Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win (New Edition)

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From Jocko Wilnick, the New York Times best selling author of Discipline Equals Freedom and Leadership Strategy and Tactics, an updated edition of the blockbuster bestselling leadership book that took America and the world by storm, two U.S. Navy SEAL officers who led the most highly decorated special forces unit of the Iraq War demonstrate how to apply powerful leadership principles from the battlefield to business and life. Now with an excerpt from the authors' new book, THE DICHOTOMY OF LEADERSHIP.

Combat, the most intense and dynamic environment imaginable, teaches the toughest leadership lessons, with absolutely everything at stake. Jocko Willink and Leif Babin learned this reality first-hand on the most violent and dangerous battlefield in Iraq. As leaders of SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser, their mission was one many thought impossible: help U.S. forces secure Ramadi, a violent, insurgent-held city deemed “all but lost.” In gripping, firsthand accounts of heroism, tragic loss, and hard-won victories, they learned that leadership―at every level―is the most important factor in whether a team succeeds or fails.

Willink and Babin returned home from deployment and instituted SEAL leadership training to pass on their harsh lessons of self-discipline, mental toughness and self-defense learned in combat to help forge the next generation of SEAL leaders. After leaving the SEAL Teams, they launched a company, Echelon Front, to teach those same leadership principles to leaders in businesses, companies, and organizations across the civilian sector. Since that time, they have trained countless leaders and worked with hundreds of companies in virtually every industry across the U.S. and internationally, teaching them how to develop their own high-performance teams and most effectively lead those teams to dominate their battlefields.

Since it’s release in October 2015,
Extreme Ownership has revolutionized leadership development and set a new standard for literature on the subject. Required reading for many of the most successful organizations, it has become an integral part of the official leadership training programs for scores of business teams, military units, and first responders. Detailing the resilient mindset and total focus principles that enable SEAL units to accomplish the most difficult combat missions, Extreme Ownership demonstrates how to apply them to any team or organization, in any leadership environment. A compelling narrative with powerful instruction and direct application, Extreme Ownership challenges leaders everywhere to fulfill their ultimate purpose: lead and win.

The Reviews

I started listening to Jocko's message and eventually broke down and bought this book. It did not disappoint, and actually opened my eyes to a lot of things I could be doing better. Ironically, it also opened my eyes to what other people around me could be doing better to! Ha!In all honesty this book has a fantastic message especially if you're looking for self improvement. It shows how to be the best version of yourself.I think the best lesson I got from the book is to gauge how and when it's appropriate to come to conclusions on things, without the 'jumping to' part. I have a much better understanding of that evaluation process, and realized it is really important to understand if you're trying to put yourself in somebody else's shoes through empathy and understanding, something we as a country need now more than ever.Excellent examples by Leif and Jocko. I try to use the lessons here in my life everyday 6 months after reading.

I might be a little carried away on this one, but since I read this book 3 years ago, I changed so much of how I approach problems and communicate with others. This has reflected itself in multiple different roles I've held both professionally and in my personal life.I have probably bought 5 or 6 of these by now, next to lending mine to multiple people, I typically give this book as a present to people who I think will benefit from its contents.The Jocko podcast is a great way to get a bit more depth on some of the topics.

If you can learn to, and diligently apply the lessons from the book it can change the way you interact with those around you, with the end goal being group/team success

I have read A LOT of books on leadership, Extreme Leadership is the absolute best! As a pastor, it has helped us immensely.

Jocko and Leif have written the most important qualities for a leader to have in this book. The book is thoroughly engaging with numerous war stories, all while effectively delivering a lesson on each leadership trait.

Try the audio version and have it read to you by two men that sound like they've been drinking whisky and chain-smoking since they were 7.

Excellent job of creating a thesis to follow.Concise manner of recalling actual events ,applying it to a set principle, then giving a real world business example.I work in the civilian side of conflict management have been for 27 years and an looking at promotion. I've always believed in leadership over managership and have strived to always lead from the front,never ask of others something I would not do and to hold myself accountable. But...The authors identified those areas where I fell short but never knew. That was the best part. Finally realizing that those frustration were self created. This tutorial helped me to understand better where my leadership failed because of my lack of vision. MAny times I found myself boxing my head and chuckling at memories of when I blamed someone or something else instead of me.For me, the book is loaded with tenants and principles of leadership one might have already heard before. Why I think this book is remarkable is that our military is humble enough to show true evolution; at least in the “Tier 1” level of our Specialized Forces. This presumes of course you understand THESE stories do NOT emanate from a large scale boot camp setting. A large scale battalion.Remember when reading or listening to this book the authors are coming from a position of smaller numbers. Smaller teams in support of the larger enterprise. THAT is a concept we all can get our heads around. Police yourself first then, realize you cannot be a leader if no one will follow you.Read it. Bite your lip. Get angry at your shortcomings and acknowledge those areas in which you lack. Make a plan,keep it simple and - EXECUTE!

I love the format of the books these two put out. War Story; Application; "Civilian" world example; repeat. It helps things stick with multiple examples of the application.

This is an amazing book and life altering. Highly recommend to start with this book and follow down the series. Taking ownership really puts your life into perspective and truly understand the hiccups in business that happen. It’s great to have the whole team read this series and the dynamic completely change in a positive way. A lot less drama and more productive conversations! Great job!

This is one of the best leadership books I have read. It has great personal stories about lessons learned on the battlefield and how those lessons translate to the board room. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to be a better leader by taking responsibility for your leadership role.

Absolutely a must read for everyone really. Definitely something I'll read with my kids, not because they will fully understand it, but to give them a head start on a dying crucial life skill

Loved this book. It was recommenDed to me by my priest, who was ex-military. If you are a person who believes that constant improvement to be a better leader is essential, this book is it. The author’s are both famous for their ability lead militaries to success as well as businesses !

Amazing book! Everyone should read!

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Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win (New Edition)
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