The Webcomics Handbook

by: Brad Guigar (0)

  • The long-awaited sequel to the seminal How To Make Webcomics, this massive tutorial based on Brad Guigar's four years of writing at covers the art, business, and promotion of digital comics. With chapters devoted to website basics, digital downloads, social media, advertising, business, and much more, this book is the perfect blend of step-by-step guidance and friendly, hard-won experience from one of the very first cartoonists on the Web.

The Reviews

Almost as soon as I finished "How to Make Webcomics," I delved into "The Webcomics Handbook," by Brad Guigar.The author makes two distinctions about his book right away.First, it is a compilation of notes, posts and articles gleaned from his site as a one-source guide, even for subscribers.Second, "The Webcomics Handbook" is not an art manual. You'll find no guidelines on writing or drawing. Instead, this book covers the business and social aspects of running a webcomic.Some of the material can found in "How to Make Webcomics" (printed in 2008), but it has been updated, or revised.Aside from a few typos & syntax errors in the first two chapters, and the last chapter; I found the book informative and about as entertaining as "How to Make Webocomics."I say "about as entertaining," only because I enjoyed the cross-talk and banter between the authors in the previous book.

Grad Guiger is a webcomics god, king of bad puns and the nicest man you will ever meet.His books, online forums, and podcasts will make you a pro, while making you laugh in a fraction of the time it would take you to learn this stuff on your own. Buy this book.

There is unfortunately no new information here when compared to the earlier work 'How to make webcomics' , unless of course you include the constant advertisements for Brad Guigar's premium service . There are constant footnotes and paragraphs about why you should pay for membership... and this of course is a big turn off.Overall there is useful information here, but this book is inferior to "How to make webcomics." (Which is authored by guigar and three others)

I opened it up and to my amazement it had words and pictures in it almost like a book! Who knew....

Awesome book. Literally a one stop shop for how to make your comic hobby into a comic business and maybe even turn a profit!

Packed full of goodies and a great follow up to the first book; "How to Make Webcomics". A good resource for anyone looking to break in to the world of web based comics.

Great reference book. thanks!


The Webcomics Handbook
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