Cooking from the Spirit: Easy, Delicious, and Joyful Plant-Based Inspirations

by: Tabitha Brown (0)

Tabitha Brown, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Feeding the Soul, presents her first cookbook—full of easy, family-friendly vegan recipes and stories from the spirit, inspired by her health journey and love of delicious food.

Sometimes people say to Tabitha Brown, “I’ve never eaten vegan before.” As Tab says, “Have you ever eaten an apple?”

After living with a terrible undiagnosed illness for more than a year and a half, Tab was willing to try anything to stop the pain. Inspired by the documentary What the Health, she tried a thirty-day vegan challenge—and never looked back. Wanting to inspire others to make changes that might improve their own lives, she started sharing her favorite plant-based recipes in her signature warm voice with thousands, and now millions, of online fans.

Tab’s recipes are flexible, creative, and filled with encouragement, so you trust yourself to cook food the way it makes you happy. If you’re already a “cooking from the spirit” sort of person, you’ll love how much freedom Tab gives to make these delicious vegan dishes your own. If you’re newer to cooking—or to vegan cooking—Tab will help you get comfortable in the kitchen and, most important, have fun doing it!

In this joyful book, Tab shares personal stories, inspirational “Tabisms,” and more than eighty easy, family-friendly recipes, including:

  • Yam Halves Topped with Maple-Cinnamon Pecan Glaze
  • Stuffed Avocado
  • Jackfruit Pot Roast
  • Crab-less Cakes with Spicy Tartar Sauce
  • Who Made the Potato Salad?
  • Kale and Raspberry Salad
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

Cooking from the Spirit is for anyone interested in plant-based eating and all lovers of food, plus anyone who wants a little warm inspiration in their lives. As Tab says, “Honey, now let’s go on and get to cooking from the spirit. Yes? Very good!”

The Reviews

Released on Oct 4th, arrived Oct 4th ! Couldn't believe it came in so quickly. The book is large, heavy and put together with high quality photos and text. I'm not a vegan but she might convert me when I try these recipes. I already have her spices, so it's time to see what happens ! Congratulations Tab !

I love the flexibility to be creative with the recipes and make it my own while still having a guide. I’m a baker by nature so I like having exact measurements, but this is definitely a great and fun change of pace for me ! And the encouragement Tab gives comes through SO beautifully ! HIGHLY RECOMMEND 😭

Great cookbook, recipes with not too many ingredients.

My copy arrived today, and I'm overjoyed. It's stunning from cover to cover. I'm looking forward to making the beautifully photographed dishes it contains. Tab, Congratulations!

Great recipes! Beautiful pictures! Lovely anecdotes! Measurements not needed! ❤️❤️ So glad to have a simple to use vegan cookbook.

Its been said that "love" is a key ingredient used by the best cooks. I felt the love throughout this cook book. The anecdotes and feel good statements gave a new meaning to comfort food. Haven't made any of the recipes yet, but my soul has already been blessed.

This book is made with quality, it's beautiful with all its color, and the recipes I am excited to make. 😊

My cookbook came today. Love it already. Great job Mrs. Brown.

If you are a beginner cook, beware that Tabitha does not provide ingredient measurements. Whether it is potatoes or coconut aminos or spice....she will not tell you how much to add. You must have a great amount of kitchen confidence to handle a cookbook like that.Other than this unusual style, it is a good book, with some interesting recipes.

A beautifully done cookbook. Can’t wait to read it and get inspired.

I have already tried several recipes featured in this book just through watching Tabitha Brown's YouTube videos but was not sure what to expect from a larger collection. I have many vegetarian cookbooks and what I enjoy about this one is that the recipes are both creative and accessible. Making roast beef out of thinly sliced portobellos? Pickled mushroom deviled eggs? Nothing in this book is complicated to make but so many taste like a revelation. We've only had the book for a few days but have already tried several recipes. We just had sausage and cabbage for dinner and I'm about to make some of the Chocolate Banana Toast for dessert. It is true that some of the recipes do not have measurements but I feel that just allows me to make intuitive decisions based on my family and what I have on hand (cause that's my business! :) )

