The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

by: Charlie Mackesy (0)

Charlie Mackesy’s beloved The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse has been adapted into an animated short film, now available to stream on Apple TV+


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse is not only a thought-provoking, discussion-worthy story, the book itself is an object of art.”- Elizabeth Egan, The New York Times

From British illustrator, artist, and author Charlie Mackesy comes a journey for all ages that explores life’s universal lessons, featuring 100 color and black-and-white drawings.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked the mole.

“Kind,” said the boy.

Charlie Mackesy offers inspiration and hope in uncertain times in this beautiful book, following the tale of a curious boy, a greedy mole, a wary fox and a wise horse who find themselves together in sometimes difficult terrain, sharing their greatest fears and biggest discoveries about vulnerability, kindness, hope, friendship and love. The shared adventures and important conversations between the four friends are full of life lessons that have connected with readers of all ages. 

The Reviews

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse is a beautiful, heartfelt book filled with characters each of us can relate to in some fashion. The conversations held between the Boy, and the friends he finds along the way, are a reflection of truths many of us have forgotten -- how to be gentle to ourselves and others. How to love without limit. How to walk with the ones we love, through all that life brings.As an aside, the evening we came home and found this book on our doorstep my severely dyslexic daughter slowly began looking at the illustrations, then took the book from my hands and started working hard to read -- really read -- the messages on each page. What a gift, not only to see her doing her best to make out words, but also to see her eyes light up as she took in the messages Charlie has authored. We all matter, we're all in this together, we can all love one another, despite our differences.I will be buying this book for all our loved ones this Christmas and I can't wait for my family journey with The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.

Winnie the Pooh and this magical gift of a book. I don't need anything else. Pairs beautifully with Kleenex and a pad of paper to write down all the names that *will* come to you as you're reading it who you just know will love it for the holidays or their birthdays or just because the sun came up. It's *that* enchanting. Hardcover is the only way to go.

Charlie Mackesy's book is pure joy!! I read through it the day it arrived & I can already tell I will reread it over & over . . . hopefully, a few of those times will be with tea & cake. 😉While reading it, I go back & forth between wanting to be still & sit in the quiet and wanting to get my sketch book & create in a flurry with pen & paint!! Love this book SO many . . . it's bound to be a classic for both children & adults alike not only for his artistic ability; but because he writes truth that every heart knows but that we have all too often forgotten!

This book is beautiful. I highly recommend. I can open to any random page and find encouragement. Mr. Mackesy, may you become a household name.

An absolutely beautiful book that the world needs right now! The artistic style is simply elegant. Just truly beautiful illustrations. And the story of the boy and his animal friends is charming and encouraging, especially to anyone struggling to find peace in the world. It’s is refreshing to have such a simple message about love and friendship put so perfectly in his messages. I have adored Charlie’s art style and heart warming stories since I first found him on Instagram. I was so excited that he made a book and it doesn’t disappoint! It is a treasure in my collection and I love reading it over and over while admiring all of the illustrations.

It was a pleasure to read about goodness, simple friendship, acceptance and hope. The drawings are beautiful too. I am going to find my fox, mole and horse now.

It's cute, simplistic, and therapeutic. The characters carry on a directionless conversation filled with lines that range from petty (Is the glass half full or empty? I'm just glad to have a glass), to the borderline-but-never-quite-thoughtful (What's the bravest thing you've ever said? Help.), to the mostly saccharine (No matter how it appears, everyone has their struggles*). These are wanna-be inspirational quotes that never rise to the pithiness of aphorisms or poignancy of poetry. The artwork is cute, but not astounding, better than novice, but not prize-winning. Overall, the book is an overrated testimony to the American reader's need sentimental platitudes. It's just a shadow of Winnie the Pooh.*I should note, my quotes are not exact, because I wasn't paying $23 for a 128 page comic book with a sentence on every page, so I read the whole thing while walking around the bookstore, and don't now have a copy.

