Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings (Mastery Series Book 1)

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Have you ever thought…

…about your thoughts?

Do you have a bias toward the negative?

Understanding how negative feelings and emotions work is the first step. Then we must learn how to reprogram those emotions and turn them around. A happier life is possible if you follow the steps.

This program works.

Over 100,000 copies sold.

It gives me a place to go to that makes me feel better about my present situation and gives me hope for the future.” - Kimberly

My biggest take away so far (I'm not yet finished with the entire book) is that I am NOT my emotions. Emotions come and I - I still am who I am!” - Itzel

You’ll learn:

  • 31 simple coping strategies
  • How to make your emotions work FOR you.
  • A formula to reprogram your mind
  • A free downloadable workbook, and much, much more!

The author was an introvert whose shyness kept him from getting the results in life he wanted. When he decided to devote his life to betterment, everything changed. This is his story and how he found joy.

It will be the blueprint for your transformation, too.

You’ll love this practical, no frills program, because the results are easy to achieve once you’ve decided to Master Your Emotions.

Get it now.

The Reviews

I’m a lifelong introvert and software developer. I’ve struggled in the past working with difficult people. This book helped me disassociate with certain narratives I’ve been telling myself for years (e.g. “my way is correct” or “so and so is detrimental to our team”). The mental gymnastics I’ve been playing for years has only succeeded on causing me suffering. Kudos to the author for his advice to “try to spend an entire week without complaining and see what happens” because “we become what we think about all day long”

I've read many of Thibaut Meurisse's books, but this one is probably my favorite. I think that too many people fail to understand their own emotions and how they motivate them through life. The world would certainly be a better place if we all had a better understanding of what is actually driving us forward in life, and why. We should question why we desire the things we do, and if acquiring them actually benefits us in any real and positive way. This book breaks down the human ego and emotions in an easy to understand fashion, blending psychology and philosophy with steps you can take to improve your life, starting today. Read it, it'll make you a better person. And isn't that what we all came here for?

I originally purchased the Kindle version however, after I got about a third of the way through the book, I returned to order a paperback copy to keep. I love this book! Thibaut Meurisse isn't just helping me with some troubling thought-emotional connections but also helped me understand in a very easy to grasp way what having attachments actually means and why it is not healthy. (Attachment isn't love, it is identifying with a thought for example that then causes you to become attached to it through identifying. Making it personal and trying to analyze it.) I am so thankful I found this book and its author! 🙏💗🕉️ Namaste!

I love purchasing self help/improvement books so much that at times, I feel that they can be repetitive ,so I start skimming through the book and before I know it- I’ve read “most”of the book. Master Your Emotions was a book that I chose based on amazon reviews and , without a doubt, I loved it and read from cover to cover The author reviews emotions that can hold us back and how we can improve. It was exactly what I was looking for in this period of my life and I hope to purchase another book to give as a gift. I will surely look into the books that were referenced in the book and purchase other books that were written by the author. Thank you Thibaut Meurisse!

I thought that this book was an okay read.I have read a variety of other self-help books and I did like how this one is more clean cut and to the point, not wordy at all. But that is also the draw back. There is a lot of white space in the book. The actual reading of the book (not the printed step-by-step workbook at the end) is 184 pages. I feel like a lot of the answers you could google on the internet and learn there, but it is nice that it’s all complied in a book. So those are my thoughts. I like how you can tell the author has read many other books because he takes snip-its from well-known books. All of the principles he mentions are the basics / principles of self-help books. I would say this would be a great starter for someone beginning to read self-help books because it has all of the basics. Another suggestion is to change the look of the front cover so it’s more appealing.Overall, I give it 3 stars.

The author writes clearly without the “ Mumbo jumbo” of some other books I have read. He gives straightforward reasons why we do what we do, and ways of controlling our negativity. You will learn more from this book than a Psych 101 in college!

Well written in an easy to read style. Also, I found it very informative. The chapter on the ego was interesting and different in this type of book. So was,the chapter on how Dopamine affects the brain was good. How emotions are formed and letting them go are also covered. Informative and enjoyable.

Once again---touted as the 'holy grail' yet, I can't even get past the first 5 pages! I have decided that 'self-help' books are ONLY about helping the person who WROTE the book to have a better life....kind of ticks me off. If I had a nickel for every 'help' book-- I could happily live in France. I honestly just want a decent book that spells it out simply and honestly! How hard is that? Apparently TOO HARD.

This is hands down one of my new favorites! I couldn’t put it down. Any free time I had, it was in my hands. This book is full of so much knowledge on how to properly feel/work through all the emotions. I’m so grateful I stumbled across this on a podcast from someone that recommended it on School of greatness.I can’t wait to purchase more of Thibauts books. Beautifully written and so easy to read. I will forever recommend this book to everyone!Thank you!

