The Kickstarter Handbook: Real-Life Crowdfunding Success Stories

by: Don Steinberg (0)

The ultimate guide on how to leverage the power of Kickstarter—the easy-to-use and wildly popular crowdfunding website—to finance your passion projects
  So you want to produce a short film. Or design a new line of jewelry. Or manufacture a revolutionary solar-powered garden sprinkler. There’s just one catch: You need $100,000 to bankroll your dream, and your checking account has barely enough to cover the rent.
  Enter—the phenomenal “crowdfunding” website launched in 2009 that brings venture capital to the masses. At Kickstarter, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to raise $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, or more. All you need is a great idea—and
The Kickstarter Handbook.

Business journalist Don Steinberg has interviewed dozens of artists and inventors who launched their passion projects online. Through their voices, you’ll explore all the strategies of a successful Kickstarter campaign. You’ll learn the elements of a compelling Kickstarter video, innovative ways to market your projects, tips for getting donors onboard, and the secrets of irresistible Kickstarter “rewards.” You’ll also discover what to do in a best-case scenario—when your project goes viral and the cash starts flowing in. On Kickstarter, it happens to a few lucky visionaries every week. Here’s how to be one of them.

The Reviews

I actually found out about Kickstarter before it was widely known--should have been faster to pitch my own product, but..."woulda, coulda, shoulda". Now, its entered the popular culture in a major way--a great idea but now many projects are competing for donors and even with crowdsourcing, funding is getting less and less available.From the title, I expected an anthology of success stories so actually I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while it has some of those, it is mainly a "how to" that tells how Kickstarter works and how to present and fund a project through it. For that reason, I like it and especially recommend it to anyone who thinks they have a project that might have a wide appeal and wants to know how to pitch it.(And not sure how this review shows up--yes, I got it from Vine but lost it and ordered it so I could do the review. So...a twofer, hopefully, in the listing.)

I wanted to learn more on the topic of crowd funding so I read this and Kickstarter for dummies. This told more stories of how people used it what their trials and victories included and left me with a better understanding of the experience. than other articles and books on the topic. The book flowed well and was easy to read.

I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking in starting a Kickstarter campaign

This is the most thorough book I've found about the ins and outs of using Kickstarter to fund your project. As the book states, you have to be prepared to treat it as full-time job in order to make it work -- but the rewards are there. Highly recommended.

An excellent round up of useful tips Some old stuff I already new but some new wrinkles that I hope will help when I finally get started on my own campaign. Recommended!

Brief, to the point, and entertaining with numerous case studies. A good reference. Recommended to anyone considering funding a project.

Lots and lots of examples, tied together well. Got a good amount from it

Most of the subject matter was a bit dated and unfocused on a particular type. I am mostly interested in launching products on KS, and while this has some service to that subject it is also focused on arts, etc. Someone should have books actually targeted at different categories of KS since I have no interest in publishing a record or funding a statue.

The Kickstarter Handbook: Real-Life Crowdfunding Success Stories
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