Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

by: David Goggins (0)

New York Times Best Seller

Over 4 million copies sold

David Goggins, childhood was a nightmare -- poverty, prejudice, and physical abuse colored his days and haunted his nights. But through self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work, Goggins transformed himself from a depressed, overweight young man with no future into a U.S. Armed Forces icon and one of the world's top endurance athletes. The only man in history to complete elite training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller, he went on to set records in numerous endurance events, inspiring Outside magazine to name him "The Fittest (Real) Man in America."

Can't Hurt Me, he shares his astonishing life story and reveals that most of us tap into only 40% of our capabilities. Goggins calls this The 40% Rule, and his story illuminates a path that anyone can follow to push past pain, demolish fear, and reach their full potential.

The Reviews

I’ll keep this short and simple... this book will not give you motivation... It will instead give you the tools to change your life once and for all. It’s so powerful I purchased the hard copy and the audiobook. Extra note: the audiobook comes with lots of great bonus material in every chapter.... it’s worth getting even if you have a hard copy. Buy it, read it, listen to it, share it... change your life.

I never write reviews. However, I cannot put down this damn book. I listened to all of Goggin's podcast on Rogan, etc. and was hesitant to buy this because I thought I already knew his story. There is so much more going on in this book. You need get it.

As David gets vulnerable and reveals his life story. I began to cry as he detailed his brutal childhood. It got me thinking I don't have any excuse to be mediocre... Soon after that David tells to story of getting to BUDS and has me laughing as he explains the physical brutality that he learned to laugh his way through. It got me thinking again, I don't have any excuse to be mediocre. All through this book, David's life experience revealed that everything is a mind game and the more I can find a reason for being, then motivation, willpower, opinions, and fear all become irrelevant. The audio book has commentary between chapters that brings these stories to life. David does an incredible job and this book has changed the trajectory of my life. The 10 challenges are underway and I am excited to see where they take me. You will cry, you will laugh, you will ask yourself "am I capable of more?" and if you are like me, you will say yes and get to work... FWIW, I highly recommend this book

This book is different than the generic self help books that we have all read. David didn't just regurgitate what everyone else said about self improvement. He invented his own methods through trial and error. He is also not afraid to tap into something that our society has just about eliminated, negative reinforcement. My self-improvement journey was always hindered by too much positive reinforcement throughout my life. There is a place for this, but sometimes you just have to look in the mirror and call yourself out with brutal honesty, David literally does this daily.This book is as much an amazing story as it is a self-help book.

This book is more than just another self-help book. David Goggins is the real deal; a man who came from struggle and hardship, accomplished many impressive feats and became one of the toughest men alive. In this book he lays out his life story, with all the hardships he faced and how he came out stronger for it. With this book he doesn't just offer short term motivation but rather a deep shift in your mindset that will help you achieve your fullest potential, as long as you're willing to put in the work. After reading this book I finally understand what was wrong with my mentality and I can safely say that I now have a new attitude towards life and achieving my goals. Now I understand what it takes to live up to your full potential, which is something that 99% of people are never quite able to do. Here's a hint- it doesn't happen without suffering. This book is worth its weight in gold.

I bought Can’t Hurt Me after tuning into the Rich Roll podcast recently when David Goggins was a guest. I’d also heard him about a year ago so was already familiar with his story. As a 55 year old competitive female endurance athlete, I thought I might glean some useful tidbits and possibly some inspirational insights from the book. Although the in-depth description of Navy Seal training was interesting, and the book was well written, I have to say that for a guy who writes incessantly about feeling “stupid” and prejudiced against, he doesn’t do much to rise above (or lead by example) by lacing every page with non-stop profanity. I intensely disliked his various descriptions of female genitalia as a synonym for weakness. I get that it was Drill Sargent talk during Seal Training but Goggins defaults to it as self talk whenever he’s experiencing a low point in a race, and that’s on him. It’s actually disturbing that he can drum up adrenaline that way. In addition, while some of the points of this book are valid (as in how much time people waste on social media and watching television, yet complain that they don’t have time to exercise ), Goggins seems truly addicted to pain and suffering and doesn’t actually seem to be able to feel any other emotion. He is self-proclaimed “the badest mother-f*****” on the planet, and those words are repeated over and over throughout the book. Yawn. He perpetually overtrains with zero regard for how it’s affecting his body. No wonder he crashed and burned and trashed his adrenals. He’s lucky to be alive. This was more an autobiography of a tormented man who can’t feel happiness so seeks out endless pain to validate his existence, and is cheering the reader on to seek out the same. I understand the mental game of endurance but feel Goggins takes it to an extremely unhealthy level. You only get this one body. If you unnecessarily destroy it, what then?

