The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed.: The Definitive Book on Value Investing

by: Benjamin Graham (0)

This classic text is annotated to update Graham's timeless wisdom for today's market conditions...

The greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century, Benjamin Graham, taught and inspired people worldwide. Graham's philosophy of "value investing" -- which shields investors from substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies -- has made The Intelligent Investor the stock market bible ever since its original publication in 1949.

Over the years, market developments have proven the wisdom of Graham's strategies. While preserving the integrity of Graham's original text, this revised edition includes updated commentary by noted financial journalist Jason Zweig, whose perspective incorporates the realities of today's market, draws parallels between Graham's examples and today's financial headlines, and gives readers a more thorough understanding of how to apply Graham's principles.

Vital and indispensable, this HarperBusiness Essentials edition of The Intelligent Investor is the most important book you will ever read on how to reach your financial goals.

The Quotes

“Obvious prospects for physical growth in a business do not translate into obvious profits for investors.”

Never mingle your speculative and investment operations in the same account, nor in any part of your thinking.

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The Reviews

In it's time, I'm sure "The Intelligent Investor" was a blockbuster success, written by one of the foremost investment geniuses of all time. I'm also sure that most of the investment fundamentals outlined in the book still apply IN THEORY, but the book is so outdated, despite revisions, that it was of no use to me. Most of the examples, charts, graphs and illustrations were limited to industrial, brick & mortar businesses of the 60's and 70's. It's an entirely different world and investment mindset today. The "defensive investment" financial guidelines listed in chapter 14 were, in this day and time, completely unrealistic. Try finding a handful of stocks with a price to book ratio of less than 1.5, or companies with a recommended current ratio (current assets / current liabilities) of at least 2:1. Today, most companies with financial statistics like these are not growing AT ALL. Furthermore, the book is not up-to-date enough to guide the investor through the dizzying array of valuable online stock screening/research websites that are available. The book is so outdated, the Internet is barely, if at all, even mentioned in the book, much less covered as the ultimate stock research tool of all time. I'm now retired, and I wish I had read this book in 1972 when I graduated from college, but it was of no use to me today. Sorry !

I am sure this book is chalk full of good info! However it is certainly not a beginners book to investing. If you're like me and have no idea what the definition of terms like "net tangible assets", and "sub working capital" are it may be best to find a true beginners book as a prequel to this one. Lots of good info I cant yet understand.

Edition: I found commentary very useful (though often distracting). If you are not a professional - you'll appreciate the commentaries and epilogue - read it first? It's very inspiring.Book: "You either get the idea in the first five minutes, or you don't get it at all", commented Warren Buffet in the epilogue. I would add - you don't necessarily need to read all 550 pages, but you must read through the idea of value investing - and it will change your way of looking at the world. I always felt confused and amazed by listening to all the ridiculous fuzz that comes from the Wall Street through TV and the internet. The book explains why.Several rules of thumbs I noted into my keep:- Investor buys the business [based on its price/value], speculator buys the stock [based on an absurd believe that he can foresee where the stock price will go].- The best way to earn adequate return without any trouble whatsoever is to invest into cheap (low maintenance cost) indexes; use dollar averaging (buy every month instead of once at a random point of time) for smoothing the luck involved.- For enterprising investor (willing to spend much more time), look for a diversified list of bargain issues (at least 30 issues, business values (i.e. net current asset and other related metrics) is below market cap)- During the bubble, hot industries and companies are getting overpriced. That could only be financed from somewhere. Partially that money are coming from well established old economy companies that lose the appeal. Thus, invest in such old economy companies while bubble grows, as soon as the bubble burst - undervalued companies would rise back.- Don't ever buy IPOs! (See chapter for compelling arguments)- Don't consider companies that do not pay dividends. Dividends - money firm pays you for providing capital, they belong to you. They cut a piece for reinvestment - payout ratio. If firm doesn't pay dividends - invest all into growth so you could profit later - that's a speculation. Moreover stock price would be more volatile because it should now rely on future rather than current prospects.- When gambling - bet on a single chip to maximize the payoff (roulette $1 to $35 payoff at 1/37 chance). When investing - diversify: each investment must have a margin of safety, the more diversified portfolio - the less likely that all will fail. You are a roulette house now who earns with each turn of the wheel.

So far into my career, this book has un-ironically been one the greatest investments I have made so far.This is a great book for anyone who is interested in introducing themselves into the world of investing, or wants to hone their skills and better themselves. Although, while a great book I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the discipline to treat this book as a college textbook. Annotate, take notes, and create a guide. If you want to start taking investing seriously and want to begin practicing the discipline of self education, this is the book for you.Best of luck to everybody.

This probably is one of the greatest investing books ever written, but it suffers from two flaws: 1) like all such books, it could be condensed into about 20 pages. The supporting evidence could be put in an appendix for those who want to see it. 2) it is very dated. I was 13 when Graham published his last edition, and I just can't get excited reading something that talks about 1970 like it was last year. The commentary by Zweig, widely criticized, is actually the saving grace. His writing style is more current and he brings things up-to-date, sort of, but even his commentary misses the Great Recession. This would all be much better if it could be taken out of its temporal context and summarized more generally. Charts that make a point using data from decades ago is okay, but the body of the book is so immersed in old dates that it just feels, well, out of date!

No complaints of the book itself, but the Kindle edition of it is bad. The book has a number of tables in it: they are all rotated 90 degrees and in such a low resolution that they are basically just unreadable pixels.

Some books are timeless; this one isn't. The subject in its nature is dynamic and ever changing. Time for this book to retire.While the main points and recommendations in the book are somewhat insightful; they can fit into an internet article or youtube video: the rest is outdated advice or a boring (VERY boring) historical account of the stock market throughout the 20th century. 600 pages of fluff.In every field: there are "defacto" classics that no one bothered to re-evaluate. This seems to be one of them.

I just want to say how glad I am I bought this ebook. As someone who rather stupidly dropped accounting classes in high school, this book has taught me more in two months regarding how to make money work for you than my peers learnt in the 6 years they took accounting classes. There are plenty of thought experiments, good & bad examples of stocks and basic questions to ask yourself before making any kind of investment. I was also surprised to find some humorous content as well. With my background in the automotive industry, this book would have been like greek to me. But I endured. So to those with no background in accounting i would suggest reading slowly and looking up terms you are unfamiliar with before progressing. The Investopedia website is a great resource in that regard. The "Invest like Warren Buffet" course by Preston Pysh on YouTube has been a great way of visualising and understanding some of those terms. If you would like a free follow along chapter by chapter guide, I would recommend the Inteligent Investor playlist by Sven Carlin on YouTube. Always read the footnotes (endnotes) or whatever you call it. Keep in mind, though, that this is based on the American stock market. So some criteria may not apply if you're not investing in American Markets. No doubt, i will be reading this book a few more times and follow it up with the latest version of "Security Analysis". I gave this book 4 stars simply because it was last updated in 2003. I eagerly await a new version. I would recommend this book to anyone willing to put in the time and effort to learn about financial securities. Its a great launch ramp into the financial world. Godspeed fellow investor.

Warren Buffett often said that reading this book is the greatest investment that he has ever made, and it’s not difficult to see why. Buffett even specifically mention that chapter 8 and 20 are the most essential ones to understand how investing and the market work.But if you want to learn about the very essence of the book, chapter 14 is where the real gem is. This is where the core Graham principles are presented, which the commentary on chapter 14 (as well as chapter 18 and its commentary) prove that this principles can stand against time for more than 3 decades.This book to investing is like The Art of War by Sun Tzu to warfare, or The Origins of Species by Charles Darwin to evolution. An absolutely vital book to read.

If you want to grow your money in the most intelligent way possible and not have questions on what to buy in the stock market this is what you want to buy and learn. I was applying his methods to the stock market and ignored other so called professionals before reading this book, now after reading this book 3-4 times (because you have to) solidified my knowledge and education in buying stocks.If you want to speculate and gamble with growth stocks that does not pay you back unless sell stocks then this book is still for you because it could teach you how to change your view in buying stocks.People forget where Mr Buffett got his education and mentored him, Benjamin Graham doesn't get enough credit. This revised ed. book is even more helpful then the previous copies. Go get one and learn from one of the great ones.

