The Little Book of Common Sense Investing: The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns (Little Books, Big Profits)

by: John C. Bogle (0)

The best-selling investing "bible" offers new information, new insights, and new perspectives

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is the classic guide to getting smart about the market. Legendary mutual fund pioneer John C. Bogle reveals his key to getting more out of investing: low-cost index funds. Bogle describes the simplest and most effective investment strategy for building wealth over the long term: buy and hold, at very low cost, a mutual fund that tracks a broad stock market Index such as the S&P 500.

While the stock market has tumbled and then soared since the first edition of Little Book of Common Sense was published in April 2007, Bogle’s investment principles have endured and served investors well. This tenth anniversary edition includes updated data and new information but maintains the same long-term perspective as in its predecessor. 

Bogle has also added two new chapters designed to provide further guidance to investors: one on asset allocation, the other on retirement investing.

A portfolio focused on index funds is the only investment that effectively guarantees your fair share of stock market returns. This strategy is favored by Warren Buffett, who said this about Bogle: “If a statue is ever erected to honor the person who has done the most for American investors, the hands-down choice should be Jack Bogle. For decades, Jack has urged investors to invest in ultra-low-cost index funds. Today, however, he has the satisfaction of knowing that he helped millions of investors realize far better returns on their savings than they otherwise would have earned. He is a hero to them and to me.”

Bogle shows you how to make index investing work for you and help you achieve your financial goals, and finds support from some of the world's best financial minds: not only Warren Buffett, but Benjamin Graham, Paul Samuelson, Burton Malkiel, Yale’s David Swensen, Cliff Asness of AQR, and many others.

This new edition of The Little Book of Common Sense Investing offers you the same solid strategy as its predecessor for building your financial future.

  • Build a broadly diversified, low-cost portfolio without the risks of individual stocks, manager selection, or sector rotation.
  • Forget the fads and marketing hype, and focus on what works in the real world.
  • Understand that stock returns are generated by three sources (dividend yield, earnings growth, and change in market valuation) in order to establish rational expectations for stock returns over the coming decade.
  • Recognize that in the long run, business reality trumps market expectations.
  • Learn how to harness the magic of compounding returns while avoiding the tyranny of compounding costs.

While index investing allows you to sit back and let the market do the work for you, too many investors trade frantically, turning a winner’s game into a loser’s game. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is a solid guidebook to your financial future.

The Quotes

The expectations market is about speculation. The real market is about investing. The stock market, then, is a giant distraction to the business of investing.

The message is clear: In the long run, stock returns depend almost entirely on the reality of the investment returns earned by our corporations.

Where returns are concerned, time is your friend. But where costs are concerned, time is your enemy.

Warren Buffett puts the moral of his story this way: For investors as a whole, returns decrease as motion increases.

The true investor . . . will do better if he forgets about the stock market and pays attention to his dividend returns and to the operating results of his companies.

The Reviews

This book was an awesome read to a new-comer in the scene of investing. I'm not sophisticated in finance. Nor am I wanting to become too knowledgeable in this topic. I just needed to understand the basic to plunge in and invest in an easy, simple portfolio. But doing so takes a whole lot more understanding than just following a simple portfolio recipe. To make my simple portfolio, I dived into Mr Bogle's book. He explained how things work in the finance world, at least enough for me to feel confident about the decisions I'm now making in the finance department. I would recommend this to any beginner investor seeking more knowledge in the field of finance.

Iconic Jack Bogle dispenses easy to understand, clear and irrefutable investing guidance in this short book. Packed with excellent learnings! My ONLY regret is that I didn’t have/read this book sooner in my life... would doubtlessly have saved me tens of thousands of dollars! Bottom line... READ THIS BOOK, follow Jack’s timeless lessons, then periodically read it again as a reference!

The bottom line here is that he makes the case (a very solid case) for avoiding actively managed funds versus low cost index funds. He basically tells you in like 100 different ways and backs it up with data. The end. lol. But seriously it has changed my investing philosophy for the better.