I am so disappointed in this book. I wanted to love it for myself, and read it to my four year old grandson, but he is already a deeper thinker than this, so I won't bother.The book itself is pretty to look at, but as superficial and maudlin as it gets. It's made up of little aphorisms that are not even thought provoking enough for a refrigerator magnet. Some of them just made me think, "Oh please! Give me a break!" The book definitely didn't make the cut at our house.There are countless stories on my bookshelves, that I have seen gently tap in to the heart of a child. Stories that make possible the understanding of eternal truths that shape our shared human experience in this world; even at a very young age. Christopher Robin comes to mind, but there are dozens of smaller works. C.S. Lewis: "Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage."True for everyone.

I LOVE this book. A friend gave me one and I bought this one to use at school with girls friendship social skills groups. It would truly work for any age group. Very short lines on each page. I broke the book up into topics to expand on. My girls group drew pictures while I read bits and showed the pictures. I posed questions and then we discussed applications. I used with 2nd graders,but I would use this withhihh schoolers too. It is raw in touching the soul. I bawled when I first read it. And remember it was a gift from one adult to another when going thru a hard time. My 6th grader read it one night and said it was her new fave book. Really beautiful and authentic to the meaning of friendship. Pick one up!!!

I received this book from a friend following my husband’s sudden death. I read it in very short phases. Maybe only one or two pages at a time. This allowed me to ponder what read in order to integrate into my mind. I have since purchased 3 additional copies to give to others

So many life truths in here! Not just for kids, but adults as well!!! Please read! I’ve bought 4 because that’s the limit but I’ve asked my sister even buy more of these for me! I give it out as gifts to share the goodness of this story.Everyone should read this!

I bought one for me and one for one of my good friends (if I had the money I’d buy dozens of copies and hand them out to people I care about). Everytime I read this book I cry from the emotions it brings up, and I was with my friend when she read it too and she cried also (we laughed at how ridiculous we were). I told another friend about it and he bought it too and loves it, says some of the pages really resonate with him. I HIGHLY recommend having a copy of this at home; for your kids, your loved ones, and most especially yourself.

I was given this book by a friend during a most difficult time. I have read it many times. It has given me peace, hope and healing. I have given it to friends who have given me a place in their hearts.

I got this book as a gift and have since purchased it multiple times to give others. The illustrations and beautiful dialogue between the animals make the deep truths more accessible. Readers from children on up can love this book. Every page is a gem and I highly recommend.

It was a great book, my niece ordered one and said she has read it 4 or 5 times she loved it so I had to order!

The price was excellent! This is a wonderful book with beautiful sayings and drawings. I bought several to give out as gifts and the receiver always enjoys it immensely.

This lovely book was recommended by a new friend and I'm so glad she suggested it. Filled with wistful artwork, the gentle reflection on friendship is a work of deep wisdom. I find it helpful to read slowly--taking time to personally contemplate or discuss each page with our grandchildren.

I bought this book because I saw a clip about the author and loved his whimsical, thoughtful, kind and loving way. GREAT book for all ages. Quick read. And a awesome gift.

We received this book for our anniversary,and I had brevet heard of it. The author has written a fascinating story about a boy, a mole a fox and a horse . They are on a journey of self discovery. The messages are timeless and there are lessons to be learned. I have re read it at least five times, and have given it as a gift to at least 5 other people . When I have a bad day, I reread certain passages to lift my spirits!

Oh, my. Such a great book. After I read it, I just sat here contemplating the beauty of what I had just read. I've read it a couple of times since buying it. I am getting one for each of my (grown) children.I'm not one to share a bunch of details about books I read, but the four characters in this book might just change the way you look at the world and the people in it.

The messages are so perfect!! I used this book as a life guide for my little boy arriving Oct 3. I had family and friends write him little messages in the pages so he will have it with him all through life. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will never be too old or too young to understand it’s truth. It’s a beautiful book.

Buy a copy of this book for everyone you care about, young and old. You can open it to any page and get inspiration and a smile. It’s genius in its simplicity and beauty.

