Discipline Is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control (The Stoic Virtues Series)

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In his New York Times bestselling book Courage is Calling, author Ryan Holiday made the Stoic case for a bold and brave life. In this much-anticipated second book of his Stoic Virtue series, Holiday celebrates the awesome power of self-discipline and those who have seized it.

To master anything, one must first master themselves–one’s emotions, one’s thoughts, one’s actions. Eisenhower famously said that freedom is really the opportunity to practice self-discipline. Cicero called the virtue of temperance the polish of life. Without boundaries and restraint, we risk not only failing to meet our full potential and jeopardizing what we have achieved, but we ensure misery and shame. In a world of temptation and excess, this ancient idea is more urgent than ever.

Discipline is Destiny, Holiday draws on the stories of historical figures we can emulate as pillars of self-discipline, including Lou Gehrig, Queen Elizabeth II, boxer Floyd Patterson, Marcus Aurelius and writer Toni Morrison, as well as the cautionary tales of Napoleon, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Babe Ruth. Through these engaging examples, Holiday teaches readers the power of self-discipline and balance, and cautions against the perils of extravagance and hedonism.
  At the heart of Stoicism are four simple virtues: courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom. Everything else, the Stoics believed, flows from them.
Discipline is Destiny will guide readers down the path to self-mastery, upon which all the other virtues depend. Discipline is predictive. You cannot succeed without it. And if you lose it, you cannot help but bring yourself failure and unhappiness.

The Reviews

Ryan Holiday's series on the cardinal virtues continues to get better and better. The first of the series, Courage is Calling, is one of the most inspiring records of what being courageous and putting others ahead of oneself truly means. Now, in Discipline is Destiny, he goes beyond and reaches yet another level! Ryan Holiday is one of this era’s best storytellers, sharing with us examples of historical and current figures, not as some unreachable icon but as normal people who defied the odds due to their discipline and commitment to excellence, due to their hard work and focus. People that we can be inspired by, as well as the cautionary tales of some whose decisions and lack of discipline, robbed them of excellence and possibly a more prosperous life. Stories like that of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who while in prison, did not allow himself to have anything that would make him comfortable but could later be taken away by the guards, in juxtaposition with the story of King George IV, whose gluttony, his lack of discipline describes much of his legacy. The writing is impeccable, it flows as if one is having a conversation with the author. As I was reading the first chapter, a wonderful account about Lou Gehrig, I was so into the story that I had to stop for a second to wonder if I was in fact not reading a poem. Yes, poetic! The entire book is such a quick read, not because it is short by any means, 352 pages, but because it hooks you with story after story, event after event, showing how under some of the toughest circumstances, everyone can reach a higher plane of existence, when discipline is your true compass. This is a book that will endure the test of time. Discipline is Destiny should be on everyone's reading list.

The first of Ryan's books I have purchased and I can't be more excited about it, it speaks to my heart. After following Ryan's journey in writing the book and so much value he gives us on a daily basis this book is a must-have. I also got the Audiobook so I can hear Bryan reading, if you haven't yet heard him talking about stoicism you need to start and if you do you know what I am talking about. Thanks, Bryan for this amazing book.Also, the book without the jacket, it's so beautiful!

The landscape of life is riddled with occasions that can solicit self-doubt, inferiority, and insecurity. “Discipline is Destiny” is a medical bag filled with wisdom and anecdotal addendums that serves as an elixir to minimize those emotions. It will benefit anyone, anywhere, at any phase of their life. Aurelius would have loved it. Do yourself or someone you love a favor and buy this book.

Ryan Holiday’s books are great collections, translating wisdom from history into the context of modern society. I will typically read a single chapter to begin the day, as I find they are great for setting my mindset and putting me in a place to win the day. Discipline is destiny is a great follow on to the first book from the series, and hits the mark as a great book to facilitate meditation.