This book may seem dated, but it’s principles are timeless. In particular, it seems more relevant to an investor trading in today’s (2020’s) Market. So many stocks are over-valued with no end in sight, what is an Investor to do? This book explains this cycle and gives a value-oriented Investor so,e hope. The book is definitely worth keeping in your Investor Toolkit.

I really enjoyed Mr. Grahams mindset and philosophy of investing. It was a bit difficult to understand the terms at all times but the basic premise of his thinking was very educational. I would recommend to anyone trying to get a grasp of value investing. If you looking to get rich quick, this is not for you!

There are a lot of concepts in there that I still haven't fully understood. So will comeback to this again and have it as a reference. I can't believe at least some of these financial sense is not built in to our educational curriculum.

Edition: I found commentary very useful (though often distracting). If you are not a professional - you'll appreciate the commentaries and epilogue - read it first? It's very inspiring.Book: "You either get the idea in the first five minutes, or you don't get it at all", commented Warren Buffet in the epilogue. I would add - you don't necessarily need to read all 550 pages, but you must read through the idea of value investing - and it will change your way of looking at the world. I always felt confused and amazed by listening to all the ridiculous fuzz that comes from the Wall Street through TV and the internet. The book explains why.Several rules of thumbs I noted into my keep:- Investor buys the business [based on its price/value], speculator buys the stock [based on an absurd believe that he can foresee where the stock price will go].- The best way to earn adequate return without any trouble whatsoever is to invest into cheap (low maintenance cost) indexes; use dollar averaging (buy every month instead of once at a random point of time) for smoothing the luck involved.- For enterprising investor (willing to spend much more time), look for a diversified list of bargain issues (at least 30 issues, business values (i.e. net current asset and other related metrics) is below market cap)- During the bubble, hot industries and companies are getting overpriced. That could only be financed from somewhere. Partially that money are coming from well established old economy companies that lose the appeal. Thus, invest in such old economy companies while bubble grows, as soon as the bubble burst - undervalued companies would rise back.- Don't ever buy IPOs! (See chapter for compelling arguments)- Don't consider companies that do not pay dividends. Dividends - money firm pays you for providing capital, they belong to you. They cut a piece for reinvestment - payout ratio. If firm doesn't pay dividends - invest all into growth so you could profit later - that's a speculation. Moreover stock price would be more volatile because it should now rely on future rather than current prospects.- When gambling - bet on a single chip to maximize the payoff (roulette $1 to $35 payoff at 1/37 chance). When investing - diversify: each investment must have a margin of safety, the more diversified portfolio - the less likely that all will fail. You are a roulette house now who earns with each turn of the wheel.

No complaints of the book itself, but the Kindle edition of it is bad. The book has a number of tables in it: they are all rotated 90 degrees and in such a low resolution that they are basically just unreadable pixels.

I read this book in my teen age and wanted to have a copy for occasional re-visit. My native language is not Russian so I never read it in original, though, but English translation does not do it right in representing the style of writing.I believe that this work is greatly misjudged and underestimated – if by nothing else then by the comments left by Amazon readers. Knowing history of this author and historical circumstances can help to understand it and see the layers of this quick read.Bulgakov’s focus is on people and humanity but he is not short in criticizing “new” socialist society introduced in large scale experiment post November of 1917 soviet revolution. I never found as concise critic of socialist experiment soviet style and pointing out what’s wrong with the way it was executed, as here – literally, one page says it all. Bulgakov is humanist, optimist without much hope left. His work represents that, universally and timelessly.

The novella is a must read in today’s world. A masterpiece you don’t want to miss.This is one of the better translations into English. Quality of the print is just ok (could be much better). 5 stars to Bulgakov’s genius masterpiece. 3 stars to the publisher for profiting from the genius work but not caring to provide quality print. 4 stars to translator.Now, a note to an average reader who doesn’t know Russian and is illiterate in Russian history and culture - do yourself a favor and first study at least history of the 19th-20th centuries Russia; learn why marxism and leninism destroyed that country and why communist ideology is wrong not only about history, anthropology, psychology, and economy but also corrupts human nature destroying any last spark of goodness in it. Then read and try to understand some Dostoevsky (Demons, Crime and Punishment) - Jordan Peterson’s reflections on Dostoevsky can be helpful - and only then carefully, slowly, and with open heart try to read Bulgakov.I saw a few atrociously ignorant and arrogant reviews by native English speakers here - to those kind I say this: trust me, it’s not because Bulgakov failed, it’s because your intellectual development is… lacking. Keep working on it.

Satire as only Bulkagov can spin. A quick read with plenty of snap and style. Entertaining. Enjoyable. Educational. ;-) Here are some quotes to prove it:"You mean, he spoke?" asked Philip Philippovich. "But this does not make him a man.""Doctor, the human race takes care of this by itself, and every year, in the course of its evolution, it creates dozens of outstanding geniuses who adorn the earth, stubbornly selecting them out of the mass of scum.""How can you do without documents? Excuse me... You know it yourself, a man is strictly forbidden to exist without documents.""They both became as frantic as hurrying murderers.""If you're afraid, you must deserve it...""It's impossible to serve two gods! It is impossible at one and the same time to sweep the streetcar tracks and settle the fate of Spanish beggars! No one can succeed in this, Doctor, and least of all people who, being generally behind Europeans by some two hundred years, still aren't too sure of how to button their own pants!""I won't even mention the steam heat. I won't. Let's forget it: when there's a social revolution, there's no need for steam heat."

It's just something about those Russians. I guess because they've had to put up with so much turmoil, for so long, historically; or it could be those long Russian winters; but for whatever reason they have produced a steady stream of excellent satirists for the past two hundred years. Refer to Nikolai Leskov's LAUGHTER AND GRIEF, for a mid 19th century examination of the phenomenon from someone who first noticed it. Leskov's narrator, Vatahvskov, states in a conversation amongst his colleagues that the feature most singular in Russian society is "its abundance of unpleasant surprises." Which brings me to Bulgakov and to HEART OF A DOG, for it is a novella full of "unpleasant surprises," both happening to and instigated by, Bulgakov's singular literary creation, Sharik (aka Mr. Sharik, aka Citizen Sharikov, aka Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov, commisar of cat control, etc.) Bulgakov takes an absurd situation (think of Gogol's "nose" wandering around the streets of St. Petersburg for comparison) and crafts it into a wonderful parody of the societal madhouse that was 30s Moscow under the party's intolerable decrees. His is a portrait of political correctness run amok. Citizen Shvonder, the representation of all things banal about the collectivist mentality of the era is the Bulgakov's primary target in this regard. His jealous rage at the fact that professor Phillipov is living the high life, while he and his ilk are sharing one room apartments, remains comically ineffectual. It was Bulgakov's way at getting back at all of the party appartchiks that were in fact causing him a great deal of consternation and physical hardship at the time. A reviewer who was critical of this work as being too much akin to a Chagall painting was drawing an accurate analogy. Yet, coming from a perspective in which magical realism has become an accepted literary technique, I don't consider that a drawback. It is part of the same Russian tradition. The fanciful and the grotesque have long been an integral part of Russian fiction. Bulgakov is simply one of its more famous and adept practitioners.BEK

