Taxes, Assets & Heirs: Personal Wealth Management for Business Owners

by: Bill Hrapmann (0)

Only 30 percent of families maintain wealth through the third generation. You’ve spent a lifetime sacrificing and building wealth, and as you and your adult children grow older, you’ve begun to wonder: Will I be part of the 70 percent who fail, or among those who make it?

You fulfill a variety of roles as a business owner. But with all the time you’ve dedicated to building your business, have you considered the future of your personal wealth? Have you utilized all resources to ensure that your wealth is preserved?

Taxes, Assets & Heirs, wealth advisors Bill Hrapmann and Chad Hrapmann share the information you need to protect your business, your wealth, and your legacy. By providing some of the same insights they share with their clients, they help you save income taxes, navigate estate taxes, prepare family heirs, and facilitate open communication between all the professionals in your life. You’ve spent a lifetime creating this wealth—now learn how to keep it. This is your ultimate resource for minimizing risk, preserving long-term value, and ensuring that future generations reap the benefits of your hard work.
Taxes, Assets & Heirs: Personal Wealth Management for Business Owners
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