After witnessing the big Wall Street crashes of the 2000s at the start of my adult life, I’ve been very skeptical about the market and at a loss for how to invest.This book helped me put all that in perspective and gave me some simple ideas for how to prepare an investment plan I can have confidence in. I am no entrepreneur nor am I a gambler so I greatly appreciate his simple approach as well as the data that it is based on.If you are going to read only one book on investing I’d make it this one. If you’d like a bit more confirmation on the wisdom of this approach then I’d read “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” after this one.

Can summarize to, invest in ETF not individually managed stocks or mutual funds. Goes into detail for ETF and comparisons to other type funds. Not the most exciting way to invest, but boring builds wealth.

Buy this book for your kids, yourself, anyone who needs a way to soundly and simply invest. Yes I've done ok speculations but would have done twice as well by investing in a low cost index fund.The book may seem a little repetitive as its sort of written 3 steps forward one step back but he builds on the knowledge so there's no chance you'll misunderstand him.I wouldn't bother to write this if I didn't think it would help people.

I believe everyone should read this as it very clearly explains what index funds does and why you should invest in them for long term if you want to gain the market average.

In my 30’s I tried and tried to beat the market with all kinds of help from ‘helpers’ in the US, UK and Switzerland. The net result was a loss. This is normal. If I had followed the advice in this book, I would be up 474% regardless of the economy from 2007 to this day. “Helper’s” charge fees, and over the term, they don't beat the market. Costs matter, don't try to find the needle in the haystack - own the whole haystack in a low cost index fund - and hold it forever.Good luck.

Iconic Jack Bogle dispenses easy to understand, clear and irrefutable investing guidance in this short book. Packed with excellent learnings! My ONLY regret is that I didn’t have/read this book sooner in my life... would doubtlessly have saved me tens of thousands of dollars! Bottom line... READ THIS BOOK, follow Jack’s timeless lessons, then periodically read it again as a reference!

The book is very interesting and gives you a different perspective about the stock market. the author is also sharing the opinions of different professionals from the stock market and economy that related to every chapter. I found this book as very interesting and simple to understand and I enjoyed to read it.The book material is also very good, it came with a hard cover and the text was written in a way that you could understand exactly what is the subject that you read (small headlines and different fonts).The book size is not big, I would say even a little small compared to a standard book size but i didn't mattered to me because I can carry it to wherever I want without any problem (I added a picture of the book near to a pen fore understanding the size).I am very happy with this purchase.

When someone as successful as John Bogle attempts to impart knowledge in the form of a book, people ought to listen and heed his advice. This is the man who practically invented the index fund, after all.While there's much wisdom to be found in The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, the first third to half of the book is dedicated to discussing the sheer arithmetic of how actively managed funds eat away investors' gains: fees, taxes, and all. I cast no doubts on the value of these discussions, particularly to readers for whom the topic of index fund investing is novel in its entirety. That said, this first part could have been significantly shortened without much loss to its value, if at all.After tackling the disadvantageous arithmetic of actively managed funds, Bogle dedicates a few more chapters to drive his point home and details how these funds consistently fail to match the returns of the index.Two-thirds into the book, commentaries on and new information about other matters such as investment advisors, bond funds, and ETFs finally surface. Beyond a critical assessment of non-index ETFs, little explanation of the tax differences between long-term index fund and long-term index ETF investing is offered before the book circles back to theme, with a section on what the great Benjamin Graham would have said about index funds promptly following.For the uninitiated, The Little Book of Common Sense Investing serves as a good resource to explain the how's and why's of index funds. For individuals who have read enough about index funds as to already be invested in them, however, four-fifths of the book may feel little more than one thick advertisement, living up to "The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns" well.But what about the last few chapters? This is where the earlier-mentioned "much wisdom" enters the equation, with Bogle providing timeless insights on assembling portfolios, building them efficiently, customizing them for retirement, and a myriad other ideas that can only come with maturity and experience. For these alone and despite all my ramblings above, I recommend alloting space in one's collection and a few hours of one's time for this book.

