Burn After Writing (Pink)

by: Sharon Jones (0)

The national bestseller.

Write. Burn. Repeat. Now with new covers to match whatever mood you’re in.

"This book has made me laugh and cry, filled me with joy, and inspired me."
-TikTok user camrynbanks

Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, TikTok, VSCO, YouTube...the world has not only become one giant feed, but also one giant confessional.
Burn After Writing allows you to spend less time scrolling and more time self-reflecting. Through incisive questions and thought experiments, this journal helps you learn new things while letting others go. Imagine instead of publicly declaring your feelings for others, you privately declared your feelings for yourself?

Help your heart by turning off the comments and muting the accounts that drive you into jealousy for a few moments a night. Whether you are going through the ups and downs of growing up, or know a few young people who are, you will flourish by finding free expression--even if through a few tears!

Push your limits, reflect on your past, present, and future, and create a secret book that's about you, and just for you. This is not a diary, and there is no posting required. And when you're finished, toss it, hide it, or Burn After Writing.

The Reviews

Lol. Mine comes in tomorrow and I have to say these poor reviews because of no real matches are just crazy to me. Writing is my comfort and I find that having this journal will satisfy me in the way I need, who cares about the freakin matches! Matches are CHEAP! Suck it up! Anyway, if you don’t mind not having matches come with it and won’t boohoo about it, this is for you!

I spontaneously bought this journal. The next day when I saw it was being delivered soon I convinced myself that purchasing it was a mistake and a giant waste of money. When it got delivered, I already had no interest in it. But I opened it anyway just to see. The first page I randomly flipped to had a question that hit me hard. It said “would your 10 year old self be proud of you right now?” I have been dealing with a major trauma lately & been yearning for an outlet or some piece of mind. After I saw that question I took the journal more seriously and started reading it page by page and honestly answering the questions as they came... I’ve barely hit the surface of this journal and not only am i incredibly satisfied with my purchase, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Maybe something this simple will be my piece of mind.

My boyfriend recommended this book to me since he was like "This seems like something you're into." I was like okay and went and searched it up. I was like oooo pretty and it's in pink. I read some reviews and decided to buy it. It came and I instantly opened it and looked at the first few pages and noticed that I am signing up with a cult. I mean this is the nicest cult to join, you get to sit back and relax and just write about yourself. You must be honest with yourself and tell the truth, remove that mask you show the world.It's definitely for people that have ventured out and have done things with their lives. It was hard to answer some questions since I haven't done much, I am a boring young adult in her twenties and unfortunately, I am spending my young adult days online since there's a pandemic. I know that once this pandemic is over I am definitely doing more with my life, I am creating a list of things to do thanks to this book.I love it either way and hopefully, you will too!Also no real matches :D I don't want to burn this book but keep it for memories. I'll hide it away so no one finds it.Enjoy your own self-discovery friends.

I love these prompts. There are so many and they all evoke a genuine reflection. Would recommend buying if you or someone you know has a hard time freewriting, but are looking for something to respond to.

Honestly, this has been my best purchase this year!!!!!!! I bought one for me and a friend, its eased my depression some just getting things out that ive never told anyone!!! Hahaha. 10/10 would RECOMMEND!

for the most part i’m really enjoying this book. i’m nowhere near finished but going through my memories and experiences has been really great and reflective during a time i really need it. the only reason i took one star off is i feel like there is some cringy stuff in here that could be easily taken out or reworded to make this book way better. for example under the “take a walk on the wild side” page where you “check all the things you’ve done where the wrong thing to do is the right thing”; she has listed “kissed a member of the same sex” “cross-dressed” and “killed an animal.” … well, as a vegan bisexual non-binary human, it’s pretty annoying to read those as “so wrong it’s right” and makes me feel like this book was only written for strait CIS women….who apparently take secret pleasure in killing animals?? i dunno. real weird. just re-work these books to be inclusive to everyone…there are plenty of universal experiences like shoplifting, had my heart broken, kissed a stranger etc that you can stick to.

I wanted to wait until I wrote a lot and gave this sometime before writing a review because I wanted to make sure I was being completely honest. I love this book. It really has helped me bring back a lot of memories as well as understand a lot about myself. I am very grateful this popped up on Instagram. I have even worked through it more with my therapist and it has truly been helpful to my trauma. I cannot believe how much I actually forgot I’m my life. I am glad I bought this!

