When the Diamonds Rust

by: Nicolas Sparks (0)

In this spellbinding novel, Nicolas Sparks tells the story of two interconnected murders, 64 years apart and one woman's pursuit for truth and identity.

Set partly in rural England, on the sun-kissed coast of southern Lincolnshire, WHEN THE DIAMONDS RUST is an assassination mystery blended with romantic and historical elements of World War II.

Given away at only a day old, Lillian Roman has spent her life in the blackout. When she discovers the guarded circumstances surrounding her biological mother's death, she embarks on a journey that will shed light not just on the truth but also on her own identity. But buried among these soul-crushing, lusterless truths, carried along on this gloomy torrent of disturbing discoveries, she had found one shining jewel of reassurance. Despite the cost, she was glad to have uncovered one ultimate truth.

The realization that within her small mind there lay far deeper reserves of defiance—of resilience—than she had ever dared thought she might find.
When the Diamonds Rust
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