I think the book is worth reading but is outdated and could be much more concise. John Bogle essentially argues for 266 pages that index investing (due to little porfolio turnover, low costs, and ability to hold forever) is better than buying actively managed mutual funds. He argues the same with bonds (own indexed over actively managed). I think this is good advice, but does he need to repeat himself over and over for 266 on this point? Just like actively managed mutual funds - it is inefficient. It does hammer the point away so you never forget it, but John Bogle is clearly a smart guy, and he could condense his book.The other big problem is that his core concept is no longer as universal as it once was. Mr. Bogle's whole argument is essentially the low costs of index funds is superior to paying for all the fees associated with mutual funds and stock buying/sell. Unfortunately, he wrote the book when buying and selling stocks had an associated cost. NOW, buying and selling stocks can be done for free, and if done in a retirement account there is no capital gains tax. Thus, his whole basis of index funds being low cost (both because of low expense fee and not having to turnover and pay capital gains) is a bit obsolete, at least when compared to the current environment of buying and selling stocks in a retirement account. Yes, his whole thesis still stands up true to mutual funds (because they still have high expense ratios), so there is still some utility in reading the book. But if you read my review, you essentially read the book.

Great book to build a foundation on investing. Provides clear examples of pitfalls and investment return leaks that could occur. Inserts of other investor thoughts were insightful.

Compelling and insightful. Whether common or not it is sensible advice. Mr. Bogle is a good man, a great financial treasure, and a talented writer.

The most important book on investing in decades.

Before I read this book on index investing, I had read 3 other books from Dave Ramsey. And Dave Ramsey says “You” need to educate yourself on money. That’s why I bought this book to continue educating myself. I enjoyed reading this book and I did learn from it. I have no dislikes about this book

This book is really all you need if you’re investing for the long term. The stock market has always gone up in value and will continue to do so in the decades to come. By buying low cost index funds and holding them forever, you’ll be sure to have a nice pot of money when it comes time to retire.

This book talks about index funds and provides a bunch of reasons why they are good. A good read if you are new to investing.

Great book to build a foundation on investing. Provides clear examples of pitfalls and investment return leaks that could occur. Inserts of other investor thoughts were insightful.

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Initially, the reason I looked into reading this book was becaus I am a fan of the Mortal Instruments series - I loved Cassandra Clare's book series and I couldn't resist reading something she worked on.What was interesting was also that I was aware of a one of the other authors from reading her previous works - such as Libba Bray (I adored her trilogy, beginning with A Great and Terrible Beauty).In reading this collection of short stories, I've developed an interest in the other authors involved, as each story was pure brilliance.I really recommend it for anyone who is a fan of ANY of the authors who worked on this novel - Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, Claudia Gray, Maureen Johnson, and Sarah Mlynowski - as each author brings a new and interesting twist to a vacation that goes wrong when the supernatural intervene. It's a great way for anyone who is a fan of any of the aforementioned authors to get a chance to see the work of some authors who write in a similiar genre to the one you enjoy.The book is rather short compared to most fantasy novels out these days - it's just a collection of short stories after all - and I was able to read the entire thing in one sitting, but it's a great collaboration and I recommend it strongly.

