by: Tacko Ndiaye (0)

WOMEN is a powerful visual representation of the journey that women travel. It combines aesthetic beauty, symbols, and visual metaphors to trigger emotions and responses to enduring gender inequalities in all areas of life. This book is an urgent call to action that echoes the voices of over 70 women aged 11 to 80+ years from 50 countries. They speak on what makes women cry, their coping mechanisms when facing discrimination, violence, exploitation and abuse, and possible solutions to end gender inequalities.

The color palette of the artwork is a real treat for the eyes and mind. It draws inspiration from women’s long-lasting struggles for gender equality: red as a reminder of sustainable development 5 on gender equality and women’s empowerment; orange for the Orange the World Campaign to end violence against women in all its forms; purple to reflect on the situation of indigenous women in line with the Violet Chair Campaign; and pink in relation to the Pink Ribbon Campaign against breast cancer, and to promote girls’ empowerment; shades of brown pay tribute to the nurturing character of women; and green represents fertility and vitality. Some of the artworks are inspired by African philosophy through the Adinkra symbols.

WOMEN enriches the author’s way of working to trigger action, based on her 25 years of empowering women and girls worldwide. It is her simple, or not-so-simple, way to try something new in being a voice for change.

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