These books make great gifts for children and adults in therapy! Brings a connection within one’s self, other interactions, and hope for continued self growth 👍🏼

This book speaks on so many levels. A good reminder of how we should see this life & be in it. Each character has an important part but together make a whole. I highly recommend it for people of all ages, in times of sadness, happiness or just need to remember what it is to be a kind human. Truly timeless.

Purchased my first copy from a book store while on vacation. So happy to find and order as gifts. One of those great books to leave out, read over and over and for others to read at a glance. Sweet book with heart warming theme on each page.

Everyone should own a copy of this book. In the midst of all the turmoil we humans experience , this little book says, slow down, we all just want to get home. It is profound.

I was at a bookstore and saw a sign that said “employee’s Favorite book!” I went over, picked up The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse and read it cover, to cover. I cannot overstate how very beautiful this book is. The illustrations, the author’s thoughts and the story of these 4 unlikely friends touched my heart so deeply. Each page could be a sermon for love and kindness. I have given this to many people, to some as a book of comfort, others to remind them not to be so hard on themselves, all to show them the simple power of friendship. You’ll be captivated by the art work as well—just incredible. Buy one for yourself and one for someone you love.

My brother whose wife is dying, was given a copy of this book and he said that it came at the perfect time for him. the artwork is simple but beautiful. The words are also beautiful to touch a heart that is hurting.But it's not just for the grieving person, it's a great gift for a graduating senior or a special person just to let them know how much they mean to you. And, you should have your own copy to make you stop and think of all the beauty there is in our lives, no matter what is happening around you.

After receiving this book, I see what all the hype was about. The illustrations are beautifully charming, and the messages found within the book offer words to live by. I've since given this book as a gift to several friends, and they have been equally impressed.

Your children will hold this book close to their hearts as they grow, they will read it to their children, they theirs, and so on. This is a beautifully written, illustrated, and read book. I bought as many copies as Amazon would allow to give to those I love. I will listen to the Audible version on occasion to align my heart and mind with love and kindness. It’s just lovely.

I think at this point I have purchased about 6 of these for myself and for gifts! Everyone needs this book! Such amazing messages (for young and old) and I love the artwork!

I loved this book so much. I feel like it came at a time when I needed to hear these words. It's a quick read, but profound nonetheless. I identify with each character in one way or another and it's so beautiful.

Just discovered this lovely wisdom book. It's a Keeper!A Treasure.A Pleasure.A Place of Solace.

to read myself and to my children..a good guide to positive human ethics--for both children and adults.Beautifully illustrated!!

I bought multiples of this book for gifts. Such beautifully simple story, and something both children and adults should read. The illustrations are beautifully done. my copy is staying on my coffee table.

I started following Charlie Macesy on Instagram after seeing a drawing he did. I Ordered 2 book's, 1 for me and the other for my grandson who is 8. I read the book today and it's just what our children as well as adult's need to read right now. Beautiful written in a way that makes you think, feel and remember that we are loved in spite of our differences. I would give this book 10 starts if I could. I have 4 more books in my basket to give as Christmas Gifts. Thank You Charlie Mackesy.

The pages were upside down and backwards. To read the beginning of the book you have to hold it upside down and start reading from the back. I ordered 2 copies as gifts and both of them came like this. I didn’t have time to exchange them so I gave them anyway and apologized to the recipients. They laughed and said it gave the book more character. Both said “I mean how often does that happen?”I just chuckled along as they thought it was rare for a misprint but I have a feeling it isn’t all that rare. Other than that all the pages are there and this book is still sweet as ever so I’m still happy. Just as a warning

This is a beautiful little book to treasure. My cousin gave me a copy of this book, and I loved it so much for its comforting message that I bought a copy to send to a good friend. This is a keepsake book to have on your shelf and to pull down and read whenever you need a little boost. Buy it for yourself or for someone you love.

My book group has been meeting for over 30 years. Early in November they will be coming to my house for lunch and I will be reading this "Friendship" book to them...oh the discussions we will have!

I loved this! I gave it to my husband and he loved it. We sat and read it in about 20 minutes and both felt so much more peaceful after. the art is beautiful and the words are fun and lovely. It is a mix of Calvin and Hobbs and Winnie The Poo.