GRAHAM REVIEWGraham's original work itself is fantastic, if you take the time to absorb it and understand it. It took me two reads before I really felt like I grasped it well. I don't need to write an elaborate review discussing this book for people to know it is obviously an investment classic; it has Warren Buffett's full endorsement which is the reason a lot of people opt to read it in the first place. The practical advice offered is timeless. In particular I found Chapter 1 (the difference between speculation and investing), Chapter 8 (managing your emotions), Chapter 10 (discerning the advice from others) and Chapter 20 (having a margin of safety) to be enlightening, as those four chapters were probably the most useful to me personally. The advice in the very first chapter regarding the difference between investing and speculating gets lost on a lot of people today, as anything and everything that involves stocks, bonds, options, or futures seems to be categorized as investing. The portion of Chapter 8 that discusses managing your emotions is arguably the most difficult for people to actually implement in the real world, despite being a very important concept. Graham truly makes a compelling case in favor of a value approach, which as I will discuss later in this review, is inherently reliant on the belief that investments can and do become undervalued. Buffett notes that the most significant chapters for him were 8 and 20. I agree, but also add chapters 1 and 10 to that shortened list. For others that might be different.A unique thing that I appreciated about Graham is that he discusses two different ways of investing, depending on how much time you have to put into the matter. For those who have too many other things going on to put the time into it, he advocates "defensive investing," which basically focuses on safer, larger companies and is a little more bond-heavy. And for those who want to put a lot more work into it, he advocates "enterprise investing," where he lays out a more rigorous approach to value investing. While the enterprising method does indeed yield greater returns over the long run, there is nothing wrong with taking the defensive approach, particularly for those who aren't able to commit enough time in order to make the enterprising method effective.There are a few minor areas that are no longer relevant as they were in Graham's day, such as his suggestion that one should use a local bank to handle transfers of stock certificates... when it is basically all online these days. But if one reads it and remains aware that it was written in the early 1970s, then these little quirks will not bother them. I will also add that Graham places an emphasis on dividend maintenance that is probably less relevant today. In his day, strong companies actually paid out about 1/3 to 2/3 of their surpluses, whereas these days that is far less common. Graham's followers, including Buffett and Klarman, do not emphasize this so heavily (Klarman has gone as far as saying that looking at dividend policy is almost useless in today's era), although it is still probably relevant to look at the continuity of dividends especially for "defensive" investors. It should be added that while Graham has an almost aloof/academic air about him, he is equally humble and sincere, never underestimating the intelligence of his readers. And for those occasional uppity words that he uses, there is always a dictionary nearby. It may take more than a cursory read, but if you are patient, then this book is a gold mine. As a result, I give Graham 5 stars.ZWEIG REVIEWJason Zweig's commentary really deserves its own separate review, as this is basically two different books. Throughout MUCH (not all) of the book, I would have given Zweig 4 or 5 stars, as his commentary adds to the discussion and thought process of Graham. However, Zweig departs from Graham in a very fundamental way in three portions of the book, causing me to believe that Zweig either truly disagrees with or otherwise does not fully understand what Graham's argument is. Zweig essentially subscribes to the "Random Walker" camp of those supporting a Semi-Strong version of Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) and believes that one is simply speculating when choosing individual stocks instead of index funds. Zweig lets his own views seep into the book slowly, chapter by chapter, until it becomes more obvious that he is not a value investor. Graham did not subscribe to this relatively recent view (only existing since the 1960s) in his approach to VALUE investing. The entire premise of value investing is that securities sometimes do become undervalued, which is rare/impossible according to proponents such as Zweig. Though to my knowledge Graham never wrote a piece articulating his stance, his actions were to the contrary of what Zweig seems to believe his position was. It's also notable that his contemporaries/students blatantly countered the EMH viewpoint (see Buffett and "Superinvestors" below; see also Phil Fisher in "Developing an Investment Philosophy" chapter 4, entitled "Is the Market Efficient?").(1) In the first and most notable departure for Zweig, there is a portion of the book where Graham says "[i]t would be rather strange if - with all the brains at work professionally in the stock market - there could be approaches which are both sound and relatively unpopular. Yet our own career and reputation have been based on this unlikely fact." (Graham, p. 380). If one reads the version in its proper context, then they will realize rather quickly that Graham is arguing that this unlikely fact of the markets actually being inefficient much of the time is actually TRUE, and is thus a compelling reason to study value investing. However... Zweig goes on in the commentary to say that Graham is pointing out that the market is efficient, and discusses the definition of the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). This is clearly NOT what Graham was saying... rather the opposite.(2) In the second notable departure, there is a commentary chapter of Zweig's where he discusses how to effectively manage your portfolio. In the chapter itself, Graham discussed stock selection. Zweig, however, goes on to say that people should not actually pick stocks with more than 10% of their money, as doing so is akin to speculating, and should instead place all or nearly all of their funds into index funds that can come close to tying the market because of the EMH. Even though this advice MIGHT (arguably) be relevant for the "defensive" investor that Graham discusses (those who do not have the time or want to put the time into managing their own portfolio), this advice is a blatant misrepresentation of what Graham advises for "enterprising" investors (those who want to actively practice value investing) in such a fundamental way as to make me want to give Zweig 1 star instead of 5. But due to my holistic review, Zweig gets more than 1.(3) Zweig places an emphasis on diversification that I don't think Graham fully intended. Graham discusses the value of diversification throughout the book by taking multiple positions. Note though that Graham does NOT advocate buying everything...simply holding a few varied positions. But Zweig interprets this concept in such a way as to, in my humble opinion, advocate over-diversification... which is effectively nothing more than buying so many things that you should have just purchased an index fund to begin with.Collectively, Zweig's most significant contribution to the book was simply putting some of Graham's now-dated statements into context. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with believing in EMH in the markets the way that Zweig does, per se. But I am harsh on Zweig because advocating EMH and claiming that any stock is "speculative" is a blatant misrepresentation of Graham's views and stance. Despite departing from Graham quite fundamentally in two or three areas, Zweig mostly added a beneficial/informative conversation. Thus I hesitantly give him 3 stars.BUFFETT REVIEWWarren Buffett has a brief introduction towards the beginning of the book that tells what readers can expect from reading his mentor, Graham. As already mentioned, he places additional emphasis on chapters 8 and 20. But more importantly, there is a compelling essay/speech by Buffett in the back of the book that is called "The Superinvestors of Graham and Doddsville" that was given at Columbia University in 1984. You don't have to buy the book to read this essay, as it is free on the internet in a few different places. But it is arguably the best rebuttal to the Efficient Market Hypothesis that anyone has ever put out, and I don't know of any EMH proponents that have ever addressed Buffett's argument. In essence, Buffett points out that many different versions of investing that have little in common with each other beyond a decidedly long-term value-driven approach have all yielded positive results over time that have had decidedly superior returns to the market. There is unfortunately little written on this topic by actual practitioners, but Buffett's argument is worth a read. It's a definite 5 stars.CONCLUSIONAs a result, I give this whole book collectively 5 stars. You can just ignore the areas where Zweig errs, sometimes rather substantially. You could safely ignore his additional chapters/commentary altogether, although I think it is useful to read for putting certain portions of Graham's writing into perspective. Entire book is recommended; but if you don't read the whole thing, at least read Chapters 1, 8, 10, and 20, as well as Buffett's essay. It's a great addition to any investment library. I know that adding those up rounds to 4, but it is Graham's book after all (much as Zweig might wish it was his)... so it's 5 stars.

