Triggers: How We Can Stop Reacting and Start Healing

by: David Richo (0)

A psychotherapist offers a self-help guide full of creative tools for managing triggers—so you can find peace in painful moments and lasting emotional healing from trauma
Psychotherapist David Richo examines the science of triggers and our reactions of fear, anger, and sadness. He helps us understand why our bodies respond before our minds have a chance to make sense of a situation. By looking deeply at the roots of what provokes us—the words, actions, and even sensory elements like smell—we find opportunities to understand the origins of our triggers and train our bodies to remain calm in the face of painful memories.

The book offers in-the-moment exercises on how to process difficult emotions and physical manifestations in order to to cultivate the inner resources necessary to deal with recurring memories of trauma. When we are triggered, Richo writes, “we are being bullied by our own unfinished business.” Explore what your body’s knee-jerk reactions can teach you.
Triggers: How We Can Stop Reacting and Start Healing acts as a guide to your body's powerful responses, helping you to remain calm under pressure and discover the key to emotional healing.

The Reviews

Both insightful and practical. I recommend the book if you want to understand reasons for your reactivity as well as compassionate tips to become less reactionary.

Triggers is a masterful work that can serve as an entry point for anyone seeking greater equanimity, skill, courage, and compassion in these difficult times. David Richo offers his treasury of insight as a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher to help us better understand our encounters with triggers, also the very real impacts they have upon our relationships. Utilizing clear explanations and readily actionable tools, Richo delves into the contours of three primary triggers – sadness, anger, and fear – and provides us with the resources necessary to transform our immediate reactions into healthy responses we can be proud of. By bridging psychological and spiritual resources, Richo fluently speaks to the fullness of the human experience and the deeper longings within us.I have read more than a dozen of Richo’s books and listened to many of his available lectures. I regularly revisit them and gift them to friends. This is one of his best.It is truly rare to have such intimate access to the life’s work of a contemporary luminary like Richo. His prolific writing across a variety of topics singularly reflects his continuing commitment to help others heal from trauma and access the grace dimension of life even in the most challenging of conditions.

Incredible rich resource on self mirroring. It helps you to stop blaming your peers, partner or parents by turning your knowledge about yourself upside down.Towards the end it can get a little fudgy. The truth is I know to little of Buddhism to judge properly. The fact this loving-kindness triggered some ridicule in me is a sign I need to work on this department. SoI have learned after reading this book.Read power and force. Although great book about ‘sitting with your pain’ there is no practical component. This book breaks this down with great practical tips to help you grieve and find solace in the things we cannot change and get the courage to change the things we can.Thank you David for your eloquent words.

this well written and sensible book, will help you deal with life in the only way you can. there is a story to the adventure of life, you get to lovingly live the details, going home.

Another great book by one of the greatest teachers of our time. I have several of Dr. Richo's books and always go back to read here and there and learn from them time and again. As with his other books, it is very organized, in depth, a wealth of information to learn from. It is not one you could read straight through like a novel. It is a book that you would read a few paragraphs, then stop to reflect and underline the important information. Reading it is like having someone speaking to my soul. It is a treasure to keep.


If you are a fan of "psych-lite," for people blessedly free of actual problems, Dave Richo is the author for you!If you have suffered any actual trauma, this book will not help. Child abuse -- a rampant epidemic in this country and throughout the world -- is not addressed at all. It is acknowledged and dismissed in a phrase: "Unless you have been abused as a child ..." and Richo goes on from there. If you have suffered sexual assault, war, natural disaster, racism, ablism (disability-related discrimination/abuse), or anything other than an occasional "bad break" -- this book is useless. This evaluation pertains as well to every other book of his that I have encountered.

Really well-written, thorough, and uplifting book. Despite the tough topic, the author does a good job of being encouraging and hopeful. Highly recommend, especially for parents of little kids dealing with the triggers of parenthood. ❤️

Triggers: How We Can Stop Reacting and Start Healing
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