You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why

by: Eric Thomas PhD (0)

You Owe You is full of insight and guidance for those seeking their inner selves.”—MICHAEL B. JORDAN
No matter your story or your struggle, Eric Thomas—celebrated motivational guru, educator, and problem-solver to many of the top athletes and business leaders—will “help you work harder, discover your real motivation, and crack the code of enduring success” (Ed Mylett, #1 bestselling author of The Power of One More)

If you feel like success is for others, that only certain people get to have their dreams fulfilled, Eric Thomas’s
You Owe You is your wake-up call. His urgent message to stop waiting for inspiration to strike and take control of your life is one he wishes someone had given him when he was a teenager—lost, homeless, failing in school, and dealing with the challenges of being a young Black man in America.

Once he was able to break free from thinking of himself as a victim and truly understand his strengths, he switched the script. And now, with this book, Thomas reveals how you, too, can rewrite your life's script. With support, he recognized that his unique gift is being able to capture the attention of all kinds of people in all kinds of settings—boardrooms, locker rooms, churches, classrooms, even the streets—thanks to his wealth of experiences and command of language. Today, Thomas considers himself blessed to speak to an audience that is as large as it is diverse, from the rich and famous to kids struggling in school to young men in prison hoping for a new start.

Thomas’s secrets of success have already helped hundreds of thousands on their journey, but this is his first guide to show you how to start today, right now. These critical first steps include deeply understanding yourself and the world around you, finding your why, accepting that you may have to give up something good for something great, and constantly stretching toward your potential. No matter where you are on your journey toward greatness, you owe it to yourself to become fully, authentically you. And Eric Thomas’s
You Owe You can help get you there.

The Reviews

Eric Thomas is truly so amazing. So excited for this book coming out. He has had such an impact on my life (24 y/o), truly has helped get me thru the worst season of my life when I was 15 years old. My mom passed and I got put in foster care/moved around after telling my family I was molested by my uncle, etc and he truly helped get me thru the worst season of my entire life. Such a lifelong impact and this book is nothing short of!!! Very blessed to have an influence like Eric Thomas. I am known by my friends and family as one of the most motivated, inspirational and I can’t even express the gratitude I have to ET and the impact he’s had on my life, mindset, spiritual being, etc. Forever grateful and thankful of his influence on me. Definitely gon head n awaken your purpose even further n purchase this book!!

As a young man doing my best to raise a family, Eric Thomas has been a STAPLE in my life for almost a decade. Without ever meeting this man, he has profoundly impacted my life. His content helped me see the beauty and fragility in my wife and kids, essential for a loving husband. His authenticity, relatability, humbleness, fervour, and candor gives me a deep reverence for this awesome person. Please do not miss your opportunity to learn from this book, you will be surprised how YOU look at YOU! Eric Thomas helped me unleash the LION inside myself and shed bondage. I could write a book literally about how ETA, S2S, Breathe U and APOC deeply affected my life for almost a decade. It brings me to tears because of the fact that his work was instrumental in my willingness to live and thrive. Through the ups and downs in life, without a doubt I could depend on Eric, Dede Thomas and family's beautiful works to get me back on track for years. So much love. Until we meet E!Thank you!Bobby Harris Jr.

Man you think you know the story and then E drops more stories and knowledge like never before. Beyond blessed and highly recommend.

This book is simply the standard for success. Since reading it. I have completely enhanced my life, found my why and increased my earnings. Dr. Thomas highlights the importance of being intentional in going after whatever it is you seek. If you are looking to turn it up a notch, hit rock bottom or even already on top of your game this book will still help you find the better you.

Another Amazing book from the #1 Motivational Speaker. Get a highlighter and sit with this book… your life will change for the better

This book is truly special and a gift to the world!!!

Love this book! Transparent, real and life changing!!

Eric Thomas has made such an amazing impact on the world! This book is just another imprint that he has blessed us with to help take us to the next level. If you are ready to take your business, life, and family to the next level you need to read YOU OWE YOU! You owe it to yourself to be at your best and this is the blueprint to freeing yourself up from anything holding you back. I promise you won't be disappointed! GO 120!

Couldn't wait to get this book. Jumped right into it and have a hard time putting it down. ET has always been the real deal, happy to hear he turned my favorite YouTube video into a book. I watch the video so much my kids know it verbatim 😆 Looking forward to finishing this book and sharing what I learned with those around me...

I've been listening to the audio book, waiting on my physical copy to arrive...and I can't stop listening, lol. ET has hit the nail on the head with this one! Great book and recommend everyone get a copy as anyone can get something from its content. Blessings

ET is a dynamic speaker as it is, but his ability and willingness to articulate his own life's experiences into a "how to" manual to help readers elevate thier life is amazing. Not only did I get the audio book but also purchased two hard copies.

