Selling Graphic and Web Design

by: Donald Sparkman (0)

Updated edition: “Provides the ammunition [graphic designers] need to help them become effective salespeople and generate ongoing business.” —The Graphic Artists Guild Newsletter

A veteran designer who turned his small business into a multimillion-dollar company shares his strategies for success in this new edition of the acclaimed
Selling Graphic and Web Design. You’ll find expert guidance on selling graphic design, in print and online.

Donald Sparkman’s approach blurs the lines between graphic design, web design, and marketing by building strategic partnerships and thinking outside the box. No-nonsense advice for writing proposals and offering the right design solutions, plus information on providing services that fit a client’s needs and budget, have made this book indispensable. Now, in this revised and expanded version, leading Internet designers share strategies on effective marketing for the web, including pricing, billing, portfolios, ethics, brand design, web content management, brand law, and much more. Trusted advice and the latest strategies combine to make
Selling Graphic and Web Design a great one-stop resource for designers in every field.

The Reviews

This was a decent book it contained lots of information covering all the many areas a Web, Print, Graphic Design. After reading this book i feel a lot more ready to take on a business and learned many new things for effectively managing a Design Studio. It is also a good book for getting not just small clients or medium clients but also gives you much pointers in landing fortune 500 companies. The author has worked with some well known companies in the past and owns his own design studio. In the book he also presents informative interviews with people prominent in the field who have experience working with many big clients. I gave this a book a 4 star because it was a decent book but it didn't dive as deep into the field as i was hoping. Nevertheless it was worth the read and i might read it again in the future.

I would have given this book 5 stars had it not been for numerous editing blunders. The information is outstanding.Donald Sparkman helped clarify several legal situations with which the design industry can be faced. Of particular interest was the Chapter on Trade Customs. Although, I'd never rely on them solely, it's good to know they're there.Although this book focuses on selling design, it does a great job discussing the business aspect of the industry... the legal stuff that I may have never considered. You won't find this kind of information in Design oriented books (It's not a design reference, by any stretch of the imagination).If you can see past the editing issues, you'll have yourself a valuable business reference if you get this book. I also recommend Jim Smith's "How to Start a Home-Based Web Design Business", if you're looking for ways to keep your design firm in the black.

I bought this book while thinking it had methods and techniques for freelancers to promote their work.It turned out to be addressed at people whose job is "sales" at larger design firms. In other words, this is a book for salespeople, not a book for designers.It has some useful techniques inside, but it's certainly not the stuff designers would like to do (like cold calling).

I am a graphic designer working from home and I needed inspiration for many of my friends do not understand my field. This book is refreshing and give practical advice for writing proposals and organizing you business. I am happy that I purchased this book.

This book is really a grab bag of general information on running a design business and managing projects, etc. The limited amount of content which directly addresses advice on how to find and win over new design clients has little to offer that will be new to most professionals with even minimal experience.

This book consists of mostly fluff such as a outdated graphic design glossary, and not nearly enough information about actually selling. The worst part is that the author refers to the internet as cyberspace. :(

Very good conditions!

Selling Graphic Design was a recommended read in a national industry newsletter that I subscribe to. The credibility for the book was already "5 stars" in my mind due to the fact that this newsletter has saved me many, many hours of wasted production and research time which ultimately turns in to $$. I picked up the book and was fascinated with the information that was covered. Again, I looked at what I paid for the book and felt like I got the bargain of the year! Not only are business issues covered in this book, but a lot of graphic and printing basics that we all need to be reminded of now and then. The volume of resources provided to the user is beyond words. Thanks Mr. Sparkman for writing such a great motivational and great reference tool that we all can understand and relate to.

Selling Graphic and Web Design
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