Contemporary Painting in Context (The Novo Nordisk Art History Project)

by: Anne Ring Petersen (0)

The essays collected in Contemporary Painting in Context examine the transformation and expansion of the field of painting over the last decades in relation to the more general lines of development in contemporary culture and visuality. The contributors address a range of important issues ? including how paintings present themselves to us today. That is to say, how paintings are ?framed? experientially, institutionally and culturally; the ways in which paintings of today can be said to reflect and reflect on the historical transformations of culture, visuality and image production and consumption; and whether it is possible to explain some of the changes and extensions of the field of painting by placing it in the wider context of cultural history, visual culture studies or gender studies. Contributors: Jonathan Harris, Peter Weibel, Barry Schwabsky, Stephen Melville, Katharina Grosse, Anne Ring Petersen, Katy Deepwell, Rune Gade, Gitte Ørskou and Chin-Tao Wu.

The Reviews

Pinting in context is an excellent tool for those who would like to deepen their insight into the meanderings of contemporary painting. Its essays well written give an expanded feel for what the practice has come to be now. It dives into its contradictions and expansiveness, its ties to the art market, its deals with the art world, its detractors and lovers. Moreover it moves us into a realm in which to project our own practices beyond the usual claims of its death and its surpass by technology, which brings us somehow into new terrain. Translimiting posmodenism, looking into painting with feminist and other cultural tools, it truly grasps a sense of context in a world that often fetichizes painting altogether.

If you want to be current...then you will buy and read this book. You may not understand all of it...but that is okay.Eventually you you read it again....and look at painting in a new contemporary understanding...Realism has nothing over what this book can show you to see using painting...and how to experience the paint.Really something special...time for a change...break away from the tired uninspiring "t" and "a" school of realism thatis unfortunately have a so called revival...ugh...boring....and boring this book is not...bend a little to the left....and a round roundround you go...( I will say...whether you are an interested person in the arts and theory...this will be a challenge...but very muchworth go get a reading on and buy this book.

I received this book a few weeks and ago and I am glad that I have it. If you are interested in the possible new directions that painting might take over the next decade then this is the right book. Not really difficult to understand, but a lot of things to ponder as it might apply to one owns art practice.

Contemporary Painting in Context (The Novo Nordisk Art History Project)
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