The Artist’s Roadmap To Multiple Streams of Income: Using the Internet to Maximize Your Art Career

by: Fahim Niaz (0)

One of the biggest struggles facing artists today is having a solid plan to succeed at art in the internet age. The Artist’s Roadmap to Multiple Streams of Income focuses on a modern approach for the technology-driven world. Organized into four easy-to-understand parts, this book covers topics from the mindset and tools an artist needs, to marketing your art on social media, licensing your work, and getting jobs in the industry. You will learn how to set up an art career with multiple sources of income coming in, how to set goals, and develop a personalized plan for artistic success.

The Reviews

I really enjoyed and learned a lot with this book. I was afraid of finding abstract advice like ‘be yourself’ or ‘fight for your dream’. Instead, the book is full of real world advice, very well organized and with a lot of information to plan how to make money with your artistic talent. There are details, little gems of information and real world examples and recommendations.It’s great to have both visions in the book. First, Liz Staley explains to you the artist’s side, showing you the steps she followed and how she learned to make her passion a way to live and generate income. On the other hand, Fahim Niaz develops the marketing and business side of the book. He is an expert in every step necessary to generate an income and has worked in the artist’s industry for many years.Having both of their experiences in this book is what makes it so interesting. As the title says, this is a roadmap to generate income being an artist. There are no magic tricks here, the road still requires work and passion, but this book gives you the tools to know and decide exactly where you want to go and how to succeed on that road. If you are an artist and want to make a living from the art you make, pick this book. I can't recommend it enough!

The Artist’s Roadmap To Multiple Streams of Income: Using the Internet to Maximize Your Art Career
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