The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

by: Stephen R. Covey (0)

The Infographics Edition

“…Dr. Covey's emphasis on self-renewal and his understanding that leadership and creativity require us to tap into our own physical, mental, and spiritual resources are exactly what we need now." —Arianna Huffington

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Commemorate the timeless wisdom and power of Stephen Covey’s cherished classic, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and do it in a highly readable and understandable, infographics format.

Dr. Covey's 7 Habits book is one of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written. Now you can enjoy and learn critical lessons about the habits of successful people and enrich your life's experience. And, it's in an infographics format that makes it easy for you to learn and apply Dr. Covey's 7 Habits.

Learn the habits of successful people. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has captivated readers for over 30 years and sold over 40 million internationally. It has transformed the lives of Presidents and CEOs, educators, parents, and students—in short, millions of people of all ages and occupations have benefited from Dr. Covey's 7 Habits book. And, it can transform you.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Infographics Edition guides you through each habit step-by-step:

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive
  • Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind
  • Habit 3: Put First Things First
  • Habit 4: Think Win-Win
  • Habit 5: Seek First To Understand Then Be Understood
  • Habit 6: Synergize
  • Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw

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The Quotes

It’s not what happens to us, but our response to what happens to us that hurts us.

A serious problem with reactive language is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As Emerson once put it, “What you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say.”

The Reviews

I finally decided to read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I had purchased it some time ago and recently determined that now was the time to read this self-help classic. What a COLOSSAL disappointment! I am amazed that this mediocrity is so popular. I found it to be little more than 1980s managerial balloon juice.From “paradigm shift,” to “think Win/Win,” to (ugh) “synergy,” there is no empty self-help cliché left unturned. I should have stopped reading the first time I saw the word “synergy.” (I get countless “business proposals” in my email every day and, if I bother to skim any of them at all, I delete them as soon as the word “synergy” makes an appearance.) No word represents the trite emptiness of this book better than “synergy” – except maybe the verb form of the word: “synergize,” or the adjective “synergistic,” or the adverb “synergistically.” But they are all here. (The author also repeatedly refers to “things that are learned” as “learnings.”)The book doesn’t even try to live up to its title. There is no argument at all to support the idea that these are seven actual habits that real people have used anywhere in the world to achieve real success. In fact, these seven so-called habits appear to be nothing more than seven things that the author thinks are really good ideas, with weird examples of how they helped him deal with his kid being bad at baseball and also helped his kid learn the value of cleaning up the yard. The book’s title doesn’t match the book itself, but then no one would spend their money on a book called, “The Seven Things Some Random Guy Thinks are Really Nifty-Keen.”Here’s some useful self-help/time management advice for you: do not waste your precious time with this book. There are dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of better self-help books out there. Synergize your win/win paradigm shifts with some of those.

I don't understand the popularity of this book. It is in corporate-eze and makes little sense. The popularity of these books that repackage common sense and classism makes me queasy. Act compassionately and die knowing you didn't fleece your neighbors. It really is that simple.

