NFTs and the Future of Finance: Your Complete Guide to Investing in Non Fungible Tokens

by: Mike Hager (0)

Your complete guide to investing in NFTs and everything you have to know about the Future of Finance.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) — unique digital assets that are stored on the blockchain — are currently taking the world by storm: web images, videos, music, collectibles and other digital content can now be owned outright and traded for profit for the first time ever… and the prices for digital works are going through the roof.

Mike Hager took a deep dive into the world of NFTs in early 2021. Six months later, his collection of digital works (stored online in his "wallet") was worth over four million euros, after an initial investment of around 300,000 euros. During this time, he clocked over 2,000 hours of intensive research and turned it into this book, packaged in an entertaining and easy-to-follow format.

It will be your guide through the NFT jungle.

In this book you will find:
- Basic terms from blockchain to wallet, including selling platforms and crypto exchanges - An overview of how NFTs work, with many examples - The secret language you will encounter in NFT communities - Information on the most important Twitter accounts, experts, and artists - A practical guide to getting started in the world of NFTs

The Reviews

I have been active in the world of NFT for a few months now. The book by Mike Hager was the trigger. The book is full of tips and tricks. Can highly recommend it. The book also led me to join Mike's mentoring program.

This book is the best ticket to learn to walk in the NFT world. For me, too, this book was the starting point for a new, exciting future

This book is your complete guide to understanding NFTs. Highly recommend it for everyone. The world is changing and you need to know this information.

Even knowing the NFT space already, this book adds a lot of useful information which would take days to find by yourself. The content is on the point, accurate and very helpful to make your researches and decisions in this complex environment. It is the second book I read from Mr. Hager and it is on the very high level as the first book was.

If you want to dive into this topic, there isn’t anyone better to help you then the author of this bestselling book. Mike is a huge source of technical stuff and also has an incredible feeling for the market. This book will be an eye opener for anyone starting at zero but also for those having a basic knowledge already.Thank you Mike!!

If you want to learn more about NFTs there is only one book that I would consider a complete guide and now it is out in English! Do yourself a favor and order this book before you get into the metaverse and web3. Mike Hager not only teaches you all you need to know, you will have fun reading his book on the future of finance. win win.

If you are serious about entering the NFT space this is definitely your go-to guide. It was the most valuable book I have read about NFT's so far. I love the structure: NFT's for newbies, NFT as an investment, hands-on information how to start, a list of people to follow in the space, risks to avoid and so much more. I am very well prepared to start my NFT journey now

Mike recognized this at a very early stage. That's why he can explain the development almost from the beginning.I especially liked the fact that no theory is taught here, but the self-experienced is discribed.With his background as a radio moderator and comedian, he is able to present the facts in a very entertaining way.The book is a must for anyone who wants to enter the world of NFT entertaining from an absolute insider.

NFTs and the Future of Finance: Your Complete Guide to Investing in Non Fungible Tokens
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