I think this would have been a much better read if he could have left out a large amount of the foul language. I understand it’s who he is and most likely how he talks in real life, but it was over the top. I’ve read other books by military members or Navy seals and always know I’ll have to over look a lot of language, but this was really excessive and over powering in this book. I wanted my boys to read this book and I love to share good books on social media and/or with my friends, but I won’t be encouraging anyone to read this book simply because the language is really too intense. To a point where it’s vulgar and embarrassing to recommend. Was disappointed. :(

He cusses too much and it ruins reading the book. Felt like I got ripped off buying the book . Made a bad mistake even reading book. What a waste of a triumph due to cussing.

I see no reason to write an overly detailed review of this book. Others have beaten me to the punch. So I'll give you a quick overview and then add my reasons for why I think many people need to read this, and why even those who don't might find it quite useful in their own lives.David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL who is legendary for his determination, will-power and ability to edure pain. Now, before you throw up your hands, adopt an English accent, and exclaim, "Och, not another bloody book by a bloody SEAL!" let me assure you that CAN'T HURT ME is most definitely n o t like all the others you may have read. The Chris Kyles and Marcus Lattrells and what-not were telling war stories and to some extent, making extended commercials for their own branch of the military. Goggins is not. In fact, when it comes to his deployed-in-a-war-zone days, he doesn't write enough to fill out a paragraph, much less a page. He talks about his military training extensively, but only with the larger focus of the book in mind. Which is as follows.Goggins grew up in an abusive family. His dad was a physically and emotionally abusive hustler who treated him like a slave. He ended up living with his mom and taking comfort in food -- lots of food, so that he eventually became grossly and immensely fat. As one of the only blacks in an all-white school, he was also subjected to terrible racism. By the time he was in his late teens, early 20s, his life was a kind of morbid joke, with his job being to empty traps left in restaurants which were full of dead rats. He had no self-respect and no future. To compress a very complicated story into a few sentences, Goggins eventually came to the conclusion that he must stop seeking out the easy path in life, must "find comfort in being uncomfortable," and constantly seek to challenge himself in every aspect of life. This led him to the SEALs, whose training he had to go through several times due to injuries and illness -- a remarkable feat in itself given the mental and physical brutality of the training. Once a SEAL, however, Goggins continued to find ways to become uncomfortable by seeking out the toughest trainings he could sign up for, including the Rangers and the Delta Force, and by entering marathons and later, the masochistic enterprise known as the ultra-marathon. Eventually he competed in even more punishing activities such as trying to become the Guinness Book of World Records holder in the category of chin-ups (which sounds like my idea of hell.) But the thing which distinguishes him from everyone else is the fact that he did most of this with some severe congenital defects he didn't even know he had at the time. This discovery truly blew his mind and got him asking, "What if -- ?" He began to realize that we are largely prisoners of our own perceptions, and are capable of so much more than we think, but we habitually underestimate our potential and settle for what he calls "the 40%." His goal for himself, and his goal for you, is to reach 100%. The fact that this may not be possible is irrelevant to him. It's the striving, the discomfort, the pain that he seeks, not because it will get him to the goal but because it is the goal. Seeing what one can endure expands what one can achieve. As writers from Marcus Aurelius to Ernst Jünger have noted, "the obstacle is the way."CAN'T HURT ME is important not for its recitation of all the blisters and sweat and torn ligaments Goggins has endured, or for his achievements as a sailor or an athlete, but for the way he approaches the central questions regarding the difficulties we all face in life. Goggins has plenty of reason to play the vicitim, but chose another path, the path of self-ownership. It really is very simple. For example, when he discusses his obesity, he does not blame his father, racism or society: he blames himself. His mantra in every aspect of his life is that we own our own skin and our own decisions and too often, we use our traumas to justify things like laziness, apathy, cowardice, drug abuse, and alcoholism. Overcoming this self-sabotage requires being brutally honest with oneself. "Don't call yourself overweight," he all but shouts at the reader. "Say what you really are -- a fat f***!"" Carl von Clausewitz called this, "The appreciation of the situation." Goggins calls it a self-audit. He audits himself regularly, especially when he fails at something, but also when he is successful, too. He encourages a mind-set of brutal honesty with an emphasis on the brutal. He is very frank that he "gets his strength from a very dark place," and his ethos illustrates that, as does this book. He isn't a shiny, happy person. He isn't interested in fame. He doesn't have many friends. Even when he writes about the SEALs, he offers criticism -- something you won't see much if any of in other books by former members. Some readers may be offput by this very darkness, especially in an era in which whining and entitlement (something he especially despises) are now rampant everywhere. But that is why I consider this book important. It comes at a time when many are beginning to suspect that the victim mentality they've been told to sharpen their entire lives is actually an albatross, weighing them down, stranding them in weakness, unhappiness, and failure.CAN'T HURT ME is a fast and brutal read. It's inspiring, but it's not a feel-good memoir, and one can't help but wonder if Goggins takes any real pleasure out of life. He's sort of the Mace Windu of inspirational writers, a grim-faced warrior monk who is going to poke you in your love-handle and ask if you think that is the best you can do. But should you sweat it off, don't look to him for a pat on the back. Look to him to ask if you couldn't have done it more efficiently...and then to ask you what's next on your list of challenges. And why you aren't working on them yet.