Omgosh this book is so cute but also has words of wisdom from these little animal characters. And my favorite was the tiny guy. It was a baby shower gift. It’s a hard cover and I am buying another one for myself. Too cute and adorable! Teaching lessons.

I absolutely loved this book, as did my children and especially my teenager who has some behavior disorders. We borrowed the audio book online from the library and listened to it quite often before it was returned. He has a very calming voice, very easy to listen to.

I first received this book as a gift from a client of mine. Since then, I have purchased this book as a gift for friends three times over. It is beautiful to the eye, heart, and mind. Much wisdom is packed in these pages. Much to reflect upon and put into practice.

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Sometimes the simplest of messages are the most important. A beautiful little book that offers some sage advice and wonderful illustrations. It won’t take long to read, but it reminds you of a few important life lessons along the way. Not a treatise on mental health or a life coach, there are other books for that, but a gentle reminder that there is more to life.

This was a very fun book. My kids and I really enjoyed it. Our favorite character is the mole because he likes cake. My kids thought that was so funny. I really love the story that is told here. It’s exactly the kind of stuff I want my kids to come to learn and know. Thank you

I received this book as a gift from a dear friend last year. I love it so much that I’m giving it to several friends this year!! Beautiful art and a truly touching story.

I bought this book because being an artist, I loved the sketches so much. But oh man, the story is just as beautiful. I'm a grown adult and I was teary reading it.

This profound, life changing read is a must for those who enjoy the revelation of the normal. The philosophical depth is one that enters into one's heart and leaves you better for having engaged. This is a read-again book as well. It never gets old but stays fresh and ever self-revealing. Use the excuse of "reading to your grandchildren" but prepare for the peaceful insights that bring illumination of the simple things already in your world. The author's artwork enhances the experience and deepens the insights. A delightful and wonderful journey into life.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse…oh how I wish this book had been around when I was a child and really needed to hear and read this outstandingly beautiful, comforting book. I am older now, but this book gently and with much care took my Heart and my Soul and helped to heal a lot of hurts that have come with my journey in this life so far. I bought both the Book and the Audible, I strongly suggest you do the same. I read the book and Love it, I held the Book and listened, turning each page as Charlie Mackesy read the story to me. The sounds you hear, some things spoken that weren’t in the book, each character’s thoughts…I felt like I was wrapped in a warm blanket. I have had some really big losses and suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Every time I start to feel these awful things I listen to this and look at the beautiful pages of the book as it goes along. Charlie has the Most Comforting voice I have heard. Between the Story and his amazing voice I am at slowly brought away from my anguish, this has become my security blanket. So, I can say in a way this has become my only friend that helps me through some really rough times. I have never had a book touch my heart like this one has and it’s the first time I have ever had a book read to me. My parents didn’t make the time for that. Please read to your children, grandchildren even a child who you know and isn’t getting books read to them. I Strongly suggest getting the Audible version too, it’s there for me whenever I need it and the book is always near me. I have to have both.

A heartwarming story. I recommend to anyone who wants to bright their day or someone else's. Good book to read to children.

There are so many good insight & meaningful metaphors in this book. Some of them has been hidden away from us but this book is able to remind us that love & friendship is important. I would recommend this book.

This is one of my all time favorite books! We gave this as gifts to all of our children and to my siblings last Christmas.

Sweet story of unusual friends. I'm giving a copy to three people as a thank you for having been a good friend to me in different ways and circumstances.

We keep a permanent page marker in this book that marks our current favorite passage. Today it's "Sometimes," said the horse. "Sometimes what?" asked the boy. "Sometimes just getting up and carrying on is brave and magnificent."We have gifted this book more than any other - ever. Maybe 15 times. Every page features beautiful art and sentiment. We will continue to share it with our friends and family when they need inspiration or a hug.

Great graphics and messaging in this book. Love this author's style...simple, but poignant. A reminder to be kind to yourself first.