Since I am retired and trying to manage my own portfolio, I figured this would be the book to read. I know how to pick 4 or 5 star funds and diversify well enough, but I don't have enough theory or any formal financial background at all. I was looking for a classic book on the subject, one that a financial novice could understand, and decided to read this one.Benjamin Graham is known as the Father of Value Investing and was the mentor of Warren Buffett, the most successful investor of all time. Warren Buffett called the Intelligent Investor `the best book about investing ever written.' He believed in defensive, value investing, and famously summarized his philosphy as follows: "An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative."I found that `value investing' means that you buy only something that is being sold below its actual value, like buying dollar bills for 40 cents each, he said. One should take the quantitative (statistical) instead of the qualitative (predictive) approach, since no one can forecast the future anyway. Look at what a security is really worth in a business-like way, just like you would do for any purchase, ignoring what others might think. Do your homework is what he is saying!According to Graham, almost everybody, me included, does investing wrong. You are supposed to buy low and sell high, but most folks buy when the price is going up and sell when it is coming down. `Mr. Market' is very emotional and encourages stampedes toward whatever looks good at the moment, and away from investments that seem spent. This very act of buying and selling creates updrafts and downdrafts in the market which causes disparity between what the price is and what the price should be for a given investment. Eventually the true value of an investment comes to fore when things settle down. The maxim he uses for this is: the market is a voting machine in the short run and a weighing machine in the long run. The investors `vote' for an investment which drives the price up; later, the investors find out what the investment is really worth, and the price settles into it's real value. He cited convincing examples in the tech-bubble era of the late 90's where stock prices ascended to ridiculously high levels and then came crashing down to almost nothing, and their stock shares became like Confederate money, worth only slightly more than the paper they were printed on.In general, his theory runs counter to the speculative, get-richer-quick investing that seems standard for most of us. Stay away from gimmicks like market-timing and formula investing (chasing after perceived patterns in the market). Be boring, he says, and go for something steady and sure. Don't try to beat the market; just try to keep up with it. If you don't want to do the necessary homework, buy index funds. He touts ignored `secondary' or `unsexy' companies, the ones that don't have big names, or ones that produce boring products. It was interesting that when Graham was asked why he was unafraid of losing his edge by proclaiming value investing, he joked that his books are' the most over-read and under-used books on finances ever written'. If, indeed, everyone did value investing, there would be no bargains left out there. We are talking about something that works, but that no one wants to use!A cornerstone of the defensive investing philosophy involves building in a good margin of safety by buying investments at as far below actual worth as possible. He also talks a lot about managing risk by patience and self-control; he says: `Don't just do something, stand there!' In some sense, this book is more about the person making the investments than the investments themselves. In essence, if you want to know what risk is, look in the mirror! In other words, it's not about how much risk you can tolerate; it is about how much investigation you are willing to do. He mentioned Pascal's Wager as a graphic example of how to think of the consequences when taking on risk - - - if one wagers as to whether God exists or not, he is better off betting He does; otherwise, though the rewards could be a little better, the consequences could be eternally worse! (This was, to me, a fairly heavy-handed but instructive parallel.)Watch out for the shenanigans of the accountants when you read the financial reports. Words and phrases like pro-forma, nonrecurring charges, special charges, and good will could be euphemisms for a smoke screen. I also learned the phrase `kitchen sink accounting', which puts all possible losses into one year, which distorts the picture but gives good tax results for the company. The lesson is to not ignore the footnotes and to read the statements to the end.Consistent with his philosophy, Graham does not believe in the prevalent Efficient Market Theory (or EMH), which says that investments have the correct prices because there is so much, widespread information readily available on every investment. He basically believes, and gives many good examples, that the public is not interested in digging into the nuts-and-bolts financial information, but is only interested in what is popular. In a word, an investor needs to make sure he understands what he is investing in, and make business decisions instead of emotional decisions about it. He says that the finances are really not very complicated, and it's more about character than brain.The first edition of this book, written in 1950 and was revised several times before Graham died in 1976. Since it was a little dated as far as market history is concerned, Jason Zweig wrote commentaries on each chapter to bring it into the 21st century. Graham, as a product of his day, talked mostly about stocks and bonds, and less about funds, and he over-emphasized, in my opinion, the importance of dividends. Zweig says that diversity has replaced value today. Also, dividends are no big deal today for most investors since the total return (NAV + dividends) is what really matters. Another thing is that Graham lived through the Depression and saw that it took 25 years (to 1954) for the market to reach the levels of pre-Crash 1929; this might have made him defensive.I'm glad I read the book. It gave me perspective on how the market works, though I'll still stick with diversity over value, especially since I invest almost entirely in funds. He did not have to scare me off on individual stocks, but he did convince me to do more homework and to try to be more business-like in my financial decisions, and - - - to look in the mirror first.

Warren Buffet recommended this book to me, and I must confess it's definitely a great foundation of smart investing. The Oracle of Omaha is my guiding light to financial freedom.

I am not an Econ major, so I use this book as a reference guide. I only look up what I need to know & will keep it as such for my personal investing library.

Read this before starting your investing journey I'm sure it will save you time, money and stress.

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My son loves these shoes. He only wants me to buy this style and color, so he's had a pair ever since they first came out. My only complaint is, he seems to wear through them a little more quickly than I expected. Usually around the toe box, or the velcro come apart from the leather piece. This however happened months after wearing them every day, and he is a very mobile kid. I've probably bought him a new pair every 5-6 months. This is also his only pair of shoes. He's not even interested in trying/having anything else.

This shoe fits my granddaughters well who spend much time outside playing. It’s their first choice when Mom says to “Get your shoes on”. The especially like purple

Merrill shoes seem to be the only brand that is made kid tough! They are the only shoes that have held up to my active boys and can last a while school year! They also are truly wide enough for my super wide footed child! I will forever be a merrell shoe fan!

Merrell never fails to fit. Our kiddo is a wide size shoe. So many shoes say "wide" when they really aren't. Merrell is true to size. Very rugged and never fall apart. I know they are a bit more expensive than the foreign imports, but totally worth the price.

My son loves his Merrells! This is his 4th pair in this style--I just order a bigger size and different color each time. They may be a bit pricey, but they last. The fit has been great through the years for an active boy that had high arches and a slightly wider foot. Super comfy! They really hold up well and continue to look good after multiple washings. I'm sure we'll once again order the next size up when ready.

The Velcro strap isn’t long enough! They fit my son but when I go to tighten and fasten the Velcro strap, it only reaches half way. It sticks most of the time and is functional regardless, but it seems like a big oversight.

Perfect for our Utah national parks trip - hiked a ton - real hikes, not simple paths to view points. Sturdy & durable. This is my son’s second pair of these.

Even my new financial advisor recommended this. Newer edition has more recent updates and tips. A good starter book for new investors!

Taught me a lot of practical things about investing! Loved it!

Reading still but a lot of knowledge In here

A wealth of investing information, complete with historical information and quotes. It's a long read...but worth it.

Very nice, sturdy and easy to assemble. I get lots of compliments

Very attractive, lightweight rain barrel.Looks like a piece of pottery, sturdy and well made. Very happy with the product. Several suggestions though for its seller. Several parts -hose, spigot are inside the barrell . And that makes sense if you would put a sticker on top saying that. Confusion is because the filter is screwed in and the screws must be removed to get the parts out. No rattle when you try to shake the rain barrel. Also the two white plastic non cut optional openings on side may be a challenge to cut for some. I will buy again, good product.

Several people thought it was terra cotta and it's a nice addition to the yard. Now we need rain in California

I guess I didn't realize I bought the kindle edition in 2016 because I didn't read it. I wish I had. I bought the hardcover in 2020 and read it earlier this year. I thought it was one of the best books I've read on investing. I highly recommend it. I just finished One up wall St and that's a good one also. This has a good primer on history and it's not boring.

I used this as an alternative to carpet in my reptile cage. I did not notice a plastic smell when I opened the package but I let it air out just in case. I have a beardie with MBD and he loves it! He no longer has to struggle getting his claws stuck and it gives him traction to walk without sliding. If I used this on my shelves it would be perfect for keeping things in place without sticking.

Works great as a drawer liner. Easy to remove and clean.

Not very thick, doesn't stay in place easily. Disappointed.

I was able to cut it perfectly for my kitchen draws. There's no adhesive but I doesn't slide around and easy to clean.

I wanted a rubbery liner to put in my kitchen drawers where the shelf organizer left a gap at the front of drawer. This looks very nice, it is very thin and does not give any resistance to items laying on it (they shift and roll around when opening and closing drawer). Went back to read product description and doesn’t claim to do this, so it is my fault for not reading description.Not up to reordering and redoing now, looks nice.

I got this for my cutlery drawer. I measured and cut it, but it doesn't lay flat. I did have a heavy organizer to put on it to keep it flat, but if you are wanting it to line a drawer that doesn't have organizers, it may be an issue due to the corners rolling.

A little too filmsy for garage shelves. May be better suited for drawer liners.

They are easy to cut and place. Very easy to clean

One of the best books about investing ever written

A mandatory read for anyone interested in stocks. There is no substitute for thos masterpiece. Very highly recommended to all investors or future investors.

Had these for a few months now and love these because they are durAble (hold up through sand, water, heat, etc), as stylish as expensive tkees brand, and support my flat feet all day long. Grab these!

I really like the fit of these flip flops and they’re definitely sturdy and good quality. They are a little heavy and the strap isn’t super comfortable. If you aren’t wearing them for a long period of time you should be good though.

The gold embroidered piece rubs the top of my foot. It’s super annoying.

Fit is great and reasonably priced.

I liked how this wasn’t a loose fitting flip flop. I wish it was a little bit more supportive, but for a flip flop it’s very nice!

I always buy Reef's with that said these are a disappointment. The thong part is too far back and the straps leave black marks on the foot that remain after washing. Have been wearing nothing but Reef's for ten years as I like the arch support, comfort and style. This pair just doesn't measure up

I loved these flip flops but the strap broke off after a few months. Very disappointed because my reefs usually last forever!

These are the most comfortable flip flops I've ever owned. I have worn them on multiple occasions where I had to walk around and be on my feet for a long periods and my feet did not hurt at the end of the day. The gold stitching on the step does rub a little though, but I just flip the strap over.