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This is an unusually large advance over previous models, especially in raw computing power, but also in fun things like screen and headphone support.This Amazon listing has two different processors, the M1 Pro (listed as 16-Core GPU "style") and the M1 Max (32-Core GPU). I'll call one the Pro, the other the Max. I got the base Pro, but much of what I'll say applies to both, and I'll have some comments specifically about the Max too. (MBP below = MacBook Pro.)Amazon doesn't offer most of the options you can get, only the ones listed. For now (and probably later), that's the Pro with 16GB RAM and 512GB or 1TB SSD, or the Max with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD. 3 versions total.Screen Brightness* and HappinessThis screen can get up to 1600 nits brightness and can sustain full-screen brightness up to 1000. 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I and most others think this screen handles it well (better than the iPad Pro), but it can still arise some.Ghosting is when a moving object leaves a noticeable trail of ghost images behind for a fraction of a second, one for each new frame until the old image fades. MBPs are notoriously mediocre at this kind of ghostbusting, and this screen is no exception. Expect the usual haunting, if you notice that kind of thing.PWMFor those concerned (you mostly know who you are), there is PWM (pulse-width modulation) on the smaller 14" version of this screen, and so very likely on this one too, at a frequency of 14,880Hz at all brightness levels (measured by NotebookCheck). That's a very high frequency, considered well beyond what would cause trouble for the susceptible.The NotchAs you can see in the main photo here, there's a black Notch at the top of the screen. There are no pixels there. The long-desired improved camera is there, and a mic array and light sensor (and maybe room for a Face ID system if they decide to make MBPs with that). As with the iPhone Notch, it's controversial.You can make the Notch disappear, or rather blend in, if you make the background up there black. It also disappears into the black bars when you view things like videos in full-screen mode.The cursor disappears into the Notch if you put it there. If an app has menu items that stretch there, they disappear too, but they'll still function normally if you put the (invisible) cursor on them.Desperate times call for desperate measures. Most apps won't have this trouble, but if you must, you can avoid menu items disappearing by using the "Scale to fit" function, which shrinks the entire screen work area a little to fit below the Notch. Makes it look like an old 15" if the background is black, like there are wide black bezels. (Google "Scale to fit below built-in camera" for full instructions and mockery.)There are also third-party apps, such as Bartender, to manage how items appear in the menu bar and keep them visible.Camera and MicsThe new camera that, along with the thinner bezels, makes the Notch necessary, is 1080p, with an f/2 lens for good exposure in the shadows. Video looks noticeably better than before, though it can have a processed look.The three mics sound very clean and natural but with a little less bass than before to my ears, which is fine.Extra ScreensYou can use two external monitors with the Pro, down from four with previous models. They can be up to 6K @60Hz with a billion colors. The Max can still use four: three 6K and one 4K, all @60Hz etc.You can use 4K @120/144Hz HDR monitors too.You can run two from one port if you use the right kind of dock or daisy-chain.Headphone OomphThe new headphone jack has more power for high-impedance headphones. It automatically adjusts, so it won't overwhelm low-impedance phones. If the headphones have less than 150 ohms impedance, they get 1.25 volts RMS. If more, 3 volts. That might cause it to fail to provide enough power to some not-so-high-impedance headphones that still require extra power, such as planars.With my 2016 15" MBP, I've had to use a portable amp for my Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pros (250 ohm), but now I can pretty well do without it, though sometimes only just. The volume on some sources is still not always what I wish I could make it. But now I can nearly achieve hearing loss with the intro to the guitar riff in "Money for Nothing." Which also sounds good, and healthier, a couple notches down.Among other headphones that have tested favorably with the new jack are the DT 990 Pros (250 ohm), and the Sennheiser HD650, 660S, 6XX, and HD800 (150 to 300 ohm).One report says the planar Hifiman HE4XXs (35 ohm planar) sound good, but most planars tested are said to need more power. The Audeze LCD-2Cs are reported to sound good enough, though not their best. The LCD-3s and Hifiman Sundaras and Aryas are said to be underpowered.For my usual regular-impedance phones, Cleer Flow IIs (16 ohm), the wired volume is a little louder than before, though still not always the earsplitting barrage I want for some sources. Maybe for the best.Quality iems (in-ear monitors) that require especially clean input, but not too much, reportedly sound good, including Andromedas and Moondrop Starfields.SpeakersThey're improved from the already laptop-leading speakers from earlier MBPs, with a fuller sound and decent kick, amazingly good for when nothing with a 3" woofer is around.Apple mysteriously says the 14" M1 has the same speaker system, but looking inside both machines shows the speakers in the 16" are bigger - both "subs" and tweeters - and located differently, with the subs in the front corners on this one. The 16" has fuller bass (such as it is).Heat and NoiseThere isn't any.None with my typical use, at least. If you push it hard, it can get warm, but not as hot as my 2016 15". Which makes sense, as this has a larger enclosure, bigger fans, larger, better heat sinks, and more power-efficient processors. The fans don't have to spin up as much to do the same amount of cooling, so it's noticeably quieter even when it does heat up, rarely makes any noise at all.The 16" Max comes with a larger heat sink than the 16" Pro, so likely runs a little cooler and quieter sometimes, though the Max might get hotter when it uses a lot of that extra power.KeyboardVery quiet, much like the older Mac laptop keyboards, not the butterfly ones from 2015-19, but the rest. Maybe less travel in the keys than some of those, but plenty for me.I miss the touch bar sliders for fine control of some functions, but you can still use sliders via the Control Center, the icon next to the date on the screen's top menu bar. That's also where control of the keyboard backlight is, no more control for it on the keyboard.TouchpadThe best