MUSIC LICENSING FOR FILMS: What a Producer Should Know

by: Paulo Leite (0)

With over 150 pages of precious information, this book will help you navigate through the complex world of licensing the music you want into your film. We will discuss the relationships between film producers, record labels, artists, composers and music publishers. The book also contains a long Q&A section with answers to many questions and possible scenarios, as well several case studies discussing the music choices of beloved films like CASINO, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, THE CONJURING 2, SCREAM, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and many other films.

The Reviews

Wow, this book is great. I was looking for a book to help me better understand the very strange, costly and dangerous subject of putting music in films. This book did it. It is divided in three parts. First, the full explanation of how everything works in a very straightforward way. It’s all there: the producers, record labels, publishers, artists, royalties, licenses, how to get your act together, what you need to look for, what elements will influence the prices asked, etc. It’s all incredibly easy to understand.The second part gets even better: a long Q&A exploring all the unexpected things you may encounter when selecting a song: identifying all the writers, what to do if you cannot find information, what to do with documentaries, translations and different versions of a song, public domain, music services, working with music from archive footage, samplings, film festivals, music supervisors, using music libraries, using re-recordings, etc. Here you will find many scenarios that will blow your mind – and help you get it right.The third part is a fascinating look into the song list of some great films: why some of those songs were selected, how many times they appear on the film, the strategies some films used in order to save money and even changes that were later made for home video.Music licensing is way too complex, but this book makes it clear and simple. Great job!

Pretty informative, perhaps covers some areas other books don't so this would be a good complimentary book to a collection.

MUSIC LICENSING FOR FILMS: What a Producer Should Know
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