Although the book is from 50 years ago, the parts and passages regarding psychology, investment x speculation, risk, portfolio management, and more are absolutely relevant and timeless. Even more so if you take the very well crafted comments made by Zweig, which are still recent, dating back to post-dotcom bubble in 2003.The similarities with the behavior displayed still to this day in bull markets and bear markets is identical. I was actually very surprised to read comments on that that are 100% fitting for the recent mania.This book is packed with wisdom for a very cheap price, worth every last cent.

This product was a great find. We use them on our desks in our homeschool pod. It keeps the desk from being cluttered. It’s clean and modern. A great find!! I recommend this product for use on desks.

I wish it had more options to choose from for the add-ones. Too bad it wasn't more of a choose your own adventure organizer. But it’s great still!

This has got to be one of my favorite purchases for cleaning up my desk area. It gets some of the controllers and random stuff off my desk. I'm truly enamored with it! I also checked lots of listings for similar objects and this was the one I ultimately chose.It is a nice solid metal piece for the "peg board" and a heavy removeable plastic base. Which means, this same one can also be mounted on the wall if you changed your mind in the future about keeping it on your desks surface. It also coincidentally fits perfectly on the support bars under my desk - since it has the lil wrap around metal bit. I'm even planning to order at least 1 more just for under my desk to hold pairs of headphones and cords.I only really have 1 problem, I want the option to order multiple of the controller holder options instead of the cups & cable organizers. Or even just the option to order an additional 2 controller ones for $5-10.I highly recommend this product, even with that one complaint.

Not long enough. If so, wonderful.

I really want to like this , bought it for my 16 year olds birthday for his gaming headset, remote etc. But it's such a tight fit that it's not easy to get on and off and the other cups fit to close to the hooks they fit on , idk trying to find another use but 2 of my boys said nope don't want it 🤷‍♀️🤦🏼

Wonderful, down-to-earth, thought provoking content. But for a classic that is meant to be read, re-read, thumbed, annotated, lugged around, etc., in short subjected to a fair amount of abuse, the manufacturing quality of this edition is abysmal. I've had it for only a few weeks and already paged are coming unglued. Not at all worthy of such a masterpiece.

I got this book for a class, and as the other reviews will tell you, the content is excellent. When the book came, though, there were manufacturing flaws such as pages ripping from the binding and marks on the cover. It looks like others have had similar issues regarding the quality of the physical book.

Hands down the best Amazon purchase I've ever made.

The hinges on it are a little wobbly and it probably won't last for more than a couple years. The heat setting has to be on max to get a nice golden color. It certainly won't replace the current wafflemaker (especially since it makes more of a pancake) but it's not everyday you'll find the Death Star on your plate and the pancakes are still delicious. If you're expecting a true waffle I'd look elsewhere but personally I enjoy pancakes just as much

This thing definitely makes something that resembles a pancake significantly more than a waffle, something a bit fluffier and softer rather than having that waffle texture. Fortunately for me, I read the other reviews mentioning this and thought it was more of a selling point, because I love pancakes. If you want *actual waffles*, don't get a novelty waffle maker. If you want rad Death Star pancakes, this is a winner. It did seem to take a little longer to cook than the instructions said, but the eventual outcome was a soft, lightly fluffy pancake with a nice, clear Death Star impression in it. I used a spritz of Pam to aid the non-stick, so after I was done and the machine cooled it was easy to wipe clean with a sponge. Your experience may vary depending on what batter you use, but if you happen to use the Funfetti pancake and waffle mix in the box, I found that an amount right in between 3/4 cup and 1 cup worked great when spread out evenly.

I planned to purchase this for the holidays to surprise my sons who are both big star wars fans, though they are adults now. But, hey, they love waffles! Unfortunately, everywhere was sold out so I was pleasantly surprised to find this on Amazon just after Christmas. Shipping said two weeks but it arrived in just a few days. As far as operation goes, the waffle maker is "okay". It's a little bit of a challenge to figure out how much batter to put in it. Too much and it dribbles out the sides, too little and you only get the death star on the bottom side. It takes about twice as much batter to get a proper Death Star as it does to get a regular sized waffle in my Oster belgian waffle maker. My daughter figured out that if you put a paper weight or other heavy object on the lid, it works better because the batter can't rise up in the center and it will cook more evenly. Other thing is, it does have a tendency to stick a little bit which I remedied by using Pam somewhat liberally. Overall, it was easier to clean than my regular waffle maker, but required a toothpick. Has a temperature setting on the top which confused me a bit, but I just put it on max and that seemed to be just fine. The waffles it makes are more like thick giant pancakes, really, but tasted the same and cooked through which is the important thing. Great novelty for the Star Wars diehards, but probably not something I will use every day. Best advice: make a double batch of batter and play with the volume until you figure out the exact amount.

This item is simply amazing in the kitchen, the dial allows perfect control of the heat when cooking. However the design does make it a bit difficult to clean in some places even when using cooking spray. The surface is also non stick which helps but the smaller crevasses are harder to get clean. Otherwise i love this item.

Darth liked this gift!

Turned out looking great but basically makes pancakes ...still cool!

I am glad I read the reviews before purchasing. Many people said it is a glorified pancake maker and not really a waffle maker. I agree! This is a really cool little gadget. My son was super excited to have a “Death Star Pancake” on his birthday morning. If you want a waffle, this is not the product for you. In addition, when the green light turns on, it’s supposed to be done cooking but we learned that it takes a few minutes longer for it to actually be cooked. Overall we are happy with it. It’s neat. But don’t expect a waffle. It’s a pancake.

Okay, let me start off by saying this. This Death Star waffle maker totally helped me win Christmas last year.This is the coolest novelty item. Anytime anyone sees it, or a waffle made from it, they freak out. I gave it to my boyfriend as a holiday present, and he was over the moon. I think this is the perfect present for any Star Wars lover. We use it constantly now. We love to try new recipes. We have made regular waffles, chocolate chip waffles, bacon and cheese waffles, trail mix waffles, and even a mac and cheese waffle...not the best idea. It is so fun to use whenever we have guests.However, I would not buy it if you are expecting a good waffle maker. It just does not live up to the quality of a regular one. The waffles are often overcooked on one side (the bottom), and under-cooked on the other. It really does become a battle of the dark and light side. If you are just looking for a good waffle maker, buy one at Target for less than half the price.Personally, the flaws are worth it for our favorite kitchen item!

