Stop Overthinking: 23 Techniques to Relieve Stress, Stop Negative Spirals, Declutter Your Mind, and Focus on the Present (The Path to Calm)

by: Nick Trenton (0)

Overcome negative thought patterns, reduce stress, and live a worry-free life.

Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness. Don't get stuck in a never-ending thought loop. Stay present and keep your mind off things that don't matter, and never will.

Break free of your self-imposed mental prison.

Stop Overthinking is a book that understands where you’ve been through,the exhausting situation you’ve put yourself into, and how you lose your mind in the trap of anxiety and stress. Acclaimed author Nick Trenton will walk you through the obstacles with detailed and proven techniques to help you rewire your brain, control your thoughts, and change your mental habits.What’s more, the book will provide you scientific approaches to completely change the way you think and feel about yourself by ending the vicious thought patterns.

Stop agonizing over the past and trying to predict the future.

Nick Trenton grew up in rural Illinois and is quite literally a farm boy. His best friend growing up was his trusty companion Leonard the dachshund. RIP Leonard. Eventually, he made it off the farm and obtained a BS in Economics, followed by an MA in Behavioral Psychology.

Powerful ways to stop ruminating and dwelling on negative thoughts.

-How to be aware of your negative spiral triggers-Identify and recognize your inner anxieties-How to keep the focus on relaxation and action-Proven methods to overcome stress attacks-Learn to declutter your mind and find focus

Unleash your unlimited potential and start living.

No more self-deprecating talk. No more sleepless nights with racing thoughts. Free your mind from overthinking and achieve more, feel better, and unleash your potential. Finally be able to live in the present moment.

Live a stress-free life and conquer overthinking -- BUY NOW.

The Reviews

One thing I didn't like and a whole lot that I did. The first chapter is pretty wonky, listing the sources of anxiety, the effects of anxiety, and some basic psychological stuff. If you've read many self-help books, this will seem like a review. That changes with Chapter 2 and following, which focus on real strategies for reducing anxiety, time management, and basic meditation and visualization techniques. and other coping strategies. This is the type of book that you may find yourself coming back to when you need to destress. Well written. Recommended.

Who's guilty of overthinking? I sure am. Read this book because it said it'd help people with reducing stress and focusing on what's important. Glad to say it truly did. I learned tactics on how to declutter my mind and be aware of when the overthinking patterns start - and how to stop them.I'm glad to say that I'm sleeping better at night these days because of reduced stressors in my life. Glad to see the scientific approaches in the book as well. Recommended to all the overthinkers I know!

Wow. I haven't even made it halfway through this book and I feel very called out haha! I see a lot of the things I do when it comes to overthinking and this books hits the nail on the head. Gives great examples and ways to overcome overthinking and is a very encouraging and uplifting book!As someone who is trying to be a better girlfriend and not overthink 24/7 this book is helping tremendously. I can already see the improvements I am making. So to anyone who wants to overcome can do it!!!

Terrible formatting of text, especially the charts! Who allowed this to be printed so poorly? You have to stretch the book open along its spine to read it since the text isn’t centered on the page. No wonder the author’s photo isn’t on the back cover.

WHO edited and published this?!!! There were formatting, punctuation and grammatical errors throughout the book. It was painful to even attempt to read.As an ANCC Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health master's prepared nurse I found this book (if you can even call it that) utterly disappointing. I was hoping I could utilize the tools found to share with clients and co-workers. I won't.The content is written like a Wikipedia page. There isn't an element of originality to be found. The title reads, "23 Techniques to Relieve Stress..." yet I was hard pressed to find those 23 techniques listed in the table of contents.I attempted to determine who published it and *surprise* there was no publisher listed. I couldn't believe this would pass any publisher's standards. Perhaps it was self published? Given the sloppiness and lack of attention to detail I could/would not recommend this to anyone. The quality lends nothing to the author's credibility or professionalism. I would be horrified to have such garbage tied to my name and reputation. I will be sending it back.

Very basic and surface discussion of several already well known techniques without any supporting evidence or details. Also full of spelling and grammar mistakes that kept pulling me out of the text.

I was hoping for new insight, but got a lot of common techniques that can be found on the web. Very disappointed.

Great book. Lots of good ideas for less anxiety.