Change is hard. How can I change? I suggest two practices for making changes in your life. The first is to follow your conscience. I speak a lot about the idea that between stimulus (what happens to us) and response (what we do about it) is a space to choose, and what we do with that space ultimately determines our growth and happiness. In this space lie the four human endowments of conscience, imagination, self-awareness, and independent will. Of the four, conscience is the governing one. Often, when we are not at peace in our lives, it is because we are living lives in violation of our conscience and deep down we know it. We can tap into conscience simply by asking ourselves questions and pausing to “hear” the answer. For example, try asking yourself the following questions: What is the most important thing I need to start doing in my personal life that would have the greatest positive impact? Think deeply. What comes to mind? Now, ask yourself another question: What is the most important thing that I need to start doing in my professional life that would have the greatest positive impact? Again, pause, think, and go deep inside yourself to find the answer. If you’re like me, you’ll recognize those most important things by listening to your conscience—that voice of wisdom, self-awareness, and common sense within you. Another great question to ask yourself is: What is life now asking of me? Pause. Think carefully. You may sense that you’ve been unfocused and need to be far more careful with the way you spend your time. Or you may decide that you need to start eating better and exercising because you’re constantly tired. Or you may sense that there is a key relationship you need to repair. Whatever it is, there is great strength and power in following through with a change that is endorsed by your conscience. Without deep conviction, you won’t have the strength to follow through with your goals when the going gets tough. And conviction comes through conscience. We all have three different lives: a public life, a private life, and an inner life. Our public life is what others observe. Our private life is what we do when we are alone. Our inner life is that place we go to when we really want to examine our motives and our deepest desires. I highly recommend developing this inner life. This is the place where our conscience can be most instructive because while here we are in the best frame of mind to listen. A second key to change is to change your role. As I’ve always said, if you want to make incremental changes in your life, change your behaviors. But if you want to make significant change, work on your paradigms, the way in which you see and interpret the world. And the best way to change your paradigm is to change your role. You may get promoted to be a new project manager at work. You may become a new mother or a new grandfather. You may take on a new community responsibility. Suddenly your role has changed and you see the world differently and better behaviors naturally flow out of the changed perspective. Sometimes role changes are external events, such as a change in a job responsibility. But other times we can change our role just by changing our mindset or our perception of a situation. Let’s say, for example, that you are seen as a control freak at work and that you know you need to start trusting others and letting go. Well, perhaps you could see yourself differently and redefine your role from one of “supervisor” to one of “advisor.” With this change of role, this mental shift, you would start to see yourself as an advisor to your team members who are empowered to make decisions and seek your counsel when doing so instead of being the one who has to own everything and constantly follow up. I’m often asked, Which of the 7 Habits is the most important? My answer is: The most important habit is the one you are having the most difficult time living. Use your endowments of self-awareness and conscience to help you sense which habit you may need to focus on. Often the best way to change is to pick the one thing, the single habit, and to make small commitments to yourself related to that habit and keep them. Little by little your discipline and self-confidence will increase.

I'm not sure where some of these people come from with their reviews: "I WOULD NEVER SIT IN THIS CHAIR!!" / "THE WHEELS DONT WORK!" / "IT TILTS 5 DEGREES WTF!!"Allow me to offer a sane, honest review of this chair. Long story short, its a good chair. For $130, its a great chair. My chair came in a normal box, required 10 screws (with Allen wrench included), and took about 20 minutes to fully assemble.The height is great for people who like to sit a little higher, but it can get low for those who need it. The back and lumbar support are adequate, and the armrests are a normal width apart, with comfortable padding. The seat cushion is thick, thicker than normal, and the tilt / tilt adjustment work fine. The casters (wheels) spin freely, dont jam on carpet, and we're easy to attach.So, to reiterate, its a good chair. It will be ALOT better if you're used to sitting in some $30-50 cheapie from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. If you want a dope chair, go spend $400+, and I'm not being a wise-a**. Good stuff, REALLY good stuff, costs good money. If you dont have that budget, this chair is fine. Better than fine.A couple notes: 1) If you're really short (5'2'' or below), the Seat of the chair maybe too long and you will not have adequate back/lumbar support. 2) If you're really tall (6'2'' and above) you may run into the opposite issues of the short people. 3) If you weight 300+ LBS, I dont recommend this chair as A) You are outside the manufacture's recommended weight limit and B) their isn't especially wide to accommodate a larger frame.