I am almost all the way through this book and I bought the audio book and physical copy less than 24 hours ago. I was introduced to David Goggins a while ago on YouTube and I enjoyed his content but never really deep dived into his stuff. I knew he was a baaaaad mf and a retired Navy Seal. Lately I am revamping my life. Losing my ego, realizing that I am an alcoholic, I am overweight, I am not performing at even a quarter of my potential. I am a walking zombie with a decent career but dang. I need to bring myself to my attention.THIS is that book. And, I see all these people dragging the book for cussing and for using the N word. DUDE, that was his experience. This book isn't meant to baby your PC feelings and insistence that, "words hurt, waaaaa." In fact, this book wouldn't slap as hard without his grit, authenticity, and without a filter for the faint of heart. This man overcame hell. He rose to the occasion. He was reborn out of the ashes of mediocrity and apparently a bunch of people can NOT handle it and would prefer to have him alter his recounting of his lived experience. What a joke. People are too soft. I would rather take advice from a BA like David Goggins than to ever try to feed my brain on some book that tip toes around feelings and tries to validate people who strive to become stagnant. If you want to be remarkable then you have to suffer. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Challenge yourself every day. If you buy the clean version of this book.... you don't deserve to read it.

I'm 2/3 of the way through this book. I'm loving every minute of it. From his rough childhood, to the Air Force test , to his SEAL training and up to his first 100 mile race so far.This guys book should be required reading in every university in America. He takes a attitude of life sucks .. Too bad.. be satisfied, adapt to be better or perish. He took the adapt to be better approach.We all have been wronged in life. Its up to us to either stay victims or be better than what we were despite our circumstances. That's what the core of the book is about. Not only can you overcome your circumstances, you can adapt and become better.

