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Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner struggling to recruit? Do you want to learn how to hire in any labor market and within any budget?

Small Business BIG RECRUITING will help you win the battles within the Talent War we're in. The pandemic changed everything and small business owners are struggling to recruit more than ever. This book will put you in a position of strength once again. You will have what you need to go out and not just compete with, but BEAT out the "big dogs" that we are losing the Talent War to at this time. This book will position you to go out and hire your championship team regardless of the labor market you're experiencing and all within your budget.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Why recruiting is the most important part of your business.
  • Insights on how to leverage the changes the pandemic caused us as small business owners.
  • How to locate top talent in any labor market.
  • How to land top talent in any labor market and within any budget.
  • Detailed instructions on how to interview candidates in a way that will drastically increase your ability to hire A players while in a competitive situation where the candidate may have multiple offers.
  • And more…

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The Reviews

Al is an excellent author, coach & business owner! If you are looking for sure fire ways to improve your recruiting process & experience success, you want to get this book.

This book is a must have! If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would ⭐️ Alex has a great knowledge of business strategies and he has created this book to give others tricks and tips of the trade! If you are a business owner and are looking for ways to make your business grow and succeed in a ever changing market this is the book for you!

I just ordered this book to help me in my career. I started reading the kindle version and decided I should have a hard copy as well. Al's advice just makes sense in this market and I can't wait to finish the book!

This book gives proven strategies to help you find not just competent workers but GREAT employees through continuous recruiting efforts. Alex shares his strategy for proven success in such an easy to understand concept.

Such a fresh and real perspective on how to successfully recruit and retain employees in todays labor market! 100% practical advice for any small business owner.

Absolute must have/read!!!! So much knowledgeable information and insight!!

If you are a business owner this book is a must have! When recruiting for your business you may not know where to start or what to look for in quality applicants, this book will answer all your question and send you in the right direction to fully staff a successful business.

Who doesn’t need help with recruiting and hiring in todays market? You definitely want to get a copy. He lays it out in such a simple, practical way that the light bulbs will be going off. He runs such a successful business and gives credit to having and maintaining a strong team! Thank you, Alex! I will be sharing with all my clients and friends.

This book has it all. I cannot believe how insightful it was and how much it relates to my own journey in recruiting. If I could rate it 100 stars I would. If you are looking to grow your recruiting strategies or just enhance what you already have in place, then this is the book for you. Order it ASAP!!!

If you want your business to be a success, I recommend reading this book. Not only does it help with recruiting for your business, but it also helps understand HOW TO recruit. It even goes into the struggle of post-covid!!

This is a great tool for business. In todays world you need to always be recruiting. You could be fully staffed one day and then the next be short staffed. But the quote on page 28 of the kindle version "What would your business look like if you were to upgrade the last seat?" really stuck out. You should always want to have your company full of A team players. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a business because its great advice no matter what season your company is in.

Alex is extremely knowledgeable and successful when it comes to business strategies and recruitment. Business owners that are hiring and looking to build a team in today's job market, this book is for you! Great information and tools to be successful!

This book is fantastic for business owners to implement into their business. It provides a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks to enhance your business strategies and grow your business without the stress of overworking yourself.Must read!!!!

⭐ 5.0 💛 29
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