available by far, responsive and large so you can carry the cursor over a large area with more control. For clicks, it's great. For taps, which I turn off, it's not as great, according to those who prefer that - appears to be a software issue.PortsThere's one less Thunderbolt/USB-C port than before, but 50% more bandwidth (3 controllers instead of 2).The HDMI is 2.0, can drive up to 4K HDR @60Hz.The SD card reader is shallow, so the cards stick out. There might be room for a flush micro-SD adapter. I only have cards up to 64GB, which work fine. Some people have had trouble reading some cards, so it may be finicky.Battery LifeI usually keep plugged in, but the reviews I've seen that cover battery life tests typically say it's the longest of any similar machine they've tested, including PCs. Reports of battery life for office work, browsing, watching videos, and so on generally range from 10 to 16 hours, sometimes more. It can go unusually long with heavy use too, 5 hours or more of video work, for example. Max Tech did 10 benchmark and stress tests with it in a couple hours, some maxing out the CPU or GPU for up to ten minutes, and it still had 36% left.At normal settings, there's no performance hit until you get down to 3%; until then you can process or game at full tilt. There's a low-power mode that extends battery life by limiting performance, lowering screen brightness, etc. The Max also has a high-power mode, but it seems to only ramp up the fans sooner to help cooling. Apple's description and tests in reviews indicate it doesn't affect performance in any direct way.The Max has tended to have a little less battery life than the Pro in reviews. The only good tests I've seen that compared directly either found negligible differences or up to 15% less battery life for the Max. (Other tests haven't been well controlled.)You can quick charge to 50% in a half-hour. The new power brick is 45% more powerful than before, and maybe 30% larger lengthwise, still small for what it does. You can charge at lower speed with smaller bricks (not included) via the USB-C ports.Size and WeightIt's noticeably heavier than before, about 5 ounces over the previous 16", and not quite as sleek, but it's sleeker than I was expecting from the photos.RepairabilityHa ha! But really, it's better than it was. Battery modules now have pull tabs so they can be more easily replaced. The screen can be replaced more easily, but if Apple doesn't do it you lose True Tone (which I don't want anyway). The headphone, Thunderbolt and MagSafe ports can be replaced without replacing the logic board. Now rates a 4/10 from iFixit for repairability, up from 1/10 for the previous model.CompatibilityComes with Rosetta 2, which enables M1 Macs to use programs written for Intel Macs, and usually works very well.There's no more Boot Camp, so to run Windows or Windows programs you have to use third-party software like Parallels, which runs Windows by emulating a Windows machine (and requires a Windows license), or Crossover, which modifies Windows programs to run on Macs. Which works best, or at all, depends on the program.GamingWoW *mostly* runs 50 to 120fps at high settings and resolution, depending on the location. Some places can't even manage 50 at those settings, though, but do OK at more compromised settings. Baldur's Gate 3, Diablo III, CS:GO and several others can run at 60-100fps or better at good settings.You can play Windows games via Parallels or Crossover. They generally don't run as well, but some do fine.Most games, including native ones, run quite a bit better on the Max, with up to 2x the fps. Final Fantasy XIV is hit and miss at good settings even with the Max.Gaming isn't usually hot or noisy, can get warmer with light fans for the games that aren't running natively. And there's no noticeable performance hit for gaming on battery.WorkI have to mention the less fun part: how well this does things you might have to do at work. It does almost all of it better than before, much of it way better. Here's how it compares according to actual test results from numerous sources with Xcode, Logic Pro, Lightroom, Blender, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and so on. The range of comparison depends on what the task is.Previous base MBP 16" (Intel i7 AMD 5300): The Pro is 60% to several times faster.Previous top-spec'd MBP (i9 5600M): The Pro is about the same to 2 or 3 times faster.Regular M1 machines (not M1 Pro or Max): The Pro is about the same to several times faster.The 14" M1 Pro with same specs: The same, though the 16" has the bigger battery and heat removal system, so it fares better in those ways.Windows laptop work stations: This is complicated, but the Pro can thrash most Windows laptops in most intensive work-related apps. It lines up very roughly with machines with a good i7/i9 and an RTX 3070, but generally can't keep up with the RTX 3080. The Pro uses a fraction of the power, and so only produces a fraction of the heat and noise, if any. And lasts and performs much better on battery.Pro vs MaxThe Max is about the same to twice as fast as the Pro, mostly between those extremes. The CPU is much the same, but the GPU is double the cores, so the main advantage is in graphics-heavy work.Besides the GPU cores, the Max has twice the bandwidth for memory transfer, two hardware video encode engines instead of one, and some extra cooling capacity.If you're already successfully using a Mac laptop, you don't *need* the Max, since the Pro is already better than what you have. But that doesn't mean you can't benefit from the Max's extra power if you have the money. For intensive video editing, massive photo editing, or better gaming (though cheaper Windows machines will play most games better), the Max has real advantages.To confuse things a little more, Apple (but not Amazon currently) also offers a demi-Max with a 24-core GPU, halfway between the Pro's 16 and the Max's 32. It's a cheaper way to get the extra bandwidth, video encoder, and cooling advantages of the Max. Tests show that in graphics-intensive tasks it operates roughly midway between the Pro and 32-core Max, often more than half, as expected.WarrantiesThis comes with a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects that includes free phone support for the first 90 days. If you want to also cover accidental damage (with deductibles) and extend the regular warranty and free tech support to 3 years, you can buy  AppleCare+ from Amazon  (link embedded) or Apple. You get 60 days from purchase to buy it, but coverage for accidents doesn't start until you do. (I always self-insure when I can, so I didn't get it.)DecalsLast and least, this comes with two black Apple decals, the sign of true professional Apple equipment.