This book is literally my new favorite book I've ever read, even holding up to all the classics. Ok so am I biased? Maybe, I do like David goggins. Let's assume you have no clue who he is, buy this book, find out and get inspired. I read this book in a weekend, not because it's overly short but because I couldn't put this down. It starts off explaining about goggins early life and takes you along his journey, giving you tips and tricks goggins used throughout the struggles he faced. Also at the end of every chapter david goggins gives you a little homework in the form of these "challenges", ten total, I highly recommend buying this book and doing every single one. Truly an inspirational masterpiece that gives you the tools to harden your mind and turn your life around.

I think the most important thing this book taught me is I put too many limitations on myself. Most of us do.It was such an easy read and I'm glad he shared his story with the world and gave advice to help others push past their limits.

Everyone should read this book….especially those whom are struggling for whatever reason. Mr. Goggins has made a huge contribution to humanity by providing his honesty about his own struggles & how he’s learned to overcome all the “noise” that kills our heart & soul. This should be required reading for all young adults at least old enough to have experienced some of the pain, discomfort & judgement in life. Life is not easy & if you are afraid of hard work you will be forever wrapped in the bindings of your own pain. Change your life….”get after it”

I've listened to the audible of this book over a dozen times. If someone can read/listen that INCREDIBLE of a story of transformation and going above and beyond someone's limitations and have the mind to NITPICK about "foul language" above all things??? They are a lost hope and should probably stick to reading children's books.If you are debating whether or not to read this book, READ IT. Or better yet, get the audible version and listen to it. After each chapter, David has a podcast/interview with the narrator. I've never seen this before in an audible book!! You get so much value from hearing David reflect on the chapter and giving even more info as to what was going through his mind at the time.David Goggins' main emphasis is being the super hero of your own life. "Mommy, Daddy aren't coming to save you". I alway recommend this book to all my Soldiers. Just like the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens", David includes 'baby steps at the end of each chapter' to give guidance to readers on how they can start implementing certain techniques or living with certain mindsets.This book should be on EVERYONE'S reading list. I can't preach about it enough.

I couldn't put this book down. When the pandemic started, I bought a recumbent bike and stretching equipment for my home. I used to go to the gym three times a week. As with Mr Groggins, I, too, am a very driven person. I persevere through many struggles in my life. It has been this way almost all of my life. I am now 65, turning 66 in July. I was married 34 years to a policeman, and I was a court reporter for 24 years, until I was diagnosed with petit mal seizures, which ended my court reporting careerand took away my driving license. My court reporting career created a persona for me. I took incredible pride in what I did. I excelled at my job, and many other reporters look to me as an example. At my retirement, my boss just cried me as the consummate court reporter. I never thought my peers looked at me this way. Of course, I was married to a man that enjoyed the money I made, which he drove me to work even harder and more. The one thing I missed and kept looking for in this book to the end was how Mr. Groggins was going to find that missing Link and his life, and that is the joy of living and not striving to always be the best or better. There is so much more out there in life than striving to be the best and getting better than what you have already accomplished. He seems to have missed part of life that is just plain fun, loving and enjoyable. For example, going out to meals with friends, going to the movies, going on walks, going on vacations, sitting in the backyard and enjoying some good music and a drink. When I left my husband after 34 years, I moved to Lincoln Hills, Sun City. California, in a 55 plus community. I was the youngest one here, yet my vibrance and gregarious nature gave me a lot of friendship. I just totally enjoyed being single and was the happiest single woman that anyone could imagine. I did a missionary in Honduras for 2 weeks, went to Israel and Jordan for two weeks, did two safaris in Africa, three weeks each. This was all by myself. This was true happiness and joy and gave me complete Independence without having to answer to anyone but myself for the first time in my life. Some think I got a little too independent, but I found the real me. I was blessed to have found a man right around the corner, who lost his wife. We were friends before then, as we walked the dogs in the neighborhood and enjoyed that activity. He is a retired captain from San Mateo county fire department. One of the most giving, loving, humble men I have ever met. I never thought at the age of 62 I would be blessed with the life that I have now, because I stopped trying to please everybody else and started pleasing myself. Life has so much more to offer than trying to be the best and pleasing everybody else, especially yourself. It brings so much joy to yourself to please others. I think that is what life is all about. I hope someday Mr Groggins will reach that point in his life. It took me until I was 55 years old, so I suppose you can go back to the old saying, " it's never too late. " When I was working my ass off, trying to please everybody else, trying to prove myself in my career make my husband have become, I neglected to see what life is really all about. My father said to me one day "Ellen, you need to stop and smell the roses.". I never really understood that saying until my husband decided to leave me after 34 years of marriage. Thank you for an incredible work I art in your book, as I am now increasing my drive in a healthier body during this pandemic and always pushing for at least another half a mile a day, and eating wiser. I want to live long, be as happy as I can, knowing that there will be many winding roads and struggles ahead of me, and love from the deepest part of my hesrt that I can. I go by The motto: dance as if no one is watching. Sincerely, Ellen Turinsky. If you choose, you can reach me through my email at eturinsky@yahoo. Great book. I have recommended it too many people. Best of luck!!