This book is a blueprint for creating your own path no matter the adversity. Full of applicable lessons. This is Eric Thomas at his best. Have your notecards and highlighter ready. Purchase for anyone you care about.

As usual, E.T. doesn't miss with his newest book. Without spoiling specifics, the book delivers on filling the reader with motivation to tackle anything life is throwing at you. This is a must - read book for personal development and motivation!

This book has ten main chapters, and total of about 268 pages.In the first few chapters Thomas describes his own personal experiences, and he uses these examples from his life to illustrate his points. He discusses taking responsibility for your situation, recognizing your support systems, and learning to lean into your strengths. He dissects a key difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivations. Thomas mentions the importance of preparedness, and he uses the example of a speech that he gave about success that went viral (it wasn’t until this point that I realized that I had seen his “want to succeed as much as you want to breathe” video before). The last few chapters explain the importance of education, sacrifice, and thinking about yourself as a business. Thomas wraps up the book with thoughts about legacy, and what you leave behind.At the end of each chapter there is a section called “The Work”, which includes a few prompts for you to think about or write down answers to. There is also a “Challenge” prompt that pushes you to think about working toward your goals.I found this book to be very motivating. “ET” has a passion that really shines through, even in text form. His examples from his own difficult past make it hard to make excuses; he was able to overcome many obstacles, and he believes that you can too. His message is that you need to start today, RIGHT NOW, and keep working toward your goals…… because you owe it to yourself. Thank you for the inspiration ET!

Once again, ET brings the fire he is known and loved for with this real and honest book. As a reading specialist, I'm so excited about the reach this book will have - especially for young people. People that don't like to read will read and finish this book. And after they do, they'll be ready to change the world. ET - creating world changers every day. THANK you for writing this book. If you're reading this and haven't bought it yet - click buy today. Then buy it for someone else. Your local high school. Your closest prison or youth detention facility. Your local library. Your neighbor. Be a part of its impact.

ET taught me to be celebrated, not tolerated by people in my personal and career life! My son introduced me to ET’s videos in 2009 and I have been following ever since. I played his videos for my 2nd graders and now play them for my middle schoolers who are new to our country! I have seen ET in person multiple times and even went on a cruise to the Bahamas with him and the rest of BU! He genuinely cares about people and is ALL heart! Buy his books and follow!!

Delivered a few hours ago and I am halfway through. All I can say is:LORD HAVE MERCY and Thank You so much for blessing me with ET, Lord! I will be back to add my overall opinion of this true MASTERPIECE. I’d write more now, however this review is taking my attention away from reading. Yes, it’s that grand!

I was introduced to Eric Thomas through videos during the pandemic and have been listening to him ever since. ET has changed my life tremendously from the videos, podcasts, live sessions on YouTube and Instagram and this is my first book from ET that I purchased. I just got into reading this year and I can only imagine what this book is going to do for me. Thank You ET, CJ, Karl, Jemal, & the rest of the ETA Family!!

This book has already changed my life and given me so much internal power! I feel like I can run through a brick wall! I am so thankful for this book! Knowing that all the power needed to change my situation is within my hands at the end of the day is truly empowering, and hearing Eric Thomas story of resilience is the ultimate motivation!

Dr. Eric Thomas (aka ET the Hip Hop Preacher) is one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth. His work with people all over the world has inspired MILLIONS and I highly recommend that you purchase not only this new You Owe You book, but ALL of his books. Attend his conferences. Attend the trips. Just do it!

Still reading mine but I will say that Eric is a priceless gem in this world. He practices what he preaches. And I can attest that he is a light in the darkness, because when I went through one of the darkest times of my life, God used one of his videos to pick me out of that depression and dark place. if you want to know and have some type of explanation as to why you have or have not, this subject matter is truly the optimal focus point. I’ve been applying these principles in my own life for several years now, and it has changed so much for the better because the responsibility was no longer on others, and the blame was no longer another’s. It put me in the driver seat and whether or not I got to the destination was all on me which means that something I can address and fix.

This is one of those books you read and feel inspired . I have sticky notes and highlighting all over it . It’s you vs you in this life .. no one’s going to do anything for you . You have to go out there and set standards for yourself and live to your greatest potential and this book will show you how . Bought a copy for myself and buying five others for my close friends

I pre-ordered this book in May 2022 as I watch ET weekly on his S2S podcast (Secret 2 Success), and have joined his Breathe University after attending my 1st 120 Conference in ATL last September. I purchased this book expecting to reach the next level in my life through growth, I give the gift of ET to all those I come in contact with rather family, friend. or stranger and especially my children because I know that they too will grow from the blessing that God gave Eric Thomas, aka The HipHop Preacher!!! I purchased the audio version as well because speaking is what E does, and I have covered more ground in the audio than in the actual book thus far, but will complete both, Amen! Bottom line, grab the book for those you love, and if they do the steps ET suggests, you can expect greatness and a living in your purpose life too. Amen

You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why
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