As an avid follower of Ryan Holliday, I was familiar with the Stoic Philosophy. But since getting this book, I've become obsessed with it. Not only am I reading this book and grounding in these skills of discipline, I'm also using it alongside our homeschool studies to help instill the lessons in these pages deep in who I'm hoping to help my children become. I am so grateful for this book. Thank you, Ryan.

Like all Holiday's books, I come away feeling like I read the 30+ books he carefully curated to illuminate his ideas on Stoic philosophy and a modern application to our lives. Do yourself a favor - follow Ryan. Sign up for the Daily Stoic email. Pick some books on his reading list from his website for his bookstore, The Painted Porch. You'll be a better version of yourself.

From someone who have read almost all of his book, daily newsletters, and following up closely on his podcast, I am quit a reliable source in writing this review. This book is the modern day mediation. Ryan Holiday has put in quite the work writing this book and you can only tell by following his work.

This is my first book by Ryan Holiday but after this I’m sure I’ll pick up more. I’ve been familiar with his views on stoicism having followed his instagram page for a while but I’m also looking forward to getting into his books on marketing. Very thought provoking book, page, and personality. Looking forward to more.

This book is really life changing, I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs more discipline in their lives. There are amazing habits in this book that you need to implement in your life but you have to be willing to apply these tactics and actually imply them in your daily routine.

It’s very rare that I review anything. It’s less rare that a book keeps my attention. Ryan’s book is on point. Well written, well researched, well executed. I can’t recommend it more. Buy it.

Discipline is Destiny, the Power of Self-Control by Ryan Holiday is a masterpiece on one of the most powerful stoic virtues. I have struggled with self-discipline throughout my life and imagine most people battle it every day. Discipline is often feared, avoided, and misunderstood; yet it’s essential to living the best life each of us can.This book provides a deep understanding of discipline while making it accessible and attractive, while inspiring readers to elevate themselves. This book has helped bring clarity to how I aspire to practice…Discipline to do the workDiscipline to startDiscipline to finishDiscipline to be patientDiscipline to be healthyDiscipline to be strongDiscipline to learnDiscipline to not get stuckDiscipline to take actionDiscipline to be mindfulDiscipline to createDiscipline to be self-awareDiscipline to be self-reliantDiscipline to leadDiscipline to persevereDiscipline to sleep and recoverDiscipline to writeDiscipline to do my bestDiscipline to listenDiscipline to connectDiscipline to focusDiscipline to practice moderationDiscipline to growDiscipline to be kindDiscipline to be lovingDiscipline to be generousDiscipline to say noDiscipline to to be freeDiscipline to live my best lifeDiscipline to create value for the lives I touch

This book is divided into three parts, with 54 unnumbered “chapters” and an Afterword, for a total of about 312 pages.At the beginning of the book Holiday mentions the Four Virtues: Courage, Temperance, Justice and Wisdom; and specifically how this book is focused on Temperance, aka Discipline. Holiday uses the example of Dwight Eisenhower and shows how some of his quotes and his actions exemplified self-discipline.Part 1 – The Exterior is focused on self-discipline as it pertains to the body. Holiday uses the examples of Lou Gehrig, Toni Morrison, Teddy Roosevelt, Cato the Elder, Edison and more, as examples of different types of physical discipline. He also discusses sleep and endurance.Part 2 –The Inner Domain is focused on temperament. Here Holiday uses examples of Queen Elizabeth II, George Washington, Booker T. Washington, Beethoven, Floyd Patterson, Kennedy and others. He discusses how to fight procrastination, and the importance of avoiding distractions.Part 3 – The Magisterial brings everything together, as Holiday gives examples of people that still held themselves to a higher standard even after achieving success. Here he cites Antoninus Pius, Cato the Younger, Kobe Bryant, Marcus Aurelius, Martin Luther King Jr, Winston Churchill, and several other leaders throughout history. He points out lessons from each of these people, including concepts like expecting more of yourself than you do of other people, turning the other cheek, and never considering yourself to be above everyone else.Overall, I found this book to be informative and inspiring. The book actually seems to be equal parts stoic philosophy advice and history lesson, which was unexpected but still enjoyable.

