Warren Buffett Book of Investing Wisdom: 350 Quotes from the World's Most Successful Investor

by: Robert L. Bloch (0)

Compiled by the son of the cofounder of H&R Block, a collection of business quotes and advice from the most successful investor of the twentieth century, Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is widely considered the most successful investor of the twentieth century. Since the early 1950s, Buffett has proved himself to be an astute investor, and he turned Berkshire Hathaway from a struggling small textile business into the tenth-largest public company in the world, valued at more than $600 billion.

Buffett is well known for his simple but invaluable principles regarding investing and finances, and countless businessmen and people looking to be smarter with their money and their investments have turned to Buffett for his advice. One of those people is Robert Bloch, son of the cofounder of the tax preparation company H&R Block.

The Warren Buffett Book of Investing Wisdom contains 350 quotes that Bloch has personally found to be indispensable to financial success. With the written blessing of Buffett himself, Bloch has selected the best of Buffett, wisdom that will guide you to becoming the most disciplined and rational long-term investor you can be.

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Buffett's advice to the common investor is right on. There aren't very many common wage earners who have the savvy to invest in common stocks, or the time and resources. Index funds will keep you up with 95 percent of everyone in the market. That would be way ahead of the talking heads on television! Keep preaching Warren.MOST OF INVESTING IS ABOUT MANAGING YOUR EMOTIONS AND THIS BOOK HELPS YOU DO THAT. A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE!

Anyone who needs some inspiration on investing, business, or the stock market can benefit from this collection of practical, down-to-earth thoughts from one of the premier successful investors of the last century. The book provides great nuggets of wisdom, which can calm you down when everybody else looses their heads.By the way, Bloch's previous book "My Warren Buffett Bible" was sold at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha the past several years.

I feel as though this book captures the essence of Buffett in this 350 quote book that dives deeper into his history and strategy for investing. As a follow up to “ My Warren Buffett Bible”, this book is clear, concise, and well thought out. It is no wonder why Mr. Buffett himself gave this book a thumbs up!

Sort of Warren Buffett aphorisms, two or three to a page. Sure, it's Warren Buffett, but overall not recommended.

This elegant and understated book is compiled by a modest writer about a modest man whose insights pack a powerful punch. The wisdoms of Warren Buffett are timeless.

I loved reading this book not only because of the wise and intelligent things it can teach, but also because I got to learn more about Warren Buffett.This book encompasses modest, down to earth thoughts and was very well written.I definitely recommend reading this book!!

Read this book 5 times. Pay attention. You will be happy to pick up even a portion of his wisdom. A must read for everyone!

Excellent advice on investment strategy. Really made me realize that having patience in the markets is the best way to become wealthy as long as you choose a great company to buy into ... or just simply buy the S&P 500.

Warren Buffett Book of Investing Wisdom: 350 Quotes from the World's Most Successful Investor
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