surprised when I began to cry, growl and hiss. At times, my hands would move along in an orderly fashion, a little like qi gong! All of this has happened in other meditations to a lesser degree, but this counting was the only one that quieted my chronically tight muscles to where I could take a brisk walk for an hour. I am 77. If I get nothing else from this book, the big Count Down made it worth it.

This book is important to all those serious about finding your real path and looking to live a healthy, wonderful life for you, your family and loved ones. It is a first step as I discovered going deeper into the method that Jose Silva created after many years of research and investment. For me I am taking this further and have become a full-time student of the Silva Method with additional coursers and reading. The investment is in your time and attitude to take this seriously and ACT and APPLY the techniques you eventually learn here and in future readings. The teachers are there, the information is within, if you seriously want to take charge of the skills and abilities we were BORN with - welcome to this amazing journey... Every day in every way my life is better, better and better!

This book changed my life.When I was 12 years old, I was in a hopeless, neglectful, and oftentimes abusive household. This book changed my world. With it, I moved through life from having nothing to getting a scholarship to USC, get into Yale, get a full-time stable corporate job, and now a successful entrepreneur.I've followed the spiritual/consciousness evolution teaching that has shown up over the years, and Silva Mind Control still contain effective techniques that i DO NOT see reflected in mainstream materials (law of attraction, etc etc). This stuff is very powerful.I am buying multiple copies to gift to those I love.

The book arrived all sealed up and in perfect condition. They even had it in bubble wrap! I also really appreciated the hand written note thanking me for my business. Very thoughtful people running this company.I have read several passages of the Silva book in the past and cant wait to finish it and begin manifesting!

I have heard so much about this book. I am so excited to get started on it. From what I have read so far, I am totally captivated. This is such a great book. I am going to put everything I have learnt so far into practice.I can't wait to update this review. So far so good. The book does live up to its title. This is the original, try not to get the fake ones out there.

The book is an interesting read I look forward to enjoying. The book arrived beautifully shipped and wrapped in plastic. Wonderful! Waterproof! I am grateful. Highly recommended seller.

Love that my initial order was inexpensive. Sadly, I wanted to buy more to give out to friends and family but the price nearly tripled. Regardless, this self help is a great reminder to visualize and stay on a good vibration. Run with what is helpful to you OR practice it verbatim. Wishing all that’s reading this much LOVE & SUCCESS! You got this ;)

I've only began to read this short book. It's an interesting read so far. The book is a nice size at more than half off the larger book. The book took about a week to arrive. Not bad for the price! AND I received a hand written note thanking me for my purchase which was a nice touch.

Excellent product and conditions, packages really well the book was a new condition. Would highly recommend seller and would purchase from them in the future. Exellent

Cool Theriot

I had this a long time ago in tape form. wanted to keep in my library.

Very unique and powerful book. Need serious dedication with this book.

It was great to find the book and I had a great experience with the seller.

I try one sleeping exercise and it works

You have to be in a quiet place

Will buy from this seller again. This item was exactly as stated.

Condition was as described. Happy with this purchase. Thank you

This book is unbelievably wonderful. It will change your life. BUY IT. I have masters in psychology, studied TM and other meditative techniques, etc. Yet this book awakened additional benefits. You would make a big mistake if you pass over this book instead of getting it. You won't be sorry. I hesitate to say more because I don't know what I would say that would convince you more than the above. So please, do yourself a favor and get this book!

I recommend this book to anyone that has the feeling that there’s much more to this life than we’re taught or told. For those who have consistent Coincidences that are far too spectacular to be a coincidence! This explains it all and even tells you how to maximize it! I gave the book 4 starts because some passages are a little hard to read/understand. Some of the errors are typos some are just “deep” maybe it’s just me having an issue but it didn’t make the book worse or happen often.

I order the book because is very interesting.Is a book to be read slowly in order to understand it.

When this came up on my feed the title intrigued me. It comes across as cult-ish, magic, ect. It sounds like trying to control someone else's mind. But it's nothing like that. It's about meditation, and mastering your mental acuity. He teaches exploring and controlling your thoughts. Yes there is a huge part related to manifestation but even if you don't believe in manifesting the lessons on meditation make his exercises well worth the investment. I've used many of the techniques just to reduce stress and achieve peace of mind. Well worth the investment


Wonderful book. Quick shipping, thank you

Didn’t want to take the time too listen to it

I found the book fascinating, hopefully In time I can prove the understandings within to be more true than the author intended.

Interesting read so far! 10/10 recommwnd

Great book.. does work,

I love it

The book came very soon after I odered it in Great condition. Very Happy with it!!! Thank you!!!

So far so good. Still need to finish learning all the steps and more time to practice. But so far it has given me more tools to deal with what life throws at me day by day.

This method takes time to learn and practice. Is a good investment in oneself.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. The mere idea of being able to meditate at a deeper level is very interesting to me. I’m not looking for ESP, just want to find relaxation in my life.We spend millions of dollars on meds through out the years, how hard will it be to try The Silva method. The worst you can do is achieve nothing, the best is ESP if that’s what you want. I just want to learn to meditate. His method is harmless and non-religiously based (the man believes in God, but he’s not selling you religion- if you understand what I mean). Overall, the technique -nor the book, ever felt like it should belong in the “Occult” section. We’re all taught to control our breathing and heart rates during PE exercises at school, so this shouldn’t scare anyone!As for the writing itself, it’s easy to get through. I read the book in one day (honestly in one morning). You are supposed to read through the first time then do the work. So I was looking forward to finishing, but the content was easy to understand so there wasn’t a problem.I wish the book in kindle would come with the option of audio like so many others do!! It’s so much faster that way, but it was still super fast.

This company was excellent and the book arrived in perfect condition and nicely wrapped in clear plastic to avoid any damage during transit. This was a nice touch. I Highly recommend this company.

The Silva Mind Control Method: The Revolutionary Program by the Founder of the World's Most Famous Mind Control Course
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