The "power of self-control" won't keep you from reading this latest book by Ryan from cover to cover in one sitting.Nor will it keep you from buying it in hardback, kindle, and audible.And that's ok. It's much better to binge-read/listen to Holiday than just about any other inputs you might have had today.And when you're finished with "Discipline is Destiny" then pick up his others. "Courage is Calling" and "The Obstacle is the Way" will help you take actions that you didn't think you could do. Your corner of the world needs this from you because it's probably the case that nobody else will do it if you don't.Many thanks to Ryan.

5/5 Stars for “Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday”Thank you, Ryan Holiday, for restoring philosophy in our daily lives with the amazing work you do consistently.In the ancient world, virtue was comprised of four key components: Courage, Temperance, Justice, and Wisdom. This book about self-discipline is the second in the cardinal virtue series and yet another masterpiece.The four virtues are about instilling character – good character – so that at the critical point, a person’s true nature kicks in. The book provides a deep understanding that self-discipline is not something that just happens to us; it is something we cultivate. And being disciplined is something we prove by the life we lead. Ryan explains how self-discipline must be observed physically, embodied mentally, and rendered magisterially when our moment comes. When we say that self-discipline saves us, part of what it saves us from is ourselves. I am very grateful for this book and highly recommend this book.As Marcus Aurelius says, “Love the discipline you know, and let it support you” and...Discipline is destiny.It decides!

This book is amazing! I feel Graditude that I have found this, and empowered by its message. This literary work is what we need as a society, a community, and individuals to show us the way to become better. In so doing we can and will make each other better. Is this not the goal of our lives?

Discipline is one of four cardinal Stoic virtues - Courage, Discipline, Justice, and Temperance - and Ryan does a better job than anyone in illustrating each. While distinctions exist between the virtues, there's a corollary component that's even more important.It takes Courage to be Just, and it takes Discipline to be Temperate - but you don't get there overnight. As Zeno says; well being is realized by taking small steps, but it's truly no small thing.Become one percent more courageous, disciplined, just, and temperate every day, and watch your life change for the better.

Ryan is so great at connecting the ancient philosophy of stoicism with our modern world through interesting real-life figures. Another brilliant effort from him.

Several years after reading The Daily Stoic, I am so glad I took the time to read this by Ryan Holiday. His lessons are timeless, with great advice for managing time, temptations, money and relationships. Highly recommend, the wisdom it offers is invaluable.

Ryan has done it again. Part two of this essential series of the four virtues is an inspiring book on overcoming and control the self. The stories of great leaders are thought-provoking and the principles are necessary in a world that is lost, confused, and divided.

The second volume in Holiday's series on the Stoic virtues.He has done a fine job crafting this particular book, and it is better than the first book in the series which is encouraging to those who have been following his desire to spread Stoicism while focusing one particular virtue.Like the first volume, he writes "micro-chapters" that he finds relevant to the pursuit of Stoicism. The style reminds of the 90s' volume titled "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". The chapters' length offer busy folks a chance to read a little bit at a time. The style offers insight into well-known figures of history - Elizabeth, FDR, TR, Lincoln, Merkel, and so on and how they can serve as examples of self-discipline.The chapter lengths also serve as an excellent method to grab the modern person's short attention span. :)The only two constructive criticisms I have for this volume: in the afterword, Holiday describes how he read 4000 pages about Queen Elizabeth to help prepare for this volume. As a historian myself, that seems exceedingly excessive for a volume that has perhaps 15 pages total somewhat focused on her.For future volumes, I would suggest removing the afterward, as it is long litany of humble brags about himself and how he works through the process of writing a book. While he attempts to evoke the sense of discipline, he writes it in such a way to make the end of the book somewhat off-putting.Overall, though, Stoicism is enhanced by Holliday's writing, and I look forward to Bk 3 in this series.

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