I purchased this book through Kindle which I find is much easier to read as I often flip back a page or 2 to re-read. I’m a classic on what the cover applies. It’s why I purchased it. Obsessive thoughts & worrying have been with me for as long as I can remember. I feel genetics is a factor for some, others are life experiences & just who I became as an adult. After going through cancer these issues became worse even though I recovered. I didn’t recover emotionally. I had my Son & the worrier as a Mother kicked in. Before I knew it the stress management I had in place caved & anxiety was a a daily fight. I still fight it. I’m more equipped now in coping with it in working with a Psycholgist & specifically focusing on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). This practice has changed a lot for me in a positive way. I’m always a sucker for books on these topics & always looking for guidance from a different perspective. I’m glad I purchased this book. The 1st chapter I scanned as it’s a lot of explaining of what these mental health conditions are. Chapter 2 gets into the thick of things where I particularly liked “The 4 A’s of Stress Management.” As he states “all you need to remember is four techniques: avoid, alter, accept and adapt. I found this to be very useful to me. It writes a hard to approach topic(s) & breaks them down so it’s so easy to understand. This writing continued throughout the entire book. He breaks it down with an easy way to understand & begin an approach to apply it to your life. I’ve learned meditation is an awesome way to provide TLC to myself on a daily basis & it improves my overall mental health at the sane time as well as so many other amazing benefits. His “The 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique” is similar to the way meditation gets started & it can be applied when your not meditating. He does an awesome job describing how to use this technique. Learning how to manage my time has helped me with procrastination. He cites theories but again makes it easy to read. The chapter on Setting SMART Goals truly teaches one-of course putting what you read into action- not to set goals which will lead to failure. Each letter is SMART serves a purpose I’ll remember. I liked “How to find instant zen” the best. Don’t we all wish for that. Again how he presents in actually achieving it made me feel, I can do this~ really! Again meditation is brought into play here as he focuses on the breath process of inhaling & exhaling which we all do. What’s important is paying attention to it more often. I could continue on & on with the rest of his book but the rest doesn’t disappoint. I ended the book feeling more confident in being able to manage my obsessing thinking, my stresses & my anxiety in check. I read portions of the book to my Psychologist in one of my sessions & she applauded his writings. The book was very much worth what I paid. If you are an over thinker I feel you would benefit from this book. I do recommend it!

I like that this books is filled with strategies that are actionable and not just concepts with no real way to start. The book is clear and concise and is a quick read. There are also summaries at the end of each chapter, as well as a guide at the end with all the strategies. I am giving four stars because it would be helpful to have more examples of how to apply some of the techniques. I feel like some of them were explained more so than others.

What an amazing book. I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with over thinking. The idea or reprogramming your thoughts is such a great idea. I am looking forward to a change that will help me grow and enjoy life!!

I am a chronic over thinker but I also value living a healthy full life. I struggle every day with anxiety, depression, and stress. The best way I can explain it is that I am standing on the outside of a window looking in at myself realizing how ridiculous I may be, but I am never able to do anything about it. After reading this book, I know that is not the case. We are in control and by focusing on the positives we can retrain our minds. I have started implementing some of these tools in my life, and I am already seeing results. I definitely recommend reading and absorbing the information in this book.

Liked the practical application.

The book gives great ideas to help control anxiety. I’d recommend this book to anyone with anxiety or over thinking.

This was a slow read for me. The author’s concepts on overthinking brought many of my past perceptions into the light. Everything here is doable.

Useful techniques I can practice immediately to stop overthinking and have a more peaceful mind. A very good book I'm going to recommend to my family and friends

I have not made time to thoroughly try all the techniques. But I was able to finish the book in about a week. So if that says one thing to me I was able to finish it! Sometimes I get a book like this and it is very hard to read either out of boredom or lack of interest. But it presents often common ideas in a clear way. (what do they say… Common sense is not always common practice) Anyway if you feel highly anxious/stressed or feel like you are overthinking then this book may have just the nuggets you are looking for. I am going to read “Soundtracks” next which is by another author but seems like a different approach to the same themes. May update review after reading that.


Interestingly the book utilized a lot of perceptions on known things but gives them in a better detail to learn them further, which is the exact point of it , if you want to develop yourself further it will give you the tools

Very smart, logical and almost obvious, but good reasoning AND helpful too.

I’m really glad I came across this book. I felt like the author really hit the nail on the head.

Marvelous book and brings the point home. Just READ it! You won’t be disappointed.

Endlessly living in the past or fearing the future makes us all unhappy and stressed. The author clearly outlines these false thoughts, with clear steps to live a happier life. Highly recommend... will reread on a regular basis.

Loved this book! I feel like i really gained some great techniques to stop overthinking before i get too carried away!