Makesy is both a talented artist and a remarkable storyteller. This book is suitable for all ages. I will warn readers that kleenex is required...

Arrived quickly!! Love this book- I have read it multiple times since getting it. The message is wonderful and the drawings are beautiful. Perfect uplifting book with life lessons for both children and adults.

Needs to be individually wrapped.. not loose in box. I had multiple copies in one box

This is like a greeting card on steroids. Absolutely delightful illustrations and story. Can be read in 30 minutes but you will be reading it over and over and feel good about yourself afterward.

Full of wisdom and kindness. Wonderful illustrations. A gift to treasure.

This book is so beautiful! I think the message is so lovely and has come into my life not by accident!

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I saw the author giving an interview and just had to have his book. I was not disappointed. It has been read over and over. Sometimes I just pick it up and read two or three pages. It is heart warming. It shows us how we all should treat one another

Loved the values and goals in this book! Beautifully written!

I got the book for my daughter. It’s beautiful and great quality

The drawings are in black and white and not fully detailed out but the artist does such a skilled job with her drawings that they are perfect. Story is sweet about 4 strangers (animals) that become friends despite differences. Sweet for all ages. I bought 4 to give as gifts.

Found this book while at a ayahuasca retreat but you don't need psychedelics to enjoy it. I teared up at parts reading it. Profound and simple, sometimes we all need reminders of how to co-exist with others.

I purchased several books as gifts. The story, the illustrations, the entire book is beautiful. I purchased the hard copy and the recipients of the gifts LOVED them.

Between the artwork and the prose, a beautiful book everyone should read and keep on their shelf - for ALL ages <3

I love this book and have given it as a gift many times. ( Recipients from ages 14 to 80). The Illustrations are terrific and the messages are beautiful. ( plus,……text is in cursive and excellent incentive for young non-cursive readers and writers! )

I love how this book is simple and profound. It captures the essence of so many profound human feelings and is a great conversation starter!

One of my favorite books of all time. A sweet feel good book that lifted my spirits and makes me smile each time I read it. Great for a gift to a loved one or friend.

It’s a beautifully sweet, sad, and affirming book. Well worth a read. A great gift for a young person, or someone who needs to sit down and have a chat with the young person inside.

I purchased this for our grandson and daughter. The story is beautifully told. Teaching kindness and compassion. I love the illustrations that accompany the story too.

I love the story, illustrations and deep hearted feelings it inspires. Simple yet profound. One of my favorite of all books!! ❤️

This book is for everyone children to adults it's compassionate and thought-provoking messages touch the heart and soul. The illustrations are so beautifully simple and convey love and hope. There is a film which is been shown on Christmas eve on the UK but wherever you live it's coming very soon.A perfect gift anytime of the year.💛

Received this as a gift and have purchased to give to others. Such sweet, heartfelt and uplifting messages throughout this book. Love the illustration and handwritten text. Highly recommend.

I love this book! The author, the illustrations, the story, it's just magical. I've given it as shower gifts for new babies and as birthday and Christmas gifts to my reader friends. My husband got a bit teary eyed the first time he read it. It's a story for all, about the magic of friendship and taking care and respecting each other. A true classic. An innocent yet thought provoking message we should all want to experience.

This book is perfect for adults and children. The message is kind and sweet and the illustrations are wonderful. I received one from a good friend, and have sent several to friends and family.

I will treasure this lovely book for always. It moved me in so many ways....from the heartfelt words to the beautiful illustrations. I will be purchasing several copies to give as gifts for special occasions and holidays.

This book is full of wisdom, beautiful artwork and powerful quotes. I keep copies of this book on hand to give as gifts. I love the message!

Beautiful, hand written calligraphy (real young kids will need someone to read it to them) with gorgeous pen & ink drawings. We bought one for each of our extended families and all fell in love with them. A true keepsake <3

Our whole family loves this book… From our 2-year old, 5 & 9 year olds, 30 somethings all the way up to 80 somethings. This is a book we laugh over, cry over, dream over, converse over and share together! It’s been sitting on our coffee table for months

I saw a clip of the animated short of this, so when I saw it was a book, I had to have it. And though my heart aches and tears run down my face, I have no regrets. This helped heal my wounded inner child a little more. Thank you for this.