The media could not be loaded.  Shockingly high quality. Longevity a question mark, but treat it well and this is probably well worth the price.My impression is from the first 48 hours of owning the chair; I bought a pair of them for an office — but ... I do have a decade of engineering experience and I’ll use that to give a highly detailed review!There are three or four main materials at play here: polycarbonate, steel, mesh fabric, and vinyl. Throw in some stitching, zinc and brass plated fasteners, and miscellaneous softer plastics and you have the whole picture.Starting from the base: The casters are fairly standard plastic with steel or zinc-coated base metal shanks. No surprises here. Replace with urethane if you want to not damage hardwood floors. The 5-pointed base itself is dense polycarbonate. Don’t mistake this for metal! It’s well engineered and has only a few minor flashing points made during mold separation. During assembly the hydraulic assembly is pushed unceremoniously into the base and it wedges in nicely. Disassembly is possible with some force but it won’t slip on you.The seat of the chair bolts to the bottom attachment bracket with 4 m6 bolts. Black oxide here again no surprises. Some slight head oxidation means your chair is likely sitting in a warehouse for around 4-9 months before shipping to you. No big deal but worth noting.The actual seat is fabric with a vinyl edge. Compression is about 1/2 to 3/4 inch natural with a minor forward bias. This is great and keeps your posture on point, but you may feel you are “slipping” out of the chair if you try to sit in it improperly. Having the base of your back aligned with the chair back will do wonders for you.Stitching appears to be of reasonable quality on the vinyl edging and armrests. Those are soft vinyl too and will be your first failure point after a few years of use. Don’t fret! These are easy to reupholster! Search on YouTube for guides.Overall the arms have some slight side wiggle to them that comes from their cheap push-button up/down operation. Normal. A little annoying if you like to adjust arm height a lot. Not a big deal overall. More molded plastic here; good quality like the base.The arms bolt to the seat and to the back of the chair... and THAT IS WHERE THIS THING SHINES.The back of this chair is large but not immodest and insanely comfortable. If you sit properly in this chair it feels better than some $1000 chairs. I am not kidding. I own some (admittedly used) $1000 chairs I also got for a steal. These are better. I am serious.The back of this chair feels luxurious and supportive with zero pressure points. It’ll be comfortable up to around 6’6” in height, and around 250-275lbs. Over that you should get a larger chair. (I’m 6’x170 for reference)To finish up: the mesh of the back is bolted securely to the frame which has admittedly decent looking slots for air to flow. It looks a bit spinal but it’s all black so doesn’t distract from overall aesthetics. Some included rubber end caps even cover the screws that secure the back to the seat. These will keep those black oxide screws from rusting underneath. (More m6 here by the way, with 12 used in total)As you can tell, I’m honestly very very pleased and will be buying more of these. Possible future wish-list inclusions would be a mesh seat and bottom tilt adjustment. The slight forward bias may be annoying to some who don’t like to sit far back in their chairs with good posture. But it’s not a deal breaker at all.5 stars for overall quality and feel4 for aesthetics, mixed bag here5 for ease of assembly4 for materials. Black oxide fasteners do rust and vinyl can flake over time.3-4 for packing. Honestly everything was just jammed into the box but it seemed fine on delivery across both unitsAveraging this to a solid 4.5-5 for the final review.I almost don’t want to leave this review because I feel like I’m letting people in on a clever secret. But there you have it. Get one. Get two. Enjoy them. Value is all there. And I’m big on sustainability. Spending more won’t get you dramatically far from this even if you find more features in other chairs.Any questions or comments let me know.

Now that I'm working from home for the foreseeable future, that little tiny desk chair from the college days was not cutting it. I researched chairs for weeks - which is really hard to do online. If there was a review for any chair I read it. I asked colleagues in professional facebook groups what they've bought now that we're all working from home. I initially bought this one from Staples (great sale plus Rakuten $), but they canceled my order. I couldn't fathom trying to pick out ANOTHER chair again, so I paid a little bit more to get the same one from Amazon. I AM SO GLAD I DID.I have a horrible tailbone. Sitting for long periods is painful. This chair has lots of tush support and between the seat and the back, puts you at a great position that the pressure is really off of the tailbone/coccyx. The seat is big and with the arms is plenty wide for real sized people. I'm 5'5" size 14 and my hips are comfortable and supported. The back supports me from the very bottom of my back/tailbone all the way up to above my shoulders. It's really been helping my posture and back/neck discomfort in the time I've had it.And the blue color is so great and fun - what a nice pop of color to come to work to each day in my home office.On a side note, when binging Space Force this weekend I screamed "OMG that's why my desk chair is so hard to find! They have a half dozen of them in the lab on Space Force!" So there ya go!I would absolutely buy this again. It went together so easily. The arms are a great height but also adjustable and plenty of cousin. The seat is firm yet supportive without being uncomfortable. And the back provides great support without the SUPER uncomfortable lombar cushions and bump outs that is found on so many other chairs.Even my husband loves it so much he's contemplating one for his new home office too.Four thumbs up in our household!

