Creating Characters for the Entertainment Industry

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Creating Professional Characters: Develop Spectacular Designs from Basic Concepts is an inspiring and informative exploration of how popular professional character designers take the basic concept of a character in a production brief and develop these ideas into an original, high-quality design. Suitable for student and professional character designers alike, this book focuses on how to approach your character designs in ways that ensure the target audience and production needs are met while still creating fun, imaginative characters. This visually appealing book includes twenty thorough tutorials guiding you through the design and decision making processes used to create awesome characters. Replicating the processes used in professional practice today, this book demonstrates the types of brief a professional designer might receive, the iterative design process used to explore the brief, the influence of production feedback on the final design, and how final designs are presented to clients. This detailed, enlightening book is an excellent guide to creating incredible imaginative characters suitable for your future professional projects.

The Reviews

I got much more out of this than I expected to. I've worked in the industry for 40 years. I am planning now to get rich and buy all of this publisher's books -- I've bought a few and have not been disappointed yet.There are art books you buy, read once, and give to another up-and-coming artist.And there are art books you buy, read a few times, and keep. And, when you need an art gift, you give a copy but still keep yours. And you recommend it in every art forum you participate in. This is that second kind of art book.

This is my first time doing a review but i had to write for this book. 3D publishing did a fantastic job with this book with the breakdown and the know hows of creating and developing a character for any medium in the entertainment industry. This is a must have for any artist inspiring to do their own stories and development and to further your skills as a future vis dev artist.

Awesome book! Awesome artwork! Awesome content and examples! Awesome layout! Awesome tips! Awesome everything! Anything by these guys is well worth the time and money, 3DTotal publishers consistently have the best books! I own a dozen and this one, is by far one of the very best. If you want to be a character designer then this is a MUST have, it should be first on your list! (Side note): I’m a professional artist and I haven’t been rewarded for this in any way. I really love and use these books! Thanks.

Came fast...good condition awesome book....I appreciate that someone took the time to make this book...

Creating Characters for the Entertainment Industry
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