This Is Me Letting You Go

by: Heidi Priebe (0)

Letting go is not a process that comes naturally to us. In a world that teaches us to cling to what we love at all costs, there is an undeniable art to moving on – and it’s one that we are constantly relearning. In this series of honest and poignant essays, Heidi Priebe explores the harsh reality of what it means to let go of the people and situations we love most - often before we are ready to – and how to embrace what comes next.

The Reviews

I cannot lie, I have read this twice. Each time I read it I cry. My break up is fresh and I want so badly to fix things but each time I read this I know I have to live for me. It hurts badly but there will be brighter days after the pain.

This is an excellent book for anyone who needs to let go of someone they love but really don't want to. It lets you look at the reality of your situation, as difficult as that might be, and understand that it is time for you to move forward, both for you and the other person. Life changes things change and we shouldn't fight against this. I've never cried so hard as when I was reading this book, because it's difficult to accept that this love is coming to an end, despite anything anyone may do. I still don't know how I'm going to do this, letting go of my partner of 25 years, untangling them from my life to move on without them. But I know I must try-somehow, someway if ever I am to have peace within myself. I will read this book probably 100 times to keep strength to let go. I've never been more sad and relived to hear the words in this book.

I feel this book was written for me. I know that's not true in reality but that's how much this book spoke to me.Heidi Priebe speaks to her readers in a way that is both personal and meaningful. The way she delivers her message about letting go and moving on is truly eloquent.While I did find at least 6 grammatical errors in this book, I absolutely take nothing off of my review because of it. This book is still AMAZING!I finished reading this book within a few hours of receiving it and I am reading it again already. For anyone who is finding it difficult to let go of someone or something (even if you don't feel quite ready), I sincerely recommend this book.I've added in the photos just a glimpse for you to see (I apologize ahead of time if the 2 pages I put up for you are not in the correct order. I did upload them in order). That's only one of hundreds of parts of this book that resonated with me. I hope whoever decides to read this book finds even the slightest bit of comfort that I was able to find.I hope this helps.

I read this book in only a few hours and it made me feel that I was pouring my own heart out on the pages. This is such an amazing book that covers every topic of life in a way you can relate to. This is for both men and women, with the exception of one chapter. MUST READ!!!!

After going through a breakup from a toxic relationship, this book is really helpful. Whenever I felt down I read a chapter or 2... or 3 lol. I honestly was not expecting it to be that helpful, but it is. Even if you are not going through a breakup and simply just can't get over someone, or need help learning to love you or someone else.

Priceless. Exquisitely written in a clean, beautiful style, Heidi's words put the aching in my heart into language I could wrap my head around. I loved and cared for my life partner for two years through his bladder cancer only to have his daughter force us apart and keep me from seeing him the last two months of his life. This writer's words helped deep healing take root where utter dejection and rage had been. The best book on the subject I've ever encountered.

I honestly didn’t think much about this book when I got it. I became single March 2017 from a 3 year relationship due to him cheating. It sucked, it hurt, and even to this day I’m still healing. But this book really helps you break down all your emotions. It doesn’t sugar coat it like “it’ll get better”, it acknowledges that this hard time is going to suck and it goes through the steps of letting go. Definitely worth buying this book, and I will be recommending to friends.

I liked the concept of the book,the way the author structured her points. However,I guess I was looking for more from the book based on the title. The book was more of a conversation that we should have with ourselves when we want to "let go" and a little bit of how to let go, and I wished the author included a little more " how to". Overall it was a good read and in would recommend it to anyone finding it hard to Let Go

This Is Me Letting You Go
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