Nation of Victims: Identity Politics, the Death of Merit, and the Path Back to Excellence

by: Vivek Ramaswamy (0)

The New York Times bestselling author of Woke Inc. makes the case that the essence of true American identity is to pursue excellence unapologetically and reject victimhood culture.

Hardship is now equated with victimhood. Outward displays of vulnerability in defeat are celebrated over winning unabashedly. The pursuit of excellence and exceptionalism are at the heart of American identity, and the disappearance of these ideals in our country leaves a deep moral and cultural vacuum in its wake.
  But the solution isn’t to simply complain about it. It’s to revive a new cultural movement in America that puts excellence first again.
  Leaders have called Ramaswamy “the most compelling conservative voice in the country” and “one of the towering intellects in America,” and this book reveals why: he spares neither left nor right in this scathing indictment of the victimhood culture at the heart of America’s national decline.

Following the success of his instant bestseller
Woke Inc., Ramaswamy explains in his new book that we’re a nation of victims now. It’s one of the few things we still have left in common—across black victims, white victims, liberal victims, and conservative victims. Victims of each other, and ultimately, of ourselves.
  This fearless, provocative book is for readers who dare to look in the mirror and question their most sacred assumptions about who we are and how we got here. Intricately tracing history from the fall of Rome to the rise of America, weaving Western philosophy with Eastern theology in ways that moved Jefferson and Adams centuries ago, this book describes the rise and the fall of the American experiment itself—and hopefully its reincarnation.

The Reviews

the victim makes a demand of those around them.”Vivek Ramaswamy’s new book, “Nation of Victims”, is full of bold, common sensible statements like this, found in his opening chapter. He goes on to give personal examples, well know public examples and trace the history of racial victimization. The careful inquiry of Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson’s concubine/slave, shows how presenting the totality of a story can change the significance completely. We must not cancel our history no matter how unpleasant it is. By reading the whole story, Sally moves from rape victim slave to ferocious mother, hero negotiator and emancipator in waiting; quite the difference and one currently not leaned by students because of CRT.Vivek makes a strong case that looking for reparations is feeding the victim mentality. His chapter on CRT should be read by everyone who has children, is thinking about having them or cares about our education system. Here again, he traces this subject from its earliest historical manifestation; extremely informative.Everyone is taken to task in this book. Ramaswamy is a straight shooter and calls foul to conservatives and liberals equally. His mission is to inspire citizens to desire excellence and a spirit of national pride once again. Victim mentality has permeated philosophy, become a way of life and made for lazy people. Physical labor has almost disappeared for outsourcing, eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs from middle America. We need to take back American pride, not import some low quality/cost stuff on a freighter with all the intendant issues.How we accomplish this is an interesting discussion by Vivek. He looks at Roman history and the parallels to contemporary America are amazing. That’s why we shouldn’t cancel history. We need to learn from the good parts and the bad making sure to emulate where appropriate and avoid the same.Vivek gets very personal sharing about Hindi beliefs of reincarnation and applying them to remaking our nation. It’s obvious how much he cares and that this is more than just 70K words in a book. This is a well tho’t out book that’s reasoned, fair, provoking and causing me to ponder. His ideas on raising taxes after death on the Uber rich are pure genius.Make a demand of yourself. Bring an open mind to this book. Read it, share it and pray to restore our country back to meritocracy and excellence📚

Wow! I did not think Vivek’s next book would be as good as Woke Inc. It was better!! He’s quickly growing into a prominent thought leader in America. I’m sure there is more to come.

more junk

Yet another substance-less, opportunistic, culture war stoking book from Ramaswamy.

So insightful and honest!

Great book to understand the characteristics of victimhood and the foundation of woke culture — and how some individuals weaponize resentment to perpetuate a preferred critical narrative….

Vivek is one of the most important thinkers America has to offer today. This works is no different in that regard than his previous works. People are responsible for taking ownership of their own lives. This should not be a controversial idea. But in a nation where everyone is a victim and the State is savior, it is tantamount to heresy.

Nation of Victims: Identity Politics, the Death of Merit, and the Path Back to Excellence
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