Could Have, Would Have, Should Have: Inside the World of the Art Collector

by: Tiqui Atencio (0)

What does it take to be a serious art collector? What drives someone to go after a particular work, regardless of the cost? Tiqui Atencio has been collecting since she was 18 years old; decades later, she is one of the most prominent collectors of contemporary art. For Could Have, Should Have, Would Have, Atencio has interviewed more than 80 of the world’s most influential collectors―from financiers to artists―and asked them to tell their own story of how they started collecting and what continues to motivate them. What emerges is a frank and honest, surprising and eye-opening account of a lifelong dedication that is described by some as a heroic commitment and by others as a crazy sickness. Cartoons throughout the book by celebrated artist and satirist Pablo Helguera complement the humorous and anecdotal tone of the text.

The Reviews

This is a good book on art collecting. My only gripe with Amazon is the cover was damaged in storage maybe, it has a stain on it as if it were damage by liquid. I used to work for Barnes & Noble and know my chicken, this damage should have been noted in the description so I wouldn’t have purchased it from

Inspiring, fun and very informative. Easy to read and with a lot of first-hand stories about art's world and its leading collectors. A great guide for those who are thinking of starting a collection. But If you simply like art, wether you are a collector or not, you will definitely enjoy this book

I love art, and I enjoy reading about the art world. This book is frivolous and vapid, the tale of a billionaire with champagne problems. It's strikingly unfun to read, and I couldn't get through it. Snobbery to the Nth degree.

Fantastic book - so fun and accessible. Great for any one getting into (or already with) a serious art addiction!

Educational and informative.

A great insiders view to collecting art. The perfect gift for any serious or would-be art collector.

Tastes great.

A book by the 1% for the 1%, full of amusing, but otherwise inconsequential, anecdotes.It could have, should have, and would have been a much more interesting book had it focused on the other 99% percent of art collectors (i.e. people who are not multimillionaires), not just those whose are filthy rich, serve on museum boards, and fly in private jets to all the major art fairs and auctions.

Could Have, Would Have, Should Have: Inside the World of the Art Collector
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