I’ve been wanting to get into shadow work for years and this is what broke me into it. It’s an amazing feeling to write down the deep down jagged thoughts, and even the light hearted ones. 10/10 writing in this book makes my head feel 10 pounds lighter. Would 100% recommend if you don’t lie to yourself lol.

I purchased this book when me and my fiancé were going through tough times. The book really makes you look back at yourself and within yourself and it did a lot for me. My fiancé passed away March 1st 2022 and I hadn’t finished my book yet so even though all I wanted to do was hide away I opened it and finished it and read it from page 1 on after. It really helped me in so many ways and I highly recommend it.

So glad I bought this book ! I doubt if I burn it I plan on leaving it to be read long after I am gone. Love this for my healing ❤️‍🩹

I bought this because I saw it on Facebook and on Tik Tok. At first, I only bought it because I thought it would be cool to let out some things I had been holding inside for a long time. However, the more I got into it, the more I realized there was a lot in my head that I needed to wrote down, that I couldn't do without someone writing out the question for me. I think this book, in a sense, is good for healing. There were some really odd questions in there, ill admit that. But, I've found that this book has actually helped me think about my life, what I've been through and actually help me and guide me through some of the things I've been dealing with the last few years.Some of the questions don't quite apply to me, but for most others they would be great questions. I am almost done with the book and I've had it for a very short period of time.The plan for me, with this book, was for myself and my best friend to buy it and complete it, and then we would go through the entire book and read/answer each question and response we had wrote down. Then, burn it. I don't plan on re-visiting the book and so, I figured burning it may actually help me in the long run.I say it's a fantastic book for those that need to get things off their chest, but don't know how to write about them, or ask those questions to themselves.

It was way to advertise for what it is. But it’s just pretty much a diary did feel good to burn though (burn it is a choice you ain’t got to)

I love the book. It is great and unique and entertaining for sure and it makes you think :) Idk if I am dumb for thinking this but I thought it actually came with the pack of matches on the cover, so that you could truly burn it after writing. But, to my mistake the book just comes like a normal book at the matches are just a design. Could just be my mistake but I like the book regardless

Great gift,I have been looking at this for a while,and the price was so good I got one for my daughter and 2 friends,nice to just send a gift for no reason,and I think journal's are so great ,this is so much better,I will admit,to my stupidity thinking it had a real book of matches on the front 😫that was the only disappointment,I am the fire starter..lol

I bought this journal for my 17-year-old daughter because she told me she has a hard time with a regular journal format. The questions and prompts are great tools to get thoughts and feelings on paper and gain a little insight into your own mind. Burning optional!

i don’t really journal because i feel like i never know what to write but because this has prompts it’s very easy to write in, some prompts are questionable (that’s why there’s 4stars from me)

This book is BRILLANT! Thought-provoking prompts, small in size (can be thrown into a purse), and you can write in it with pen and not worry about it bleeding through. The prompts are great - some are random, while others are a bit deeper and more personal. I like how it can be done in any order, so I can thumb through and pick something out at random for a quick writing session. I keep it beside my bed for ease of access, not to mention to remind me that I need to be journalling regularly. My counselor loves it, too, and agrees that it is a great book for me to use at where I am in my healing journey.

Cute prompts. Cute books. Not a real matchbook on the front. I mean, I still glued a real matchbook on the front so it still works for my gifting purposes.

i love this book but i wish i bought the spiral bound so i could write easily

Very balanced questions light and serious mixed together. Could provide more space to answer. But love it

i love this book! it’s so comforting on those days you feel less motivated.

I bought 3 of these books as gifts. Everyone told me how appreciated the book was, as it caused reflection and contemplation. Great purchase!

I saw this book advertised on IG and was happy to have found it here on Amazon. I like the concept of it and how it really makes you think before answering, a good challenge, good for the healing process,and a good price. Very pleased!

I saw it on tik tok and looked it up. I found that it asked questions I either hadn't asked myself or hadn't thought of un awhile. I got to think about me and what I like/ dont like for a minute.

I guarantee that you will hurt someone else feelings after your honest with yourself and fill this out. But it feels amazing to get it off your chest!! Great find! Thank you!!

