Corporate Art Consulting

by: Susan Abbott (0)

Filled with successful strategies for serving clients in today's flourishing art market, this definitive guide provides techniques for increasing sales opportunities and revenues in an ever-expanding field. Not just for art consultants, this excellent resource can serve artists, gallery owners and staff, and anyone interested in selling art to the corporate market. Details are provided on how to generate leads, navigate new markets and reach top decision-makers, establish a profitable fee/commission structure, and write and present winning proposals. How to handle and install art, art program management, professional ethics, marketing, publicity and advertising are addressed.

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The Reviews

This is useless. Better options. Written a long time ago. Just a way to make money for the author off of unsold inventory and pdf download

Very well written reference on corporate art consulting. . covers details of marketing and selling services more than details of art procurement and how to work with art galleries.

If you are considering a career as a corporate art collector, this should be your Bible. The author is clear and gives intelligent options to find clients, approach jobs, and make connections.

Informative, some interesting chapters!

I have just started reading this book. The print quality is poor but the content is good.I do not intend to be an art consultant, I am a working artist, but I like to learn as much as I can about the art market and surviving as an artist.At this point I have read the first few chapters and am very impressed with the intelligent analysis of sectors in the art consulting (marketing) field put forward by this author. The text offers a description of the types of client involved in each sector, their different expectations and the different types and levels of knowledge, skill and effort required to service them.I recommend it.

Great book. This book has helped me alot. Susan Abbott really breaks the business art consulting down with samples of letters and proposals to clients, telling you when to phone and when to write. This book is not just for art consultants but for anyone who is involved in the business side of art i.e. galleries and artists. I definitely reccomend this book.

A lot to chew on - a very good balance between how to address the business and psychological aspects of marrying art with business!

Not many words to say. It is an excellent book. Many thanks to Susan Abbott for sharing her knowledge.

Corporate Art Consulting
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