Due to my answer in the QA section receiving many endorsement, i decided to give it a bit more detailed review after 2 weeks into owning the Blink setup. I came from Simplisafe, and i still do have simplisafe's alarm system, but due to their lack of outdoor camera solution, i finally decided to pull the trigger on the latest Outdoor blink and try out the Mini blink as well.First thing's first, the new Outdoor Blink cam works mostly as advertised but the indoor Blink Mini is junk. Read more about the Mini below. But first the Outdoor (good)Blink Outdoor:Motion recording speed & Delay:The Outdoor cam's trigger time is almost instant, in fact, I noticed that it even records a second before entering the frame. which tells me that it might be doing some kind of constant recording into the cam's onboard volatile memory as cache, and once motion is triggered it starts encoding the data and dumps it onto the cloud. So the trigger time is almost instant. However, note that there is a 5 second delay from what's happening Live vs what you see on your phone. so that delay is between Trigger --> Encode --> Cloud --> Decode. I"d imagine that if your Cam is connected to a wifi bridge as oppose to directly to the main router, the delay could be longer than 5 seconds. Compare to Simplisafe cam, the Live vs View delay is about the same. and the trigger time is about the same too.Motion sensor & sensor distance.the motion sensor distance in the Outdoor cam is less than 25 ft. despite what the feature ad would tell you. i have 4 Cams (3 outdoor setup at an angle pointing down 45 degree angle, and 1 in the garage looking pretty much straight flat at my car), 3 of the outdoor ones could pretty much trigger 15~20ft out, while the one in the garage struggles to even trigger at 15 ft. You should also take night vision into account. in NV mode, the distance is 5ft shorter. increasing the IR blast in NV will somewhat mitigate the problem but at a cost of battery drain. i tried moving the cam in garage from pointing 45 degree down to looking almost straight horizontal to improve motion sensing to a degree. So if you have trouble with the motion sensor, try that. Compare to Simplisafe's cam, the Simplicam seems to have farther motion sensing distance. But then again, Simplisafe still doesn't have an outdoor solution.Speaker/Micthe speaker and Mic quality is really good. it doesn't sound overly tiny like you would expect and is loud and clear. compare to Simplicam, the Blink Outdoor has better sound and mic.Wifi Wirelessi was surprised how well the wireless works. lots of complains in the review about wireless distance, not sure if they're genuine. but my farthest cam is about 80ft away from my main router thought a living room, a dining room and a garage and garage door (just shy of the max 100ft advertised in the spec), i am still able to get above 33% wifi N signal. But i think a lot of this "might" depend on the quality of your Wifi router. i spared no expense on my home wifi. So my router is 3x3 beam forming top of the line AC router that also has a very wide 802.11 N coverage. it can reach far and carry lots of bandwidth. my advice is invest in a quality wifi router with the most bandwidth and range you can afford. Note that the cams and module only supports 802.11 N. Compare to Simplicam, the wifi signal reach is about the same, if not slightly better than the Simplicam.AC Wireless.part of the charm and strength about the Blink Outdoor is its battery powered wireless nature. Only time will tell how long my Cams will last. I will update this review and reflect the score once my first set of battery run out. My gut tells me it'll be less than 2 years, well less. but i'd be happy if i can get even 1 year out of those cams. Note that the advertised 2 year battery life from Amazon is based on roughly 2 mins of video footage per day per cam. One of my busiest cam facing out the front door is seeing 2~3 times that amount.Resolution/video qualitythe resolution of the cam and video compression is really good. compare to those legacy 480p outdoor cams, this was a big step up. but compare to the simplicam, i would say the image looks slightly sharper than the Simplicam. but note that true 1080p resolution is only possible with high quality video record setting, which can chew up your battery and storage. Amazon's 2 year battery life is based on medium setting, which is actually 720p. but even at the medium setting, i still find the image to be very sharp and clear. going from medium to high (1080p) setting yield "some" improvement viewing on a smart phone. you likely won't be able to find big difference viewing it on a smartphone unless you view both videos on a large monitor. oh which btw, currently there's no app available for desktop computers. you'll have to either download the footage or pull the backup off your thumb drive to view it on a dekstop.Storageok, this is the most contentious and messed up part. the ad made you believe that you don't need to subscribe to cloud and able to store locally. what they don't explain to you is that local storage is only a secondary option on top of the cloud subscription. so you CANNOT, at least at the point of this review, store your recordings directly to the USB thumb drive and read off of it directly. how the Blink cam works right now is everything gets dumped to their cloud server, and when you view the footage, it reads off their cloud server. the USB thumb drive is just there to backup "from their cloud server" "once a day". there is no way for you to have the cams upload recordings directly to the thumb drive locally and view them from your phone wirelessly off the USB Thumbdrive. There're a lot of people asking about this question on forums and, like me, only found this out after the fact. It's not a deal breaker, but it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Why not just come out and say it. It's simply misleading. if you go to their website, and dig, and i mean really dig, you'll find that there is a way to run it without subscription. but any motion trigger or live views will not be recorded. So what's the point of local storage? it's almost like they just want to find a way to cramp that "local storage" wording into their ad to sell you the product only to find out that it's a secondary backup on top of a pay subscription.Now onto Blink mini (junk)Blink mini on the other hand. To put it simply is junk or an opportunity wasted. the Blink Mini has a long standing bug that plagued the camera for at least 2 years, and the dev team still hasn't released a fix. The issue with Blink Mini is that it fails to trigger motion recording coming out of night vision mode when you enter the room to turn the lights on. the dev team explained that something to do with the cam goes into freeze mode when it attempts to wake itself out of night vision to do recording. for that reason, it's pretty much trash if you intend on using the Mini as any kind of indoor security cam. I originally intended to use the Mini in my garage to monitor my prized stallion. But i literately would go into my garage and walk up to the car and no motion or recording is triggered. Dev has acknowledged this issue since late 2018 and said in 2019 forum post that firmware update is coming to fix this. it is now end of 2020, i would not count on it. The only reason i kept my Mini and ordered another Outdoor cam for the garage is so that in any case when we go on vacation, i can set the Mini up in the living room to do live view. But if you're thinking about getting the Mini for motion triggered security cam indoor, forget it. don't say i didn't warn you.Software UI/UXthe interface for the app is easy to use and more organized than many other similar services. clips are organized with usable filters at your disposal. the motion sensing manual dead zone configuration is helpful, although likely not too useful if you're using it outdoor, since the "motion sensor" distance (not wifi distance) is well shy of advertised 25ft.OVERALLthe new Outdoor blink has a lot going for it. If they can fix their advertisement wording, or better, let us have the option to record directly to the USB Thumb drive and be able to view the recording from our devices directly from the thumbdrive. it'll then be a True local storage solution. the only reason i ditched my Simplicam is because i really wanted to have smart Cams covering my house outdoor. Been 3+ years since Simplisafe said that they would come out with an outdoor solution. But till this day, still nothing. i just got tired of waiting. When i saw the new Blink Outdoor being advertised for Black Friday, i really wanted to give it a try. i would say the barrier to entry is minimal. the Blink hardware given the discount that amazon has been giving out, is worth the shot. Without the deep discounts, i am not so sure. They just need to improve the motion sensor distance coverage, and let us really use the USB thumb drive for storage. In a sea of smart home security market today. Amazon really needs to do more to win over customers and not only that, to keep them there. If they can combine Ring with Blink, i might just ditch my Simplisafe completely and go Ring to combine their alarm system with Blink. If they can do that, i don't mind paying the $10/month subscription. But at its current state, they still have work to do to win over customers.i will update the review on the battery life

When we first purchased cams back in 2017, we compared to Arlo and Ring before we chose Blink. Now we are up to 10 cams, covering every angle of the house. Here are my findings after using them for almost 4 years (and still buying more):PROS:> #1 video quality is excellent. Day time is a bit better than night, but night vision is as good as it gets with cams. POSITION of your cam matters a ton. I started out putting them way high up and quickly realized - if you actually want identifying features - they need to be lower. Otherwise... yeah you see someone walking past, but you cant ID anything, so what is the use.> So inexpensive - so easy to integrate. Anytime we have ANYTHING we need to cover, we just order another cam and it literally takes 5 minutes to get it out of the box, batteries in, and added to existing system.. seriously - 5 minutes.> The app is great. Very intuitive. Our first cams had very few "advanced features" every time i order new cams, they have improved their features. Now you are able to zoom all the way in to very small areas, to capture certain areas and exclude others.. For example - old cams you had to block off large sections of the capture area to avoid the cams picking up movement from trees, but now you can pinpoint one little part of a branch on a tree to exclude if its triggering the cam.> Motion detection is very sensitive - but they have it tweaked just about right. It never misses anything, but if you setup your exclusion zones well - you can get it almost perfect. I dont have a lot of false alarms and I'm running 10 cams. We have one setup to look at the sidewak, and after much tweaking, we can actually exclude the street... but pick up both sidewalks on both sides of the street. You can setup the app to alert you or not alert you.. you can turn sound on or off on alerts. On windy days I do end up just going into the app and turning off all cams that are setup around lots of trees until the storm is over.. but thats like a few times a year.> Super easy playback and control of cams. It's instant - you can control them in any way, very easily. If I am working on a project in the yard, I dont want my cams on for hours, running out of batteries - so I just go into the app and turn them all off. It takes seconds. Likewise - if i hear a noise at night, super easy to open the app and live view any cam so i can look all around the house and see everything happening outside, from every angle.> Extremely easy to move around. We have had them for years - so we move them around occasionally. I even had mice in our crawlspace under the house at one point and just grabbed one of the cams off the side of the house and stuck it down there so I could catch them at night. Theres no commitment with these - no hard wiring so you can mount them anywhere and taking them on and off the mount takes 2 seconds.> No subscription needed to store clips. thats BIG for us. We would not like blink as much if they changed that. We run a lot of cams and it just stays 100% full storage - we can still access a few weeks worth of video, it just deletes oldest. You can download/save any videos.> Lots of mounting options. You have to buy them separately if you want anything special, but I have 3 different types of mounts - one for trees, one around porches that need to be secured so they cant be taken, and then the standard mounts for cams not at risk of being taken. There are camo skins as well - I have on in a tree that you pretty much cant see unless you know its there.> Customer support is super decent. In the winter of 2018, one of my cams took on a green hue to the image when the temp went down to about 10 degrees outside. I emailed customer service explaining the issue and sent a screenshot and within 24 hours they asked me for the SN of the cam, and did a firmware update that fixed it. I was quite happy with that.CONS:> So while the batteries are awesome because the cams are so easy to move around and deal with... i blow through batteries. Fortunately, i just get 20 packs of AA's, but with 10 cams - even though Blink ~says~ batteries can last a year? it totally depends on usage. So we get LOTS of traffic on our front cams because we live in a busy area and have people walking past all day. I change out the batteries on every one of those front cams once a month. Granted - thats many hundreds of video captures and ideally, we should connect those cams to electricity somehow - that is an option with blink, but I dont mind changing batteries. On the cams in the back yard and side paths - I really can go once or twice a year changing those, except for the ones that catch a lot of foot traffic. So the battery usage is totally dependent on traffic. Personally - the cams are a big deal to me, so i dont mind it at all. Benefits totally outweigh the downsides.> The biggest difference between Blink and some other companies is that i see other people with hardwired cams that can catch EVERYTHING in a continuous fashion, for hours. like the surveillance videos you see online where the cam just happened to catch something happening down the street...Blink doesnt work that way. it only captures immediate video clips, triggered by motion activation. It does store all videos.. you can see something weird in your yard and look back through videos to find out what happened - but it isnt 24 hours of continuous video feed.> You can get gaps in your videos. So it can capture 1 minute of video at a time, but then it takes a small break before it starts capturing again, so if something is happening and its videotaping an event - it will record an entire minute of excellent footage - but then it takes a 5 second break before it starts recording again. that doesnt sound like a long time, and for security it's not normally an issue.. the average bad guy is in and out quickly.. but it is annoying that it takes 5 seconds to re-trigger. So.... 2 minutes of continuous video... but in the middle of that 2 minutes.. a 5 second break.OVERALL - Super high video quality... cams you can move around super easily... a very easy app... I love blink and the upsides far outweigh any downsides. I always recommend it to people when they ask. You can cover your entire house at a super affordable price, you dont need to be rich at all.. Our 3 year old cams are still as good as our brand new ones. The peace of mind the cams bring me is priceless. I know every single thing happening everywhere, all the time outside. The affordability made it possible so that nothing can ever surprise us.