The media could not be loaded.  So as I was going through this book I noticed in the back of the books they retail for 14 bucks and I bought these for about 6 each so this was a steal! I like the quality of the books. No real matchlights on the book unfortunately. I do have to say I bought 2 copies one for me and one for my niece and I noticed one of the books have obviously been sprayed with perfume!! There's a real (I mean pleasant smell) perfume coming off the front cover of the book and if u look at the pictures u can clearly see its been sprayed and stained the book.. I'm not mad bout it but I mean yall could have at least cleaned it up? It stayed the book.. my other book is fine though. See video for reference as well, That's all

I bought one for myself and both sisters. We all really enjoy writing in this book. 😊 Thank u.

This book gave me so much comfort to just get everything off my chest . I didn’t end up burning it but to get everything out was really nice

This book is great, makes me think about life yknow? It has everything I was writing in google docs but in one place, im probably not gonna burn it anytime soon though lol

Forces me to answer things I didn’t want to and helps me feel better

It helps you keep your mind off things.

Happy I got it and will be happy to finish it and let it all go in the end

The prompts are amazing and just what i needed to get a moment to stop overthinking things.

very different. things you can’t tell people you can write down

Incredible. I dont like the cult part but it is an amazing book for self discovery. I will be keeping this to remember my past. Cried while writing.

I love the book, but I was expecting matches to be attached to the front. How am I supposed to burn it?

Helps alot. I rarely write in it any more but its worth the money

I thought I got the hard back so I was disappointed but it was still great so I loved it anyway!

Great concept for those who need to let some stuff go. Cannot wait to fire up the fire pit once I fill this thing with good, bad, and ugly.

i use this to wind down before bed. its a good way to be honest :)

I loved this book in every aspect, it helps you dig deep into the root of problems that some people like myself keep held inside so this book is like a therapeutic outlet kind of like a diary but much better, with a constructive perspective. It helps with my anxiety and many other person mental issues. I would rate this book 10/10 to anyone.

Got this for my friends birthday. She loves it! It’s like the grown up version of the destroy after writing books lol

I love this book. Being able to be honest in the book feels good. Even though it may be for older people with more life experience it is also still amazing for younger people who had to make themselves grow up and had to force themselves to get more life experience. (If that made sense)

If you are in a healing journey be prepare for this to trigger suppressed memories!!! I’m glad I got it!!

My pages where bent on the corners other then thy no issues

My 20 year old granddaughter bought one for me and one for herself, Christmas last year. My younger granddaughter as for one also. We all enjoyed writing our stories and decided to keep them to read years from now.

Love this u can get everything out and choose to burn it afterwards . Almost healing to me . Only downfall kind of wish it actually came with a match like it showed on the video I seen on social media . But 10/10 .

This is a perfect book that’s a shadow work notebook per say. It’s amazing the way you have to think deeply and write it down.

Good quality, cute cover, but the questions inside are kind of boring.. like what’s your favorite tv show

I love this book when I got it in the mail I started to write in it

I enjoy writing and this book has lots of interesting and reflective writing prompts. I gave it 4 stars because there were a couple of pages where I thought the prompts were not gender-neutral and definitely leaned more cis. I also got a bit bored with it after a while. Fun, but limited.Please note, this book does not come with matches.

I love this book it has lots of basic questions and prompts but also some "deeper" and more personal questions that really help you reflect on your past and what you want your future to look like! Super happy with my purchase and the book is also great quality.

I love it and already started writing in it.... i got this because I'm also so depressed and i get in my head a lot of out things i can't control so doing this book helps me get out of my head and to focus on good and happy things while i fill out this book

Actually this was a great purchase! The person I bought it for was really grateful!

This book is amazing. If you're looking to heal it's a must have!!!

This is definitely a must do therapy for everyone struggling! Sometimes, I felt as if the questions were repeating but if you make a routine out of them and do it over time, you can really see yourself grow

i’ve been getting a new one of these every year since i was in middle school. it’s so much fun to fill out and it’s a great way to track how i’ve changed. 10/10

This journal is awesome. Filled with brutually honest questions that help to release all those feelings you’ve been holding in. When you are done it’s such a great feeling to burn it and let go

I love this little book. It’s awesome. It can really make one come to terms with the past. Very interesting. Would make a great gift also

I love this book, especially after it’s been a long day it’s just really nice to come home and unwind with a glass of wine.

