Living On Almost Nothing

by: Amber Storck (0)

In this day and age so many people are having issues getting ahead. Prices skyrocket and nearly 80% of people in the United States live paycheck to paycheck. After living 15 years debt free and accumulating wealth, I express the detailed ways of how you can save on everyday expenses without living in a cave or moving into Mom's basement.

The Quotes

Keep things small and you might not ever have to worry about your house becoming too much for you to care for.

Learning to cook at home, and cooking all of your meals at home is the fastest possible way to start saving money on food.

Solid colors without modern fads is the easiest and cheapest way to go.

The Reviews

I really wanted to like this book. I follow Prepper Princes on YouTube and find her refreshing and down-to-earth. But I can't recommend her book, "Living on Almost Nothing", for two reasons. 1) She says nothing new, nothing that can't be found, in a much more entertaining manner, on her YouTube channel, and 2) the book was rife with typos, grammatical errors and word misuse. I found it jarring to read, and I wondered why she didn't enlist the aid of an editor.

I've been a frugal person for a really long time, and as such have already done some of the things in the book. But I learned a few new gems as well. More importantly, even if you already know how to save money, reading a book like this every now and then can motivate you to tighten your belt and save even more. I am very happy I bought this book and recommend you buy it as well.

She offers ideas for saving money & having fun at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive but are to be combined together for a more satisfying & fulfilling life.

Terrific lady who lives the talk! She is so encouraging. The Princess teaches people how to practice frugal living without getting weird about it. You may not use the same ideas, but she inspires you with her attitude. Think like her, and you will save money. Looking forward to her next book!

Sound advice that is completely doable if you put your mind to it. Attitude is everything. The author is living the example for proof.

I really enjoyed this book. So much, that I wish it had been a bit longer. The author gave a bit of background on how she herself got into debt and how she got herself out. Their were quite a few ideas in it about saving money and spending less. Whether or not people use the advice I don't know. Some of it is a "tough love" kind of advice. You may or may not agree with a couple of things. But, if your really serious about saving money and getting out of debt, then this is the book for you.

Hope prepper princess writes so more books. This was a pleasant, easy, and fun read. Would read more of her books

This author is very down to earth. Her writing style makes reading about finances easy and entertaining. Her information is very practical and helpful. She practices what she writes about. I enjoy her YouTube channel as well.

This is a really small read, but is so full of ideas and encouragement to use to get (and/or stay) debt- free and happy. I have read several such books lately, as I am on my own journey, and this has been my favorite. It is a really helpful book from a very believable author. Congratulations, Amber Storck, and thanks for sharing!

Great ideas here including an outline of what sort of house to look for and the kind of long term purchasing that will serve you best. Would like to have seen more investment strategies but I have some idea of where to start looking for those.

Short great read with easy to use tips. During these uncertain economic times it's great to have books like these on hand to learn how to be more frugal and still survive.

The author presents several good ideas with real life examples in a folksy style. Sometimes a little judgy but if you don't have issues with money management why would you read this type of book....I found it worth my time. I hope you do as well. Enjoy!

I enjoyed this. I watch her channel, and although I dont agree or get with all of it, I can appreciate her authentic passion for how she lives. There are things I wish I did way earlier in life, but there are things I am doing now that are making a huge impact. As much as we are different, we have a slew of similarities. I simply enjoy her info and do with it as I see fit. As for the book, it is brief (49 pages). It can make for a nice starting off point if new to trying to save money, or are curious to know more about her. Or if you want someone (your teen, 20 something) to have a nice intro on pinching pennies.If you already watch her channel, then you likely wont learn anything new, exactly. But if you watch her channel, why not support her by buying this? I really think she could expand on everything and really make this a must have book. I hope she continues to publish.

There are so many things in her book that I will be trying. Some I already do. I like that she makes it a challenge to yourself.

Common sense and well written!!I watch Prepper Princess on YouTube and like her candor, example and her practicing what she preaches !!!

It is just a general overview on how to live on less. You do not need that expensive coffee just to live.

Easy to read with very easy to follow advice. I didn't agree at all with the food advice but everything else made a lot of sense. I will be sharing this with my teen soon. Thank you, Amber!

This book is an easy and engaging read. It is chock full of inspiration and most of the ideas are offered in such a way that don't leave you feeling as though you would be missing out by implementing them. Highly recommend this book!

I have implemented many of these suggestions several years ago. Although am not rich I only have my rent and living expenses of which I am saving form my home in future without a mortgage.Great book to have in your library.

I found this small book informative. Ideas that hadn't thought of. She challenged me to start saving. I recommend it.

This was a very interesting book. I found it informative and full of the witty ways I have come to expect from it's author. Good read on a dull day!

Will keep this book in my pocket for future references when it comes to saving money. Quick read straight to the point. Keep it simple

I regularly watch prepper princess on YouTube. I bought this book and made some changes that have saved me a lot of money. I would suggest this book for anybody who wants to save money.

Living On Almost Nothing
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