I love this book because it reminds me of what I’m capable of. At 17 I’m told that someday I’ll need to give up on my dreams - I won’t. Thank you Goggins for providing an amazing story.

I bought e book and audio book together so i can read ans listen this story simultaneously.It inspired me to get more and to endure more everytime. I was helpless when my audio book disappeared all of sudden

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If you really want to change, you want to stop making excuses for yourself and push yourself to the limits this is the book. Before reading this book I knew I had to change but just didn’t do it. After reading this book, it has put into perspective that change happens now. If you want to start working out, you want to quit a toxic habit, it starts with now as in now. Not as in, maybe I will do it tomorrow or maybe I will start next week, or maybe next year. No this book has made me realize that change can happen now as in Im gonna go on a run, I will stop drinking or stop smoking, or start eating healthy. This book has taught me that there are no excuses and you just gotta do it because no one will do it for you. Highly and extremely recommend if you really want to change!

“Goggins,” my OIC said after giving me the good news, “you are the type of (motherf*) who wishes you were a POW just to see if you have what it takes to last.”This comment very well sums up David Goggins’ mental fortitude. Healthy/unhealthy, sane/insane; Goggins is a unique individual with phenomenal achievements filling his résumé on top of a tragic past.Can’t Hurt Me is eye opening and inspiring. Goggins’ life had my jaw dropping and lent to some intensely fascinating reading.Fully agree with his “#takingsouls” and “#cookiejar“ mentality or not, the man’s records and accomplishments speak for themselves.“…it’s not the external voice that will break you down. It’s what you tell yourself that matters. The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself. You wake up with them, you walk around with them, you go to bed with them, and eventually you act on them. Whether they be good or bad.”

If this isn't the most Motivating, Hooah, books of the year then I don't know what is.If this book doesn't compel you to move your ass, then I'm not sure what can.Giving this one to my boys in the Army.Goggins comes straight, with that no holds barred, military pride.Excellent book!This is a definite must read for all, so damn inspiring. Stayed up all night reading this, that's how good this book was.Kudos!!!

Mr. David Goggins thank you for your dedication to service and “getting after it”. You are truly an inspiration and role model to many. I appreciate the time and efforts you put into sharing your story and the importance of building a mental callous. Thank you for your service! Hooyah!

I loved reading this. As I've been around military my entire life I am not intimidated by his use of language.What he says here not just for people who push physically, or want to stretch mentally. As a trauma survivor, I know that rage has powered me through a LOT of years, and trying to figure out when you have a right to rest is near impossible. But it can be done. It's gonna take next level commitment that Goggins talks about here, but for those warrior survivors of trauma? You're going to see similarities, and build possibilities.A very good read.