This cookbook is aesthetically pleasing. I love the fact that she included color pictures of several recipes from the book. There’s a wide variety of recipes that’s sure to please everyone. The only thing that I didn’t like is that she didn’t include exact measurements. I personally like to go by the recipe the first couple of times that I try a recipe. After that I tweak it to my liking if needed. Because I’m not familiar with vegan cooking, it kind of seems like a shot in the dark. Nevertheless I’m inspired to try several of the recipes. I wouldn’t allow that to detour me from buying it! The ingredients seem relatively easy to find and inexpensive.

that this book will bring me yummy dishes. I just received it, couldnt open the box fast enough. I did a quick flip through, oohing and awhing the whole time. There are so many recipes (187 pages total) and love that she included pictures. The quality of the pics is not the best, but that does not stop me from giving it top rated. Wishing Tabitha Brown all the best and continued success in all her endeavors. Now to go and starting bookmarking what I will make first.

Easy and simple directions to follow. Colorful pictures for each dish, and a bonus with the Tabism quotes. I’m not a vegan but super excited to try some of these recipes.

This is exactly the way I cook. The only time I use recipes, is when I bake cakes. My children always used to say I should start a YouTube channel or write a cookbook, but I had no idea how to do that without recipes and for me, they’re too hard to write. So refreshing to see a book out there written in my style.Outside of that, I love the way Tabitha has inserted her personality all throughout. She’s added stories, Tabism’s, and gentle reminders to be easy on yourself. When reading it, I could hear it in her voice. The photos are phenomenal and almost all recipes come with pictures.Overall, I think this book is excellent. It gives you the freedom to follow your own instinct and learn how to cook without recipe restrictions, and it’s presented in Tab’s sweet, southern Auntie tone.

The book is beautiful with pictures and all but no actual measurements for the recipes you have to figure it out yourself I was also looking forward to her pecan spaghetti recipe one of my favorites that I saw on her ig when she first started but it is not in the book

I love how Tabitha lays out the recipes making them simple to follow! I am not concerned about measurements! I season until the ancestors say that is enough! This is a must have for anyone wanting to incorporate vegan meals into their diets and/or want to transition to becoming a vegan! Thanks Tab! I cannot wait until part two!

I'm so glad to have this book as I delve into a vegan lifestyle and learn how to cook overall. I must say, as someone who is a novice in cooking, not having measurements doesn't seem practical. I can appreciate the concept of "trusting yourself" and "knowing what you like," but I would prefer to learn the intended taste of the recipes first before making those adjustments for myself. But with all said, I'm eager to start on this recipe journey Tabatha has laid out for us!

Tabitha's personality radiates throughout the entire book. I love that she refers to the recipes as guides. Each recipe gives you as choice to use the seasoning and meat substitutes you like. I have the feeling that many of these recipe guides will become a permanent part of my vegan lifestyle.

WOW!! This book is loaded with creative and delicious recipes. I love that she gives a list in the beginning so you can stock up properly. Overall it is a beautiful, inspirational collection of positive thoughts and yummy recipes. I will probably buy a few more to give as gifts. I definitely recommend this book!!

Hands down the best cook book I have ever used and seen. It’s truly authentic and fits my style of cooking.. absolutely no measurement! I am no vegan but my family will be enjoying vegan cooking mixed in with their favorite dish from now on.. well done Tab!

I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but when I tell you the sheer beauty of this cookbook is just incredible. I was only expecting the recipes but then…there are the Tabisms. The Tabisms might even make you tear up a bit. Love it!

I’ve been following Tab for a while now. It started with her IG recipes, but then I fell in love with her spirit. I was super excited for this cook book. Previously, I’ve made her carrot pulp sushi and her pecan tacos many times and they are definitely favorites. Tonight I did the “Crab” less Cakes. Wasn’t sure my seasoning was on point, but after baking them up, it was amaze balls. I also enjoyed the bow tie Alfredo. Will probably add some peas next time. I’m not vegan (but moving in that direction), so it’s been a fun adventure trying new things. “Cashew yogurt?! Hey, tastes like yogurt! I don’t know about this cheese…. Hey, that’s not too bad!!” I also like that these are easy to make. Some other vegan recipe books have so many steps, it’s not what I want to do when I get home from work. Thanks for the fantastic cook book, Tab!

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