This is a must buy for that newborn coming. It should be a law that parents must read this book to the kids at least once a week. Read it.

There are so many things to say about this book. But first I would like to say this isn’t just merely a children’s book. This is a book for all ages, particularly for those of us who have childhood trauma and need short yet meaningful words of love and encouragement to feel heard and understood. Whether you are someone with or even without children, this book is not a long read but it is easily well worth the purchase.*For children I recommend getting the other version with more colorful pictures.*

I have followed some of his postings on Facebook and like his work, but this book is beyond what I expected. I highly recommend it for anyone!

This beautiful book (which has just been released in the UK as a short animation) has received such wonderful reviews for the illustrations that I had to buy it for the family bookshelf in the USA. Such a lovely simple message of love and hope which I hope our grandchildren will re-open and enjoy in the years to come.It was a very late, "skin of my teeth" purchase for Christmas but with the USA/UK time difference it arrived in good time and our daughter-in-law enjoyed it as she wrapped it. Many thanks.

Just a genuinely good book, with wonderful handwriting, and breathtaking art. So simple, that it can't be mistaken for anything else. It's made for kids to understand, and adults to understand. Truly for eighty and eight year olds alike.

I have purchased this book for multiple friends after having received it from a friend. Beautiful messages of loving and caring for one another. A celebration of acceptance and the lifelong value and blessing of true friendship.

This book is so inspirational and heartfelt. It says all the things about life that matter. You will see yourself in the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. Beautiful. I cried. My girlfriend cried when she read it. I gave it to everyone I love and cared about. One of my all-time favorite books.

I originally found this through an online reccomendation. I went on to buy one for each of my 3 nieces, aged 3, 12 and 14. I feel it teaches valuable lessons on life and friendship. Highly reccomend!

I got this for my daughter for her birthday. I started leafing through it and couldn't put it down. The words, illustrations, and craftsmanship are all beautiful and I can't wait to give it to her!

Lovely book for all ages. It’s one that i regularly gift to my friends and other people I care for. Beautiful illustrations, inspirational content. It recently morphed into a short and sweet animated movie on a well-known streaming service. It’s a breath of fresh air.

I bought this book as a gift for Christmas. I read it before I gifted it and loved it so much I bought 3 more copies. One to keep for myself, one for a friend and a third one to have available to give as a gift when the time warrants. This book will make you laugh and cry. The drawings are incredible. Such an easy read that leaves you feeling good, well worth adding to your must read library!

This book is a gem that I was gifted and ended up paying in forward and gifting it to three other friends. Everyone needs to read this throughout different stages of their lives, you will always find something that resonates with you. This book is a treasure.

This is a beautiful book. The message, the storytelling, and the artwork are all beautiful. The pages are slick and clean. I think it's a book that will end up being very well received and echoed through future generations. The only complaint that I can imagine someone might have is the style of writing inside the book because it's a combination of cursive and print can be a little hard to decipher. And yes I grew up reading and writing cursive and there was a few moments I struggled to understand what a word was. However, changing this book to print would be a tragedy. As I think it would lose a lot of the aesthetic beauty by doing so.

It's a beautiful book full of the joy of friendship, acceptance, and love. The only thing I can see anyone having a problem with is the print style. It takes some getting used to, but it suits the narrative and compliments the pictures perfectly. I wouldn't change a thing about this book. I enjoyed it thoroughly! I hope you enjoy it just as much.

I loved this book! It’s not only beautifully written, but beautiful visually. The words and the art were both extraordinary. I definitely need to see the physical copy of this book because I bet it is even more glorious! 💛💛💛💛💛

I like to get books from my kindle unlimited for my grand daughter Zoey, so that we can sit together and I can read them to her. I thought this was a children's book but it's not. It's an everyone book no matter how old you are. There are lessons in here. Lessons that I have learned over my many years on this earth. Lessons everyone needs to hear and take to heart. This is one of the sweetest books I've ever read. I rarely give any book 5 stars and I would give this book 10 stars if I could.