Not too much I didn't like.I've read similar books in the past ! A great book.A doctor or I should say a psychiatrist told my mother something during a phone conversation. I was in a psychiatric ward in a facility three thousand miles away from my home ..Buffalo,Newyork.Mrs. Surncey your son Clifford has suffered from what we call an Emotional Episode. When I was younger i been enjoyed watching soap operas.The Young and the Restless and of course now instead of General The VA hospital

Love this book it’s easy to understand and practical. I feel this book is one for our library ;where we can always re-read when we get caught up in life and forget about ourselves and what really is important for our own emotional well-being.

I like the fact that it's an easy read and makes so much sense . Very thought provoking. It makes you want to examine your motives and emotions.

I honestly believe that my emotions control me with this book has helped me control my emotions. The workbook is in the back of the book it is very helpful to keep track of what you were reading

This book is an easy read with actionable sets to implement into one’s daily life. The suggestions in this book are assessable, they make sense to help a person navigate the tough times.

For the most part this was an easy to read, well put together book. I found it helpful in my process of learning to deal with my emotions and not taking things personally. The place I got lost was the chapter on Enneagram. It was too confusing without knowing which number I was. It also felt forced and not this authors natural flow. However that aside I felt it was an excellent addition to my healing process.

The author spoke to me on various topics which made me reevaluate how I respond emotionally. I am hopeful to use these techniques in my daily routine.

What i liked about this book is that it gave me the ability to really understand the emotions I feel. This book taught me that do not take emotions serious and they are not me , just the person experiencing the emotion. That made me feel ALOT better about the emotions I feel on a day to day basis. The work book at the end of the book helped me to better organize my thoughts and emotions and to better understand why I Feel the way I feel day to day.

This book provides some interesting viewpoints into the mind and how our emotions shape our behavior. I definitely enjoyed it!

I listened to the audio book on youtube and knew that it would be a great help for me on my healing journey, so I purchased the physical book. I am only about 1/4 of the way through reading the book and I have highlighted a good chunk of it so far. I love that there are exercises to help you dig a bit deeper because I am new to feeling my feelings, so it is a genuine struggle for me. I am very grateful and overjoyed to have found this book!

This booked helped me in a time in my life when I was very emotional and let negative thoughts control me. It helped me have a better understanding of how those emotions don't have to affect me daily.

This book is written very well I would rate it 5 stars as I feel it is an excellent book for anyone to read.The knowledge you will gan from it will benefit you greatly.Dave

Gave me some very important thoughts to consider.And many exercises to work on. Very good book to read and study.

The author definitely told me about myself with this book lol. I learned so much about how I let my emotions consume me and I’ve lost control. I will definitely be rereading this so I can use the workbook that goes with the book. Highlyyyyyyyyyyy recommend

It really helps to get back on track. There are many inspirational and eye opening examples and feeling close to the cases exposed, make it easier to understand the point and change the lifestyle.

Recently I came to the realization that my emotions CONTROL my life. I tried growing by myself and didn’t believe I was taking the right steps. After reading this book, I feel validation with myself , courage, motivation, potential to achieve anything I believe in.

Broken down into easily digestible sections, with tasks to help you get the most out of the reading.I will certainly come back to this book for references.

Very nice book I learned a lot and thank the writer for their words of wisdom and encouragement. Good job

I really enjoyed this book. Great information, advice and support information. The author also allowed for 15% of content as notes. I recommend this book highly as a means to understanding and working with emotions. So glad I found it!

Definitely worth a minute to read. It definitely opened my eyes to a few things I struggle with as well as some things my boyfriend struggles with. I'm definitely going to have a more open mind about my emotions.

I have emotionally immature parents and realizing that I do need some emotional maturity on my part. The book helped me with understanding my feelings and helping me identify why I feel the way I do. Will be reading it again. Thank you for this

Dear Meurisse,I just finish reading " Master Your Emotion". What a great book. I recommended this book to lots of my friend. This is very helpful, especially, controlling our emotion and what other people think of us dose not matter.I only thing I have a hard time is, the book so good with lots of great details which makes it little tough to remember.Thank you

I highly recommend this book. The information here is timeless and can be applied to personality. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series

This is a great guide to help you over the emotional stumbling blocks we all face in this life. There is a chapter and exercise for everyone. I know I will refer to it often.

Great nuggets of wisdom. The narrative is easy to understand and digest. The structure though was a bit convoluted IMO. Still a great read.

His workbook is good to have in hand when going through this book, noticed there are one or two sections missing in the workbook he asks for you to complete. Otherwise interesting book and a great read.

I liked that any person can relate to this book. I gave it five stars because of its effective teachings, I recommend this book to someone who wants to be very productive.

