Capitalist Manifesto

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An overarching message of Capitalist Manifesto is...
WE WERE WARNED In 1965, Robert Kiyosaki left Hilo, Hawaii and reported to the US Merchant Marine Academy, at Kings Point, New York.
At the academy, Robert’s economics teacher, encouraged the class to read Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Hitler’s Mein Kompf, and Mao’s Little Book.
In 1972, Robert was a US Marine Corp pilot, flying in Vietnam, witnessing lessons learned about communism, at the academy, coming true in real life.
In 1973, returning to California, Robert and his troops were greeted by anti-war protestors, hippies of the Woodstock Generation. Marx’s
Communist Manifesto was alive and well in America. Marx’s ideology was spreading through America via the education system.
In 2020, protestors are parents, protesting mandatory vaccines for their children, wearing of masks, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory, gender identity, and Post-Modernist Education... all Marxist in heritage.
WE WERE WARNED.Capitalist Manifesto is a book of warnings. For example: On capitalism Marx warned: “The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.” On education Lenin warned: “Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” On elections Stalin warned: “It's not the people who vote that count…It's the people who count the votes.” On the Federal Reserve bank Lenin warned: “The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.” On printing money, taxes and inflation Lenin said: “The way to crush the bourgeoise is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. Capitalist Manifesto is dedicated to our freedoms, especially the Freedom of Truth. Capitalist Manifesto is dedicated to seeking out the truth behind the NEA, IRS, and FED ― the National Education Association, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal Reserve Bank. In Capitalist Manifesto I offer alternatives that any person or family can put in motion. How can we counter communism taught in our schools? By teaching capitalism in our homes.

The Reviews

I agree with most of the main themes of the book. Our way of life as a capitalist economy and a democratic government is under attack. There are elites in education, the media, tech and entertainment who aren't good at business or want more control of people who are trying to create a socialist/communist society through their messaging (and control of messaging process), through the education process, and through government influence. As the book stated, while not perfect, capitalism and democracy are by far the best bets out there. Capitalism aligns with human nature. People want to be rewarded for working hard. With rewards as incentives, people do great things for the world and for each other. When you build a product for someone or do a service for them, if you want to get paid, you will do it well. Capitalism inherently breeds civility, creation, and hard work. The opposite is true for socialism/communism. No incentives, nothing gets done. You soon run out of people to tax. The government tells you what to do. You have no freedom. These principles are pretty simple. I hope America does fall into the socialism/communism trap.The book also highlighted the lunacy of defunding the police. Of course, we want to get rid of bad cops. But there will always be evil in the world. We need protection against that. We need to enforce due process. We need to protect the rights of everyone. We need to make crime illegal again. The police do this.Also, our present education system is broken. It has been co-opted by post-modernism which comes directly from Marxism. Post-modernism says there are no universal truths, just your experience, your emotions, and your truth. Totally disagree with this. Physics, math, treating people with respect, caring for others, love are universal truths. Don't let the Marxists tell you otherwise. Also, as stated in book. there is no financial education in schools. This is a huge miss. Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it is a high correlation to how well you'll eat, how comfortable you'll be, how happy you'll be, and what you'll be able to do. Given its importance, we need to educate people more about it.One thing I didn't agree with was abolishing the Fed or going back to gold standard. I don't think gold has any intrinsic value so we shouldn't base our currency on it. The Fed provides a valuable role by managing our money supply. I do think the Fed can screw up by printing too much money or by favoring big business over all Americans, but it has an important role and shouldn't be dissolved. Finally, the style was a little strange to me. Lots of jumping around, lots of quotes, lots of quoting or saying the same thing multiple times. Probably could have been a shorter book. All in all, though, good, straightforward look at what's happening today in the US and some of the real pitfalls and traps we are facing.

I have read many of his books and always get the information I need and can use. That is from his first book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, on to this book. In today's world, a must-read, and I am afraid that he will be really attacked by the "left" or "Woke crowd". I am thankful that he did and already passing it on to others.

This book should be required in every school, the only way we can stop the communist take over is to educate the population about free market capitalism and all of the opportunities that come with it.This book will open your eyes to what’s going on in the world todayThanks Robert

Holy cow I bought this book out of eagerness to learn to help myself but this book has turned into an absolute garbage fire of a book. This book is straight propaganda bashing anything "non-capitalist", mixing terms like communism and socialism in order to confuse the reader. This book is good for brainwashing the "gullable sheep" that this book likes to refer to non-capitalists as. Cannot wait to return this book.

Robert Kiyosaki has been one of the most influential teachers in my life. His first three books were really good and informative, “Fake” was very hard to get through and pointless, but I figured everyone gets a mulligan. “Capitalist Manifesto” is better but not by much. He contradicts himself throughout the book and is extremely biased. It does have a few good points though, i think he’s just run out of things to say. It also needs another edit, so many errors.

Love this book! I wished that I was told sooner. Be ready for the Great Reset

Highly recommend this book

Using this book for self-education.

Excellent book about current events

Capitalist Manifesto
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