The computer is amazing. What else can I say. I expected a lot, and it delivered.The battery life is phenomenal, and it charges super fast. I haven't really been able to challenge the computing power much because of how well equipped this machine is. I frequently run Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and Chrome with 20 tabs open simultaneously with no issues.The speakers are mind boggling. They somehow create this amazing surround sound effect and I still don't understand it.I will say, it is very heavy. Noticably heavier than past models I've owned. But it makes sense considering how much this machine is packing in.I had some qualms about the notch on the screen, but I've installed an application called TopNotch that blacks out the top bar and hides the notch for most scenarios. The screen real-estate is great though. I also appreciate the periodic 120hz refresh rate. Still a bit behind on that one, apple. We've had accessible 144hz monitors for years at this point.Having a built in SD card port has made my use much more convenient for importing photos from my DSLR. The magsafe charging port is also excellent. No more worries about accidentally breaking the USB-C cable from tripping over the cable. The cable is also threaded and feels great.I appreciate the fingerprint sensor, but it's a little bit finicky. I have to hit space to wake the computer before using the fingerprint scanner or else the screen flickers and does weird things.I'm surprised to say, but I miss the touch bar. I used it for brightness and volume adjustment often and had it customized to take screenshots easily. But I LOVE the tactile ESC key. That's something I have always wanted back on the Macbook series.The keyboard is nice. I miss the metal backing to the keyboard, but that's not a deal breaker for me. The trackpad is as good as ever, no issues there.Overall, it's excellent. Well worth the investment.