Chiara tava num acordo de sexo com seu chefe Cael. Ela percebeu que o amava e ele não querendo nada com a dispensou. Achando que ela não ficaria feliz depois de terminar o acordo manda ela pra outra cidade. Ela puta da vida por ele não ser profissional com ela, pede demissão. Agora que tudo isso aconteceu Cael percebe que a ama e vai ter que lutar muito pra tê-la de volta depois de rejeitada ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Acho q a proposta desse livro é ser gostosinho , e o livro cumpre esse papel. E por isso merece 4 estrelas. Sinto que faltou apenas uma definição melhor dos personagens. Chiara é uma personagem incrível, que no início me encanta mais que ao longo do livro, ela começa com uma aparência forte, profissional, e até um pouco fria. Mas termina uma bobinha por culpa dos hormônios...Já Cael, apesar de ser dito, não passa uma imagem fria, impessoal... E apesar da relação CEO funcionaria, não temos uma ideia impressionante dele ser rico, gosto disso mas ao mesmo tempo sinto falta dessa marca. Mas vale muito a pena.

Chiara é doce, sonhadora, romântica.Cael é CEO gostosão e escroto.Mas ao longo da narrativa vão se acertando.O filho-gato da Chia é distração garantida.Uma leitura interessante. Um bom passatempo.Amei.Recomendo.

Doce, divertida, apaixonante.. uma história muito gostosa de ler! Nada intenso demais, só acho que ela ter engravidado foi o que destoou, foi um episódiodesnecessário.. seria legal ela se reconstruir e eles se reencontrarem novamente, e ele se descobrindo apaixonado apenas pela mulher incrível que ela era!

Amo os livros da Aline são sempre leves e muitas vezes divertidosÉ o caso deste amei a leituraComo sou romântica de carteirinha rsrs pra mim foi uma história que aqueceu meu coraçãoChia uma personagem forte e determinada q confesso q poderia ter deixado Cael penar um pouquinho mais por a ter rejeitadoMas no final ele acabou lutando e mostrando o quanto queria o perdão dela e o quanto a amavaUm ótima leitura

A história é maravilhosa, realmente sem palavras para descrever o amor dos dois, porém, se você veio nesse livro procurando um h0tzã0 de respeito, você não encontrará aqui, na verdade você não encontrará nada, e esse é o motivo de eu ter dado quatro estrelas, tirando isso a história é maravilhosa e já quero a história de Nina e Pablo na minha mesa.

Que história mais lindaaaa!Apaixonada por Cael e Chiara...O amor tudo supera, tudo perdoa...E que nossas vidas sejam feitas de TALVEZ🌹❤️Parabéns a autora Aline Pádua por essa história emocionante!Super recomendo a leitura.

Acabei de ler agora essa linda historia de amor ..A historia de Chiara e Cael ...Amei .. Como nao amar ????? Parabens a Aline de Padua ...E por favor Aline , quero o livro de Nina e da irmã de Cael .

This was a great solution for cruise (or other) travel. We stretched this diagonally from one corner of our cruise ship balcony to the top of the barrier wall and it held even on a windy day. I was able to hold my husband's trunks & tee shirt, my tankini top, swim shorts, a rash guard and even my water shoes at the same time. It really didn't take up much room in my bag, either.

We used this to hang out wet suits on a cruise and it was portable for the suitcase and easy to use in the bathroom of our cabin.

Exactly what I expected. Super easy to use, packs up great. We use it for little lightweight things like swim suits, socks, washcloths, etc. inside our RV. It will sag quite a bit...not sure I'd use it for heavier items like jeans or big towels. I haven't tried it outside might do great when stretched out more.

I combined this wonderful little clothesline with Amazon's "Champion Chamois Premium Synthetic Drying Chamois Cloth". I was able to do laundry overnight on a trip where I never spent more than one night in a city. The little stoppers that keep the clips separated at your desired interval or perfect to hang everything, but give some things a little more room. I hooked it on all kinds of things in the hotel room. It's really versatile and easy to put up and take down

I got this for a cruise this year and I’m loving it. It even comes in handy outside to hang the bathing suits. So versatile because it is a bungee.

Perfect for cruise and camping

I am a school teacher. Schools don’t like teachers making numerous holes in their classrooms; this product is great for displaying my student’s work/projects without the holes. I also use it as a make-shift clothesline. It is a no brainer when one product satisfies different needs.

This stretches so far and is very well made. It holds my laundry so it dries naturally. Saves us money on our electric bill.

What I like is the helpful hints that you get..

This is excellent as a low calorie treat!

Front cover came damaged.

Man, this book took a long time for me to finish! This happens every 4 years though; the US Presidential election cycle always consumes me no matter who is running.Anyways, on to the book! So I decided to pick this one because I wanted something totally out of left-field, a thing completely out of my comfort zone, and it also came highly recommended on some random-website suggesting books that would improve one's self. I'm happy to report that I enjoyed it nonetheless.In brief summary, The Intelligent Investor is about how to wisely invest in the stock market, written by a guy who survived The Great Depression and really learned a thing of two from the experience. Now, I'm not going to lie, about 25% of this book went too in-depth for me to absorb, but I caught that other 75% and I found it absolutely fascinating.On the whole, this is one long book that can be summed as "the best path to wealth in investing is patience, diligence, and avoiding mistakes." Essentially, Graham makes a strong argument that the stock market is going up and down all the time with a general upward trend from now to the end of days, so all you have to do is invest across the board, sit quietly, and let the funds roll in. I'm simplifying, but that's the basic premise. According to Graham, the hardest part about being an investor is remembering you can't predict the future and that you should be investing, not gambling.Sounds basic, right? And yet, The Intelligent Investor provides example after example after example of real life people in real life periods throughout history that made the gambler's error, and over the course of this book one begins to pick up the simple fact that common sense is not actually all that common. Oh, and interestingly enough, this book has quite the comical side, as the author throws around a fair bit of wit. Prepare to chuckle on occasion.I'd highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about investing in the stock market, but I really can't think of any other reason to read this book. It's a highly specialized piece of reading material (not that I expected any less) but it absolutely owns its area of expertise. I swayed between 4 and 5 stars on this one, but I ended up going with the 4 because the book is a tad dated and can run a bit dry in the details (that 25% I mentioned earlier). A commentary section is needed after each chapter to clarify/clear up what has changed since Graham first wrote this book, and I enjoyed that commentary often times more than the actual chapter itself. For that reason, I went the 4-star route, since I'm not allowed to give 4.5 or anything in between. Still an amazing work though!