This book was so good! Such an easy read! So practical! I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and this gave me some great tips with detailed info on how to apply to your daily life. I love that it gave examples because sometimes you know what needs to be done but not how to implement it into your life.I’ll definitely revisit this often. I’ve created some new habits to hold myself accountable! This will definitely be something I mention when asked about books that truly helped me.

There were a lot of great pointers in this book, and the supplementary material along with the practice exercises helped to open up a completely new outlook for me on being in charge of myself, identifying what my triggers are, and working towards goals of self-improvement.

This book really goes in depth of emotions, how they work, how we view them, and so much more. If you're wanting a more positive outlook on life, or you just want to better understand your own emotions, this book is great. It really opened my eyes to how I was feeling, why I was feeling, and really gave me a completely different perspective on my whole situation. This is especially a great book if you aren't doing well mentally. This helped me understand more about myself and has taught me so many different points when it comes to human emotion. I'm not too fond of reading, but I wanted to understand myself a little better. I've been reading it over a period of time, reading when I feel down and I continue to learn more about myself. 10/10 would recommend.

This book has been a great book to understand where I was at in many topics or sense of understanding. I truly recommend it for someone who is willing to open their mind and understand it in different angles and views. Practicing, seeing and recognizing; the will to start understanding,comprehending. It’s just great. Truly recommend it even to read it again.

This is a good assessment of how to cope with your emotions. As a religious concept we ask you to take it to the alter, lay down what hurts, don't pick it back up. Prayer and coversation with others can also rid negativity.

I have teenagers and they can be very emotional and so I picked this book up and found that I am emotional. We are all emotional. We have to better understand our emotions and know how to deal with them if we are to have healthy relationships. This is another vitally important topic that should be taught in school

Very interesting and helpful. Easy to read (not overly complicated). Practical advice. Although I have not gotten the workout companion book I still enjoyed the exercises after each section.

Lots of info but easy to read and understand. I will definitely be rereading this book and more by this author.

For those who experience repetitive, destructive thoughts, this book shows you how to disengage from this damaging habit! I had many light bulbs go off from the ideas presented in this book. Added bonuses is that the author provides an arsenal of tools to help one respond in more productive manners.

I found this book informative and helpful. It provided good advice and suggestions. I would recommend to friends and family.

I read this book to learn how to acknowledge and control my emotions and grow from them. Very insightful book. It is also a good book to get you back on the path of being motivated and being the person you want and choose to be! To reestablish the meaning of your life!

Easy to understand and shift your mindset about emotions. Loved it

This book really goes in depth of emotions, how they work, how we view them, and so much more. If you're wanting a more positive outlook on life, or you just want to better understand your own emotions, this book is great. It really opened my eyes to how I was feeling, why I was feeling, and really gave me a completely different perspective on my whole situation. This is especially a great book if you aren't doing well mentally. This helped me understand more about myself and has taught me so many different points when it comes to human emotion. I'm not too fond of reading, but I wanted to understand myself a little better. I've been reading it over a period of time, reading when I feel down and I continue to learn more about myself. 10/10 would recommend.

He has very good tips on how to move forward from your own negativity. I look forward to reading his other books.

Great read!! This book couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Definitely worth reading. On to the next.

The writer has well explained the concept of emotions. The book gives good instructions on how to turn negative emotions to your advantage

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I loved how to book was short enough, but every page felt valuable and every bit of information felt necessary.

Hands down the best self-help book I have ever read! It touched on so many topics that I was dealing with. I have underlined-highlighted and ear marked nearly every page. I wish I could hug the author and say thank you! My life was turned upside down last year. This book will give me the confidence to change everything around in 2023! Thank you so much

I would recommend this book for people who want to understand how to control there emotions. This has definitely gave me some guidance on what to do when it comes to emotions.

So far so goood. Happy i chose to purchase this book. Its very informative. I also enjoy doing the exercises after reading a chapter. He breaks everything down he’s writing about. Will be looking forward to purchasing more of this author books

Really enjoyed the book, I'll always remember I'm not my emotions. This book informs you of slot of information and you can get a work Book.

Just buy it ! I promise you it’s worth it!

If you have a problem with emotion or want to change yourself to be better person, this book can help!

This is the first book I have read about how to understand and deal with emotions. I am happy to know that they don't describe who I am but help to shape who I am meant to be. This book has taught me how I can implement emotions to my advantage than letting them control me. I am now at the driver's seat not my emotions. That makes happy. I thank God and tge writer of this wonderful book for that insight Thank you for writing this book.

Must read for those who might want to better comprehend themselves and work on those opportunities that keep them from moving forward in life.

Master Your Emotions book opened my eyes to the very thing we share over our lifetime: Emotions. You will learn a lot from this book.

I haven’t finished reading but si far great information

Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings (Mastery Series Book 1)
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