Cannot believe how smokin' fast this MacBook Pro runs! No problem handling multiple tasks such as McAfee in the background, Opera web browser, Face Time, and Adobe Photoshop all at the same time with zero lag!My very first computer was a second hand, Apple IIe (Circa 1986?) Since then, I have owned everything from a custom built desktop, Gateway desktops, Dell and HP laptops, and an Acer gaming laptop. Right out of the box, the MacBook Pro leaves them all in the dust! There was a bit of a learning or relearning curve after decades of being enslaved to PC's but that challenge is trivial compared to the phenomenal performance of the Mac.Also, this is the first time in many years that I have purchased a new computer that was not preloaded with a bunch of "try it then buy it" software! Most if not all the PC's, no matter the brand, come loaded with that crap. Not having to delete and uninstall all the junk software on a typical new PC is just one more reason to go with a Mac.The one thing I would like to have seen different is for Apple to include a bit more documentation along with the hardware. Not that it is all that difficult to download it from their support web site but a few more pages of basic operational instructions would be of great help for most PC users.Even with the sparse documentation, the MacBook Pro is, by far, the best computer I have ever owned and I look forward to many hours of highly productive use of this superior product!

Great leveling kit for unreal price. Make sure whoever is doing the install knows what they are doing because if they don’t theres a good chance they’ll mess up your IWEs (integrated wheel ends) which is a headache to deal with literally and figuratively. Gave my truck a meaner stance and was able to put 35” tires on with slightly offset rims. I’m happy. Most leveling kits you’re looking at minimum $120 so when I saw this deal I thought it was too good to be true but turned out to be a great deal.

2019 f150 4x4. Product is well made. If you do this on the ground good luck I used a two post lift. Two people and a floor jack is a must when reinstalling the lower a arm.

Solid construction and clear instructions. Took longer to receive than originally stated hence the 4 stars.

Very easy to install gave my truck enough clearance for 33" tires

Installed on my 15 f150 without issue, and haven't had any issues after install so I'm happy.

Used on my 17 f150Installed easily and lifted approx 2.5 in. as advertised. Recommend


Looks good !

Product came damaged with two other items, one being heavier than the other two and with shifting can see why it was damaged. Product powder leaked from the container as one of the four colors (the one I was looking forward to using) was completely out with powder escaping all over. One good point is price of the product is reasonable.

Overall a good product. Some fall out and a few could be more pigmented but easily fixed because it’s buildable. Definitely worth it.

Overall I love this product but the first time it was sent to me there was glitter all over the package and most of the product was destroyed because the seal had come off. When I received the replacement everything was perfect and it’s one of my favorite eyeshadows.

Not the best but it worked for what it was needed for.

Great colors. They go on with ease and last awhile as well. Love the cost.

It is a Christ present for my granddaughter

Seem to be fine. Goes on ok.

Since I won't be purchasing anymore eyeshadow, this is my last addition to my little collection. Elf is intense about making quality products (at least eyeshadow that is easy to grow fond of). All the shades make sense; they go well together and can be subtle as well as dramatic. Perfect shades of matte brown that blend effortlessly into the crease. The black can be used as eyeliner on the lid or lower lashline or can be applied alone for a simple smokey eye.I think it's error-proof.

This book, along with “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham and “Money: Master the Game” by Tony Robbins are required reading for anyone looking for solid investment strategy as they begin their journey to financial health. Jack Bogle keeps it simple and easy to implement in this book.Stop watching the cable business channels, stop obsessing over the day-to-day stock market fluctuations, and start reading this book for the best path to investment success.

Help with stock market.

Excelente lo recomiendo

It's just what I ordered, looks good on the Luna Lovegood robe I made. I sew all patches on because I don't trust iron-on, and this was easy to get the needle through.

Used for Halloween- ironed onto a generic robe for a Moaning Myrtle costume. Ironed on perfectly flat, held up well. Good colors. No threads coming out or anything. Very happy!

I added this patch to an existing article of clothing, since it was too hot in Florida to comfortably wear Hogwarts robes to Universal Studios Orlando at the time of my visit. It was very easy to iron on, it attached very securely, and it's a big, authentic looking Ravenclaw crest. It's very well made.

My wife and I do cosplay and one of our popular themes is variations on Harry Potter characters, including ones not in the books! This patch was used to replace a lower quality and much smaller patch on a robe I purchased at Universal Studios so it is more consistent with the patches seen in the later Harry Potter movies.The detail in the embroidery is great and it is made to be an iron on patch, but be careful as the heat required to activate the glue can be too hot for the cloth. If you are using it as I did, I suggest it is better to stitch it on with matching thread to avoid damage to your expensive robes.