Bought this as a gift for a friend. She LOVED it , very durable, print was perfect and plenty of space for writting

I didn’t get very far into this as life has happened. But the little bit that I did get through was very thought provoking, challenging, and makes one realize a lot and possibly be forced to be truthful with themself.

i love this book so much, i don’t feel pressure to answer the prompts or fill in every page, which is how i often feel about other “fill in the blank” journals. It really makes me think about my answers, and observe my own thoughts in greater, broader detail. It’s a wonderful and healthy release for any issue i may encounter in my thoughts.

my friend was going though a hard time previously and i got her this as a gift and she couldn’t stop thanking me.

I use this book to write in when I'm feeling unsure about life and it gives me a push to keep going. things in life happen why not write about it, then burn it to move on. set yourself free

It honestly has helped a lot . Good choice I haven’t finished it and I’m deciding if I’m going to want to actually burn it afterwards

Love this book!it really makes you self reflect and it’s great for personal growth!

Some questions are basic, but a lot are questions that you have to think about, so id say its good

This book really made me think about my life as I wrote in the book.

This book does a very good job of balancing “silly” prompts that still make you think and then hitting you with deeper thoughts. I randomly found this and bought it for my friend and then for myself and after writing in it a few days, my therapist actually said it’s something she was going to recommend me buying and that she recommends it to a lot of her patients. I don’t think I’ll actually burn it. I want to look back at my mindset. Anyway, if you’re doubting getting it GET IT! 12/10

I like it and I enjoy the things written inside. I haven’t finished it yet but I think it’s a great book to express emotions and etc.

i got it for my bestfriends mom and it was amazing. she read it for a sneak peak and almost broke down… i just really feel like this is a great way it let things out and to just let them go… please buy it . you won’t regret it.

I really like the context of the book, but it's literally falling apart right out of the package. I think this is an issue with the book itself and not an issue with handling or delivery.

It's got interesting yet painful questions inside. Good for people at a turning point in their lives. I was bummed as I thought it came with matches but that's just the cover picture. Either way would recommend!

This is a mind-and-spirit dig and some questions about death and last days are disturbing to me but maybe not everybody. Imaginative and thoughtful prompts!

this journal has a lot of interesting prompts to write about and gives you a good amount to space to write in. i use this everyday!

Great way to write down some stressful thoughts. Got it done in one day it was super fun 😊

I love the questions that the book ask. I love how I can write about my life

There are a few intro pages and three “chapters” of Past, Present and Future where the author actually writes their own sentences. Please read the first paragraph attached. Now read it again and try to understand it. I’ll wait.Had this author written a full book in that tone I would have burned this book BEFORE writing. It’s awfully hard to get back in your own head after trying to truly understand what in the world they’re talking about. Just skip this nonsense and get straight to doing you, boo-boo.The questions and activities are AMAZING! They’re engaging, open ended, thought provoking, and usually have enough space for me to fill it in thoroughly. Those with bubbly handwriting may choose to write on a separate paper and fold it in amongst the pages instead. The activities are larger print and spaced well enough that I can quickly thumb through the pages until I see a word or sentence that strikes me and get straight to jotting down my thoughts! I choose to date my entries as I fill them out since I’m not sure how long I’ll take to complete the workbook.Note: On my first use I was gently bending the spine so the book would lay flatter for writing and 7 pages popped out of the seam at the back of the book. I say gently because the book is still 100% unphased by my bending it over the past hour, and from the outside the spine looks untouched and the cover rests mostly flat.

Perfect book to write your thoughts and feelings and then either burn it or bury it away.

I bought this as a Christmas gift I absolutely love it and I hope she enjoys it!

This book really makes you think about yourself and what you want from life. I recommend this to anyone in college or later as some of the parts wouldn't work quite as well for people with lets just say, less life experience.

This book helped express a lot of things and get rid of it if you are someone that suffers with anxiety try this book out it’s a very good stress relief/ calming tool

This book seriously gets you deep into your thoughts letting you let things go! Definitely worth the money!!

the only thing that happened was i didnt get the moon and stars cover that i requested. luckily my fiance likes this one enough to not return it. so excited to use it!

So the book is great, love the prompts and the idea of it all. That said, I was sent the wrong cover. Amazon is the shipper so it's probably just human error, and they quickly set up an exchange for the right one. If you're buying as a gift, purchase a little beforehand just in case this happens!

Got as a gift for a teenager. She seemed to like it. It would be cool if the matches on the front were an actual flip box of matches. But it’s a photo. Either way. It’s a fun giftable book

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