I found this book after I had gone far in my journey to eliminate anxiety, stress and over thinking in my life. This book was like an excellent summary of the techniques I learned by reading several sources focused on eliminating perceived fears, focusing on what I can control and living in the now. I have recommended it to others I think it could really help. It's important to know your emotions are valid, but to not allow them to control you. This book puts forth several techniques for this that worked for me.

As a chronic overthinker who suffers from ADD, OCD (wanting to control my relationships with others and how others view me), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder this book really helped me to see what I was doing and how to see when I was heading towards the path of overthinking which turned into full on anxiety or panic attacks. It helped me to be able to control my thoughts better and ask myself beneficial questions to get through these episodes.

I took a gamble and purchased this book. I was pleasantly surprised with the professional advise and techniques offered in the book. Personally, I found the book very helpful and highly recommend it!

This a quick read packed with helpful, actionable ideas and solutions. I did not prefer the formatting, but I did like the chapter and full scope synopsis notes. This a short book that is worth revisiting as you journey through acknowledging and redirecting overthinking.


I really enjoyed reading this book and found the suggestions extremely useful and easy to apply. One of the few books that I've read that seems to make perfect sense. Not technical or data heavy, just really relatable. Loved it!

The book is well written and helpful. The grammatical and spelling errors are frequent and sad. If someone was paid to edit this book, they need to refund that money!

We all have anxiety and this book has advice on how to identify and manage it. It is practical advice , easily applied to our everyday life.

A lot of good tips and techniques in this book that are good for personal development and transformation including with clients.

This book gives information and examples for those of us who “overthink” things. Very helpful.

Very good steps to process your daily thoughts and everyday common stressors.Looking forward to putting to good use.Recommend

I liked the technics presented in the book, however at some parts get a little monotonous.Nevertheless, I recommend reading this for everyone that tends to be anxious, ruminate and stressed for pretty much everything.It is a good starting point and what it teaches is easy and simple to read (always is harder to apply)

Overthinking what to write in this review...

I Have been looking in to reading more books that help with my confidence and my mental health, as someone who had been experiencing anxiety almost daily. I can confess to using 2-3 of these methods and I've noticed a wonderful change in my mindset by reading just the first quarter of the book. It will help you if you give it a chance and commit. Only if you want that help for yourself.

This book goes in details on how to help cope with over thinking which can lead to numerous health problems. The most important take away I received from this book is some simple exercises or reminders that it is best to focus on what you as the individual can control versus things you can’t.

Not bad but very repetitive. Anyways it gives a lot of techniques that might help you. 4 out of five.

I am an overthinker from way back. I have always known it and simply accepted the fact that I was going to live my life as an anxious person. This book certainly helps puts things in perspective. It provides multiple realistic and relatively easy techniques for addressing anxiety and overthinking. They make it clear that nothing works immediately, but that practicing and eventually mastering the techniques mentioned will put you well on your way to understanding and accepting your emotions and thoughts for what they are, and move past what they shouldn't be. I have already started using some of the techniques provided, most useful for me being the 5 senses technique as well as taking a step back, mentally, and allowing the thoughts and emotions to happen an evaluating them. Though I am still currently pretty baseline anxious, I have been able to understand and assess the situations or thoughts that occur that cause me to become so and have stared taking steps towards correcting those mindsets and triggers thanks to this book.

I really wanted to get a lot out of this book, but it was just too boring for me. I could not get through more than 40 pages. If now just sits in my work back starring at me. I know that I overthink which is why I purchased this book. The layout of it though, is not direct and to the point. It was too hard to follow and keep me intrigued.

This book was recommended to me by my therapist as another tool to help me learn ways to slow down my thoughts and weed out some of the intrusive thoughts that can clutter my mind. I had recently experienced the loss of my father and some trauma of being an involved caregiver in his final days and I needed help sorting things out. Although this book alone did not do everything for me, it was another great tool that helped. Lots of ideas of things you can do that may help a cluttered and busy mind. I found it helpful.

I over think PLENTY, so the what initially drew me to this book. The methods discussed herein are easy to grasp and the examples are very relatable to anyone who has ever felt their world spinning out of control but might not understand what role their own mind has in the process. This is a quick that I believe could benefit pretty.much anyone.

Good book and arrived very fast!

Great book I usually don’t review but this one helped me out a lot. Had my husband read right after!

The initial pages of the first chapter embodied exactly what I go through sometimes. I look forward to finishing this book and understanding a bit more about what could help me or others.

Stop Overthinking: 23 Techniques to Relieve Stress, Stop Negative Spirals, Declutter Your Mind, and Focus on the Present (The Path to Calm)
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