That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life: Creative Gatherings and Self-Care with the Cheese By Numbers Method

by: Marissa Mullen (0)

WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER ā€¢ A how-to guide for crafting beautiful and delicious cheese boards for entertaining and self-care, from the creator of the Cheese by Numbers method and the Instagram phenomenon That Cheese Plate

ā€œ[Marissa Mullen] takes the guesswork out of the coolest, most solid thing to bring to any party or potluck: the cheese platter.ā€ā€”Rachael Ray

With her gorgeous, showstopping cheeseĀ and charcuterieĀ boards, Marissa Mullen takes cheese to a whole new level. Her simple, step-by-step Cheese by Numbers method breaks the cheese plate down into its basic componentsā€”cheese, meat, produce, crunch, dip, garnishā€”allowing you to create stunning spreads for any occasion.
Ā  This beautifully designed book goes beyond preparation techniques. According to Mullen, cheese plates can be an important form of artistic self-care, like flower arranging or meditative coloring booksā€”but you can eat the results!
That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life celebrates the ways in which cheese brings people together, and how crafting a cheese plate can be aĀ calming,Ā creativity-bolstering act.

With fifty exquisite, easy-to-make cheeseĀ and charcuterieĀ plates, this book will teach you how to relax, enjoy, and indulgeā€” to find your cheesy bliss.

The Reviews

The author gives a solid foundation in her approach to making cheese plates and then provides lots of examples, all with illustrations and pictures, shopping lists, and instructions.

Great pictures and ideas

I bought this for my daughter as a gift and she uses it a lot.

This book was shown to me at a party and I immediately ordered it for my entertaining.

I love this book! Step by step instructions for creating the most stunning cheese plates/ charcuterie boards. Beautiful photography and pictures throughout. Brava!

My daughter loved this book. Beautiful pictures & inspiring

I bought another cheese board book on Amazon, ā€œCharcuterie Board Cookbook,ā€ and returned it the same day because of poor content and lousy photo quality. ā€œThat Cheese Plateā€¦ā€ is exactly what you need to build a prefect board. Photography is sharp, professional. Directions included for different shapes and sizes of platters, and complete description of cheeses, which cheese knives to use, meats and accompaniments. A+++++

I was going to give it as a wedding shower gift but I din't because i thought it was made to look to simplific.Like a how to cheese board for idiots lol. I kept it for myself as I love picture diagrams! but not far a gift to a young woman i do not know well and am only firends with her Mom. did not want her to feel insulted.

That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life: Creative Gatherings and Self-Care with the Cheese By Numbers Method
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