I liked everything about this patch, we ironed it on a set of pajamas and it was great. My daughter loved it 😊

Made my ravenclaw outfit complete, didn’t peel after washing the shirt

The add showed two so I thought two pieces in a package. Bummer!

A great manifesto to indexing! While it was a bit dry at times, that is to be expected of an investment book, in particular an investment book on passive indexing.My favorite part were some of the jaw dropping stats and figures he showed.

Un libro breve, pero valioso. Dice todo lo necesario, ni más ni menos. Excelente para quienes comienzan a invertir. Muy recomendado.

Thrilled to find someone who carries ladies size 12 that look like ladies shoes/boots. Very happy with the look and fit. I'll buy from this manufacturer again!

Short sweet & to the point in an easy to understand format.

Low cost index funds are the safest investment & Bogle launched it at Vanguard.Their Growth & Dividend fund is my favorite. Good read.

I like the piggy bank box.What I dislike is that the key is on the lock and no way to get lock off. I will have to cut the key lock in order to get key then it will be useless. Then I will have to buy a lock for it; which costs more money. :-(

My grandson loves it.

It’s too small than what I thought

The description says "25 x 10 x 15 inches" and weighs 35 lbs. It just arrived and it's only a few inches high! Tiny! Down below I now see in "about this product" that it says it is only a few inches tall. Please clarify the description! We thought we were getting a bigger barrel and had plans for it. Disappointed!

Broke to easy

I am not a stock broker or banker. But as a retired academic, I like to read the trade books- occasionally you get garner some real gems of experience. Remember that trade books are usually a 2 page thesis surrounded by 200 pages of commentary. My assessment:a. Heavily biased to index funds without any real fundamental explanations other than trends and statistics. You may have heard the claim that "correlation does not equal causation" if you've ever done research or tried to get an academic paper published. Nor does it seem to supply any real competitive analysis to other strategies such as value investing. It also seems to avoid any discussion of commodity markets.b. What happened in 1980s and 1990 does not apply today. We made money easily in those decades, if you stayed out of auto.c. Ignores the fact that the US and its companies are facing intense international pressure nowadays and all of its ramifications.d. What to make of this book- it sounds to me like Mr B. is making the same arguments I heard in 1980 when I worked in the tech sector. A lot of people ignored this book, saw Microsoft spreading across all desktop computers and did extremely well over 20 years. Contrary to Mr. Bogle's claims- you only had to work in industry to see the herd mentality- "you won't get fired by buying microsoft".e. His review of Peter Lynch does not jive with my readings of Mr Lynch's guidance on stock picking. I remember Mr Lynch's admonition- stick with stuff you know or are in involved with personally or professionally. For example, i used to call on a customer in the Bay Area- they claimed they would beat the US Government to sequence the human genome. My brokerage firm offered me a few 1000 shares in their IPO- which I never buy. But having been to their company and talked among associates in Silicon Valley- it was a real no brainer. Clearly my single contrary example does not make a compelling argumentIn summary, its a good book that explains index funds but as for investment guidance- I plan to continue use common sense. Stick with stuff you know and use, and put this on the shelf.

Very functional but the felt walls could be more substantial for a better structure

Flimsy - doesn’t stay standing up when not 100% full of stuff.

Emballage soigné. Produit simple et bien fait. Apparence qui s'agence bien avec tout décor. Pratique pour ranger différents articles. Je ne mettrais pas dans laveuse mais plutôt utiliser un savon vaisselle avec chiffon doux. Bon achat aussi pour le prix.

This arrived folded and compressed into a position it will never come out of- it collapses in on itself, so it does not resemble a cube at all but a bag that requires assistance to open any time you want to put something into it. It is a nice material but does not have a cube structure if it’s packed this way

This was presented in simple language and made a clear case for investing in indexed funds. It addresses the stock/ bond balance required for different stages,of life.

If you want to learn a easy and good strategy this is the best book.A Must read!!!! I loved it!

I can’t remember a lot of the info but it is good for beginner stock market traders.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing: The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns (Little Books, Big Profits)
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