I have never been a fan of reading at all, infact I don't remember the last book I have read. Taking this 75 hard challenge its required to read 10 pages a day. Needless to say a week later and I finished the book. Maybe slow for most readers but for me an achievement by far.

This book will absolutely keep you on edge the whole while. It gives you a narrative of all the incredible challenges that Goggins went through, but it also provides excercises to apply to your daily life so you can improve and work on your own personal growth. Totally recommend it!

My book was a little damaged. Wasn’t anything major. But I asked for a new one to be sent since I originally did pay from a brand new one. The one that was sent seemed to be slightly used. But overall the book itself is amazing, David Goggins is amazing!!! Definitely recommend everyone to read this!

Great book. Read it and write down key takeaways each chapter (I did) as it will help you each day to achieve your goals. No BS book, just David’s journey on becoming a total badass from the hand he was dealt growing up!

I bought this book after listening to David Goggins for a year, I was looking to be inspired and this book is definitely inspiring. If this book doesn't make you want to do 20,000 pull ups in less than 24 hours or run back to back ultra marathons then nothing will. I definitely recommend to those seeking to harden themselves.

The beginning of the book was heartbreaking and unbelievable, but as there was progression in his story of overcoming the odds and anguish he faced it became a story of true triumph and incredible mental fortitude, leading to physical miracles in performance and breaking seemingly impossible records. It really goes to show you that the mind is above all the strongest of all circumstances, physical limitations, and can surpass all tragedy that one can face with the unlucky cards they’ve been dealt in life. I’m amazed overall at a human that has achieved and chooses to live his life in this way- continuing to challenge himself and never getting comfortable.

Bought this at the request of my 18 year old son.It changed his life. He looks at things differently now. He has a mental toughness that he didn’t have before. I am recommending it to all even though I didn’t read it because I saw the difference it made in my son.

This book helps you understand what motivation is and shows you that not everyone has a perfect life and you can do what ever you mind too and get full potential of yourselfThank you David Goggins

I enjoyed this book thoroughly because it is inspiring, written simply with no big words or complex sentences. The book starts off in many ways as a run-of-the-mill, "I am in s--t hole, I did all these things to overcome adversity" etc..By the middle of the book, it seems to be a superman novel (and yes, there is no doubt in my mind David Goggins is an extraordinary man, bordering on superpowers) that mere mortals like me cannot just achieve. However, the final chapter was the clincher for me -- David discloses what it all really means. I don't want to disclose the ending and be a spoiler, but rest assured, the last chapter will bring you back to reality and something that we can all realistically try to achieve in life. Highly recommend...

What I most enjoyed was his honesty, sharing his very personal challenges & limitations, and how he succeeded at a young age. Yes, some of us are dealt a bad set of cards, and Mr. Goggins's books will help us achieve the discipline that is in everyone. If you choose the book, read slowly, take notes, and revisit his challenges to stay on track!

David Goggins is an amazing human being. This story will captivate you from the very beginning. David is a true inspiration on how we all should strive to live our lives.

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Truly, finishing the last page, I’m a bit speechless. If you are anyone, looking to make any change in your life, it does not have to be physical… But if it is you will certainly be inspired by this book…, This book is going to touch a place within you where all the resources to achieve your wildest dreams live. Absolute must-read.

This book was for my husband and he absolutely loves it. It has a lot of depth in the read. Life lessons galore. Definitely would recommend to a friend or family member that wants to overcome mental blocks.

To read Goggins journey motivates so much. I haven't read a book like this before. I'm reading minimum 10 pages every day, but this I easily read 20-30 pages per day. Highly recommendable. Can't wait to start the Never Finished.

I would highly recommend reading this book. It will gives you an outlook on life from someone who could have played the victim, but instead, looked at every obstacle in his life as a challenge. I passed it on to my son and hope he reads it.