I’ve read this book multiple times and each time I mark a new page that speaks to me as a reminder of how to see life. The illustrations perfectly fit the meaning behind each message. The book itself is written in a manner that you can read in its entirety over your morning coffee. Some people may find the brush written style of font hard to decipher but it also makes you the reader slow down and take it all in. In each of the characters I can find a piece of myself. I’ve since purchased multiple copies as gifts for various family members. Hopefully you will find the messages and story as meaningful as I have.

This is a charming, beautiful book full of wisdom and heartfelt messages. I have purchased it eight times because I wanted to share it with those near and dear to me. I refer to it a lot, just because it is so lovely and the animals so sweet. Don’t hesitate to purchase.

It’s a book for all ages. Mackesy used a fountain pen and ink to draw his characters and story. It’s “vintage style “?But I love it. It’s simple life lessons and affirmations. I bought the audio book and listen to it at night. It’s a soothing feeling.Watch the AppleTV movie

I purchased this book after seeing the animated short on-demand. The book is as moving and enlightening as the film. This is wonderful book that reminds us we need each other to love and support each other throughout life. A message lost on far too many.

The combination of few but very wise words with perfectly charming illustrations is a complete delight whether you’re 8 or 80.Also the audiobook narrated by the author is spot on perfect, too. I listened to the end and then went right back to the beginning and listened again. Very Highly recommended!!!

I suspect most people are familiar with the original drawings before they have watched the animated movie. While I enjoy the movie, I appreciate the free form nature of the original drawings and their encouraging quotes. They leave room for me to fill in the blanks and allow my imagination to interact with the characters. I recommend this book for any age. Its quite well done and it’s simplicity is precious.

I bought this after seeing excerpts of some pages and quotes online.What a moving collection of inspirational sayings woven into this journey of four friends. We should all have friendships as honest and supportive as what is portrayed in this short book.I plan to buy copies for friends and family alike.Delightful.

A wonderful book to read to parents who are in their 80s loved this book - they thought that the messages in the book should be shared and lived by in todays modern world...more so than needed to be in mine - I am in my 60s...I have this copy for my beautiful and thoughtful and thinking grand-daughter who questions the world and us all in it! - she is only 5! And I want that copy in her house - she has 2 younger sisters - and I have sourced another copy for my grandson too!

Read this to my 10 year and she is still talking about it. This will be my new gift to everyone for any occasion. This book can be read in 10-15 min. But it’s the most encouraging, uplifting, mindful book that I’ll find myself picking up often! Actually going to read it again now.

This book is for everyone! Each page has an uplifting statement that all of us should say each day. I want each of my grandchildren to take the sentiments in this book into their lives to always remember to be kind and loving to themselves above all.

This is learning through story telling at its best. Valuable for children 4+ to adults.Depending on your need, you can use this for personality development, confidence building, improve communication skills, develop empathy, understand depression and gain insight how to seek help, and much more.Buy it for yourself or gift it.

This is an increbible book . Lessons are taught through the lives of animals that the boy interacts with in such a sweet way. Courage, self-lessness, kindness- any one would enjoy this book. And what a wonderful way to see these virtues through the eyes of the boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse.If you need an inspiring book as a gift for anyone from the age of child you read it to to the oldest of adults, buy it.

I am an Ordained Minister and have used this book as a teaching tool. I recently bought a copy for my niece who just needed to be reminded how great she is. I recommend this book very highly, the message is beautiful, the illustrations are fun and it is an all-around feel good moment.

If you are alone, lonely, grieving, doubting your self-worth, you need to read this book. Charlie Mackesy has created an illustrated poem of kindness, comfort, and support, and done it a such a charming way that, before you realize it, you’re feeling better.

I loved the drawings and such simple messages that apply to us all. Quick read and can open to any page if you are feeling down or just want to feel inspired. Sent copies to several friends.