Es una vergüenza. La mayoría de los libros hablan sobre el hipotiroidismo y este decía que hablaría del hipertiroidismo por eso lo compré. Revuelve cosas de uno y otro padecimiento, por ejemplo sugiere tomar algas y cosas con yodo, lo cual es peligroso para el hipertiroideo. Sugiere hervir las coles y similares porque si no inhiben la producción de hormonas tiroideas en el caso de hipotiroidismo, lo cual estaría bien para hipertiroidismo, no mencionado. Evitar el estrés y encontrar un buen médico holista que te haga examen de parásitos en heces, y ya, eso es todo el “libro” y 10 páginas de agradecimientos y registro de autor.

This is a wonderful series. I lost my originals and wanted to replace them. I seen the boxed set and checked which covers they have (It had the character drawings on them, which I adore. Not that the simplistic Free Magic symbols aren't nifty, but it's just my personal taste), and purchased. Obviously, hence the review.It's rich with a created world's history, and everything is so very easy to understand. This in no way takes away from the story but lets it fuel your imagination on the other little details.The series ties in together wonderfully. So if you read the first one and long more for the characters you might have gotten to favour, some of them are in the following books.There is a huge arcing plot that winds itself through all three books and it is stunning.If you can, pick up the book of short stories by Garth Nix - Across The Wall. It has another wonderful, and intensely thrilling short story.In all honesty, I love this series and have read it, then reread it and will continue to reread it. Just so much love for it.

Great series, I often find myself completely engrossed in the books and find it hard not to attempt reading through each book all in one sitting! The unique world that Garth Nix has crafted differentiates itself nicely from other fantasy realms. I only wish that I had been introduced to this series sooner!If you like the Harry Potter books, the Lord of the Rings, or really any of the popular Fantasy/Adventure series, these books are a must read.Now if only I could find myself a snarky talking Cat or a Disreputable Dog in real life!

Delivered fast and with a cover box so it looks neat and organized. I will enjoy re-reading this series ^^

One of the best series I have read! Love it!

Good quality, packaged well :)

fun read

One of the best book series I have ever read and I real a lot.

Amazing fiction

Awesome book. Should read it by everybody.

There are some principles in this book that should be clearly understood before investing. Follow those principles to the T and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t follow the principles and you will most assuredly lose money.

Oft considered the holy grail or investment Bible, this book is a must read for anyone interested in finance and/or investing. There a number of take-aways from this book. I've read it several times and found new things on the second or third read that I didn't notice the first time. Basically the market is mostly efficient but sometimes you can find deals. When you do, what you do is up to you. A "deal" is both subjective (to you) and objective (to everyone else). Also, there is a chapter on profolio allocation for the Bogleheads.

First rule : don’t loose money. 2nd rule: don’t loose money …Full of common sens. Very educative.Enduring excellent guide.

This book is really good for learning about investing and teaches some very useful things.

We have bought this mattress topper in various sizes for our bedrooms, and my daughter has upgraded to a larger bed where we are getting at again, she says it makes her bed so comfortable! We have an uncomfortable mattress in our guestroom that we dread getting rid of where we thought we could try a high-quality mattress topper before throwing it away… And it worked! The bed is so much more comfortable. It’s so soft and the quality is wonderful.

This is a very good mattress topper for the price. It appears thicker in the pictures than it actually is but it really does improve the sleeping surface of a low priced twin mattress we use it with.

It’s very easy to put on and it stays on . It’s helped my back discomfort which helps my sleep , so win win . Only thing I didn’t like was it smelled when first arrived but I was going to wash it before using anyways. So basically no complaints so far .

I got this for my kids bed which was incredibly uncomfortable! But after putting this on there I could possibly sleep in her bed now if I stayed in it that long. The cover took a couple hours to really get it's fluff on. But it's pretty great. I just recently purchased one for my bed.

Got this for my son’s twin mattress for extra cushion. Washes well and fits the bed with some extra space I guess to fit a XL twin bed.

It doesn’t help pain but it’s soft and semi comfortable.

Love it. Don’t even need a pillow now.

I was on an extended stay trip and needed something to soften the brand new mattress that was purchased for my room. The fact that it was 100% bamboo, with great reviews, at a great price, I decided to give it a try (out of all the other ones I researched). So glad I did! This has been the most comfortable topper ever! And I have purchased MANY toppers over the years--all more expensive and this one is exceptional. I do have back issues as well as hot flashes and I have been impressed with how well I sleep with this topper. I gave it a 4 ONLY because it is slightly shorter on the side edges of the mattress as others have pointed out, HOWEVER, who cares? Who sleeps on the very edge of the bed anyway?! It makes no difference and does not take away from the quality. Oh and there was NO odor at all! I have already convinced 2 other friends to order this topper! My only complaint is that I want to order one for MY own bed after my trip, but a Queen size is not available!

This is a must for any investor today.Its not an easy book to read for non financial people, or a rookie investor, but is one of the books you have to read more than once.

Mi nutrióloga me mandó consumir nueces de la india sin sal y resulta muy difícil conseguirlas porque casi todas vienen tostadas y con sal, lo cual no es bueno cuando estás a dieta. Estas nueces son perfectas para la dieta o snack saludable para toda la familia, especialmente los que tenemos sobrepeso.

El sabor me gusta para el que no puede comer con sal, no saben a rancio su calidad es muy buena.

Ne gustaron mucho, sabor suave, sin sal.

Producto fresco. Donde vivimos no hay Costco y es una excelente opción para no viajar.

Deliciosas 😋😋😋 las volvería a comprar

Venia completamente abierto el envase y por las reseñas que leí no es la primera vez qué pasa. Muy mal.

La verdad estoy muy decepcionada. El producto venía abierto y roto el sello. No se si le metieron mano y cómo fue que me lo mandaron así. No lo recomiendo esto es inaceptable y insalubre.

Graham's chapters are a helpful & clear financial read. However, there's additional author, Jason Zweig, who tries to vainly attempt to update the material. He doesn't write as well as Graham and; thus, muddies the investing water.

The quality and the way they pacakage for the book to not get damaged is incredible! I ordered 13 books from different places and this is the best delivery I had. Thank you!

Very informational on value investing. Some chapters have more relevancy than others. Not a "light" read.

A great book to ready but the prints are so small!

Quit the creative book good read, worth the investment into the book

The book "The Intelligent Investor" by Ben Graham is widely regarded as a classic in the field of value investing. The author's comprehensive approach to investing provides a foundation for those seeking to understand the principles of value investing. The book is considered a must-read for all investors, from novice to seasoned, who are looking to enhance their investment knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the stock market.In the book, Ben Graham introduces three key principles of value investing: the idea of "Mr. Market", a value-oriented and disciplined approach to investing, and the "margin of safety" concept. The "Mr. Market" concept refers to the idea that the stock market behaves like a casino, where the daily price changes can be unpredictable and volatile. The author argues that investors should not be swayed by these daily price changes and instead should only pay attention to the market price to the extent that it suits their investment strategy.Ben Graham also outlines several characteristics of "value" stocks, including stability of earnings, dividend record, and a moderate price to earnings ratio. These characteristics are still relevant today and are crucial for investors who are looking to identify potential investment opportunities in the stock market. The "margin of safety" concept is the idea that the investment should have a higher chance of profit than loss and the author recommends a diversified portfolio to minimize the risk of loss.The book contains a commentary and an epilogue by Warren Buffett, who is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors of all time. In his commentary, Warren Buffett emphasizes the importance of understanding the principles of value investing, and how they can change the way investors look at the world. The book has been summarized by the reviewer as an enjoyable and inspiring experience, and it provides a valuable and timeless guide for all investors.In conclusion, "The Intelligent Investor" by Ben Graham is a must-read for all investors, regardless of their level of experience. The author's comprehensive and timeless approach to investing provides a foundation for investors who are looking to enhance their investment knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the stock market. By incorporating the principles of value investing, investors can make informed decisions and have a better chance of achieving their investment goals.

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