Winning Moves: 105 Proven Ways to Create Value in Private Equity-Backed Companies

by: Dan Cremons (0)

The private equity market is more efficient and competitive than ever. And in this era of PE, the value buys, arbitrage opportunities, and financial engineering strategies that investors once relied on to juice returns simply aren’t as juicy and reliable as they once were.

This has put growing pressure on investors and executives to nail post-closing value creation to stay ahead. So for many firms and executives, yesterday’s playbook for success must evolve to stay competitive in today’s Value Creation Era of private equity.

Drawing on 1,000+ combined years of wisdom from 60+ successful mid-market private equity professionals and executives, Dan Cremons sets out to answer one of the most pressing questions facing private equity investors and executives today:

In this era of private equity, how can investors and executives get ahead by more consistently, predictably, and methodically driving value creation in their companies?

If you’re an investor or executive wrestling with the same question, this book is for you. Winning Moves—
  • Describes the market realities in the Value Creation Era and how we got here
  • Deconstructs value creation into its actionable component parts
  • Equips readers with a vast arsenal of proven "winning moves" for driving value creation throughout the deal lifecycle
  • Demonstrates how value creation success is near-impossible without a people-focused culture and a winning team
  • Provides a roadmap for making value creation happen throughout a deal’s lifecycle
Bursting with actionable advice straight from the mid-market trenches, this book can help private equity professionals and executives accelerate equity value creation, generate better returns, and take their careers to new heights.

The Reviews

This book is organized well and lays out the state of private equity today, giving you context for the part of the book that has all the juicy bits — the winning moves. You might start reading this book and say to yourself the winning moves are just a list of tips for improving your marketing and sales efforts. Bingo. That’s what drives value creation and keeps customers happy and coming back for more. The author gives a lot of information on value creation and focuses on the importance of people in that endeavor. He shows if you don’t have the right leadership and team in place, it won’t matter how well you do anything else. Although I read it cover to cover, you can jump to the section containing the information you need without being lost. I found this to be an engaging read thanks to the author’s conversational and no-nonsense style. Highly recommend.

In his book "Winning Moves" Dan Cremons masters the art of making a finance based book engaging and exciting, while remaining incredibly insightful. I appreciated the friendly, yet informative tone Dan used, while positioning himself as the expert he is. I am a professional who is fairly new to the Private Equity industry, so I found this book helpful in 'learning the language' of my clients. Now I will be able to better articulate how my team can assist our clients as they work to create value within their organizations and leverage the moves mentioned in this book accordingly.

Winnings moves is a highly useful and extremely practical read for anyone in middle market PE companies. Winning Moves provides a roadmap with all of the key value drivers, and is written in a way that you can jump to the sections most relevant to a particular company or investment. Whatever you do, don’t skip the last section focused on Talent & Culture, which can be an accelerator or detractor to any and all value creation plans.

Dan Cremon's second book was helpful for me to rethink value creation in the PE world. His focus on breaking down opportunities for value creation make it actionable and helped me further develop my tools or "moves" for value creation. I'm confident this resource will help me and my team make an impact on our future moves to provide more consistent value creation within our companies.

This book is thought provoking, practical, and applicable. Dan Cremons provides a step-by-step process that is sure to create value. Look forward to implementing these principles and highly recommend this book to other executives.

good book. takes the generic idea of value creation and makes it super practical. a good read for PE professionals and their portfolio leaders especially those who are new to working with pe

Dan Cremons has been working inside the PE industry for decades. Like most practitioners who become authors - his advice is succinct, actionable and laid out like career cliff notes!Dan's one of those that has successfully been both an operator (CEO, CXO) at the portfolio company level, and an advisor at the PE firm level.His perspective on what it takes to be successful is augmented by research conducted with many other practitioners who have also navigated similar waters. I have been a PE backed CEO for 21 years - Dan's book resonated with me and made me smile with every turn of the page. Proud to say I was one of his many contributors!Worth the price of admission - filled with many nuggets of pure gold!Adam Coffey - #1 Bestselling Author of The Private Equity Playbook and The Exit Strategy Playbook

Dan knows how to capture whats important and distill in an easy to digest book. From his own experience and by immersing himself with others, Dan created a playbook for both investors and operators alike. As somebody who lived in private equity, this book hit all of the areas that come up in a private equity owned company. Great immersive read that should be beneficial to anybody who digs in

Winning Moves: 105 Proven Ways to Create Value in Private Equity-Backed Companies
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