It's a book for young and old with life's lessons on kindness inclusion and friendship . A great gift to give . Its simple illustrations and thoughtful messages is a special gift for an infant for a shower or a child or teen for graduation.

My teeny coauthor and I recently finished reading, ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy. Actually, we’ve read it twice now.It’s such a beautiful little book! Not just for the artwork, but for the wonderful messages in it. It’s not like anything I’ve really read before. There’s no aggressive plot or a lot of description, and at times I really had to squint to read some of the writing, but it is just such a sweet book. The messages in it are definitely something I wish I’d heard when I was younger, and I hope my little guy remembers them… I hope *I* remember them.It’s such a soothing story that, as I read it to my little coauthor, he quiets right down, relaxes, and falls asleep. This last read through, we renamed the Mole “Tank” because he loves tanks, and it made him really happy. Honestly, the Mole is my favorite character. He makes me so happy. Who doesn’t love cake?!And like the Mole (Tank), it’s when I’m surrounded by my little family that I realize, ‘I’ve discovered something better than cake.’ This little book is all about what is most important in life, about being kind and patient with others and with yourself and finding peace, and that home is not a place, it’s the people you love—the ones that make life meaningful.I highly recommend this book. We’ll definitely be reading it again soon!

This book has to be my favorite of all time, if melted my heart and truly is so lovely. It’s amazing how such a short book with little words can make such a difference in someone’s life. I will forever treasure this book because it just shows that love, friendship, and courage are so important in life. Also the depiction of animals as the boys best friends was really touching especially for an introvert like me because I spend most of my time around animals because they don’t judge, they just love you always. I love the art style and the hand writing. Thank you Charlie for creating this book, truly precious.

The author of This book states in the introduction it is for everyone. The wisdom that it contains is magical. Thank you to the author for putting this down for us to pick up.

I initially bought this book for my children, but it spoke to me as an adult, and I am so glad I bought it. Everyone should read this book. It is full of truths from cover to cover of which everyone will be able to relate. And the illustrations are gorgeous.

I purchased this book for my sons (6 and 9), and it’s possibly my favorite book of all time! This books shows how to maneuver through big people feelings, from a little persons perspective. It’s everything I hoped for them! My only con, is the text is difficult for them to read, but we all read it together, and it makes it that much more special :) thank you

Words and pictures are amazing. This is a book for all ages and its lesson is timeless. I, too, want to be “kind” when I grow up. This book is a reminder that we should all strive to that end.

When I purchased this book last week, I didn’t realize it was made into an animated short film. I saw all of the 2023 Oscar nominated short films yesterday and this is my pick to win the animation category. This is a wonderfully warm, sweet and tear eliciting (in a good way) short film. I will cherish this book for years to come. If you can, find and watch the animated film. You will be glad you did.

It’s an AMAZING lil Book. It has every truth you already know and often need a reminder of. It’s a bunch of ‘memes’ w/o the need for Social Media or technology. With Beautiful Artwork. I originally received the book as a gift, enjoyed it so much and have purchased other copies to give to those close to me- or who need a tangible reminder of their worth. GREAT BOOK!! Great Message!! Highly Highly Recommend!!

This has become one of my favorite books--for me ... and for gifting to others. The depth of the story and the impact of its message; the delightful charm of the author's illustrations, and the "Ahh, I have loved reading this one more time,," is priceless. Definitely a short read ... but so "chewy" and "thought-provoking" . Highly recommended--something I blatantly and openly do.

I believe this book is this generations Winnie The Pooh. I always keep at least 1 extra copy to pass on to family or friends and find myself going back to read it time and time again.

This is such a beautiful story for all ages. It actually brought tears to my eyes when I finished it. I loved it so much, I’ve been buying copies to give to my friends and family. I highly recommend it.

If you are looking for a simple, saner and more empathetic hug, than life seems to be capable of, this sweet little gem is a down comforter between covers.My son bought it for me when I was in a rather down-down. He did not realize this but the book was just what I needed to help me sleep easier and I keep it close for those days that present themselves as wolves in sheep's clothing:-)

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
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