His story and lessons are exceptional. I ended 2022 with this book and has inspired me to push forward after tragedy and pain and focus on being my best so I can help those who need me. if you don’t help yourself first you can’t help anyone else.

This is a truly gobsmacking account of what a person is actually capable of if they put their mind to it. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and it helped to light a fire under my butt to get out there and push my limits. Highly recommend.

Heartbreaking beginnings for David’s mom and his childhood full of hurt, physical abuse by his father to he and his sibling and mother, prejudice and self loathing he worked through with pure determination it helps me think differently about every single challenge in life. I will push myself beyond my mental limitations always thinking of David and his Navy Seal accomplishments, his recruiting, the marathon Races he took on to raise money for the children of his team members who lost their lives in Iraq. So impressive how he improved his reading skills from third grade level to high school level in months once he decided what he wanted and had to pass the entry exam as well as the physical challenges showing us it’s all in mindset strength of character!! So moved #canthurtme

There isn't much to add that other reviewers haven't done already, but if you're looking for a book to inspire you or motivate you to seek more for and from your life this is the book. It's a story how you can overcome so much by strengthening your mental toughness, which is not easy but doable. Even when failures happen you can still learn lessons and take those lessons and and turn those failures into wins.

well, you know the saying when your think you're doing bad someone out there is way worse off than you, this book does not give you the excuse to be lazy or not give 10000% each day sometimes we just need to be motivated by other outside influences and this is it I have a lot of respect for Goggins ..

This book will help and push those that are struggling to move to better themselves in any aspect of life. It will teach you to break through the comfort your body and mind wants to keep you at and learn to overcome that thought process. Great book and will be immediately reading his newest book Never Finished.

I bought this book for my grandson. Its an adult book with adult language and situations. He loves this book and called to say thank you, immediately after reading the first chapter. He says it was what he needed. He carries it everywhere.

If this book doesn’t inspire you to push yourself to your max then nothing will. This book is proof that no matter what life throws at you, if you are willing to put in the effort you can overcome any obstacle life throws at you.

Heartbreaking beginnings for David’s mom and his childhood full of hurt, physical abuse by his father to he and his sibling and mother, prejudice and self loathing he worked through with pure determination it helps me think differently about every single challenge in life. I will push myself beyond my mental limitations always thinking of David and his Navy Seal accomplishments, his recruiting, the marathon Races he took on to raise money for the children of his team members who lost their lives in Iraq. So impressive how he improved his reading skills from third grade level to high school level in months once he decided what he wanted and had to pass the entry exam as well as the physical challenges showing us it’s all in mindset strength of character!! So moved #canthurtme

I had heard some people trash talking Goggins so I had to find out for myself. Very few, if any, will ever rise to his level. However that doesn't mean this book is lost on the majority or readers, not at all. What the book can, or should instill is the notion that you can make your life what you want it to be. That there is nothing but you and your ambition to get you there. That we should all just quit bitchin and get to it. Roger that.

This book shook me. Hard to describe, but will change your perception of yourself, and your attitude. Before I finished I had begun doing 100 push ups a day with short breaks (off the knees, for now) and started an eliptucal routine. Those lingering tasks or chores I've put off are gettin done almost automatically, shames you to action. After reading Dave Goggins heroic life journey, you wont want to hear excuses from your former self.

It was amazing to read about somebody who over came so many obstacles that had the odds constantly stacked against him. The book is very inspiring and quite the eye opener

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was motivational and makes me believe you're never to old or young to change. To not let your mind run everything and realize you won't know until you do it.

Been wanting to read this for a while now and I got it for a book project at school. Man do I love it, I’ve been reading it while listening to the audio book. If you don’t have audible use the free trial like I did it really enhances the experience.

This inspirational journey is absolutely one for the history books. Goggans has truely taken his mental fortitude to another level and has proven that the human body is much more capable than we give it credit. His stories of defeat and triumph take the reader on this journey which will lead to internal questioning of just how hard am I willing to push myself and just how bad do I want it?

Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds
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