Are these as nice as the real thing? No. Are they good for the price? Yes.I understand the disdain people have for buying clones but some people have to understand a lot of those who are just getting into this hobby don't want to spend $100+ on a keycap set and you can't fault anyone for that. Even I, as someone who's been into keyboards for a few years by this point have only ever spent about $70 on keycap sets (including GMK keycaps that I purchased at a discount or with gift cards that I've received.) Even I have trouble justifying spending $100+ on a set of keycaps so maybe that can give some perspective to those who are giving these products negative reviews just because they are clones. Aside from all that, they're decent keycaps, they have no texture on the surface which may be a massive turn off for a lot of folks but in my experience, I don't notice the texture of a keycap that much when I'm typing anyway (your finger touches the surface for a mere fraction of a second while typing, so I feel that texture is usually pretty negligible, for me, that is.) So my honest opinion of these keycaps is that they're good, but they're never going to beat out the real thing which is also why I feel that people and creators alike shouldn't be scared of these clone keycaps, these really aren't competition for the likes of ePBT or GMK, rather, they're a good gateway product and for some people, they're good enough.

Ordered these to use for my GMMR Pro since they have the smaller right shift and the three 1 unit modifiers for the right side of the space bar. Those all work great however the keycaps are a bit thin. This isn't an issue for all the keys EXCEPT the space bar. I had noticeable issues with the spacebar sticking as it couldn't be pulled back up. I replaced and relubed my stabs to no avail. I instead got another spacebar, which is thicker, and now I have no issues.

Great quality, nice and clacky without having to mod any keys to damp any keys with too much reverb. Looks great with RGB, even though they aren't backlit. Mac command and option keys are nice to have. Wish they also had Mac media keys as well, but alas.

Got them for my Keychron K8 pro. Look amazing with south facing RGB and feel even better as I personally did not enjoy the factory caps.

I ended up putting these on an epomaker sk61 optic switch keeb when I got them in. I really like how they're a cherry profile, but an dxa like thickness, and sculpted to said profile.The home row notches are quite pronounced and the caps offer a reasonable amount of thk or thuk, but not a super nice thok on the sk61 board. Although to be fair my expectations for that kind of sound are likely unrealistic... so just take the sound bit with a handful of salt I suppose.They are reasonably thick given the honestly low cost (and yes this is LOW.. and quite a hard profile to locate..)Though they are reasonably thick, the dye or color component to the polymer isn't super dense. In other words, these act almost like demi or semi "pudding" style caps when put up against rather bright leds.The sk61 has smd rgb leds,l with a lens on the switch in the path of the light. So I suppose this is about as bright as one could get their keeb to be. Especially with the white top plate.Right, digressing back to the topic now.There is this almost.. semi pudding like effect and bleed through for the light. It's more noticeable the more constant the keeb lighting is on top of being even more noticeable the darker your surroundings are. With a dim or moderately lit room I find the bleed through is still noticeable, but it doesn't personally bother me.If I am being honest, I actually quite like the way that it looks.The dye dubbing is pretty on par given the price.The feel of the polymer is super, silky smooth. So if you don't like silky smooth feeling caps then these aren't for you.Now I normally hate these brighter colored caps, as they can be ink and dirt magnets. (I like fountain pens, don't you judge me ya monkeh.) So if you fill your pens messily, draw messily, or.. otherwise have a work station these will be near. Don't expect them to stay clean and pretty lookin' for all that long I suppose.The upside to this is something I only learned of recently.You don't really need shine through caps when your monitor is putting out enough light to bounce off the black legend having, white key caps. That or if you have a dimly lit room too. I find I can always find the key I am looking for if I ever forget the layout of this keeb.Even in a pitch black room, I find the moderate (for me) bleed through of the light to be honestly helpful in this regard also.So they aren't the greatest.. but they're honestly not the worst I've ever used. About the only part that sucks is that the space bar can't be used on my other board that I was hoping to use it on. But if fits the sk61 flawlessly on a reversed position.I actually think I will buy one more set for a 96 layout keeb I plan to make sometime soon ish.

I got the white keycaps with Japanese lettering. The picture shows white but what you get is an off white, white. I wanted the arctic looking white that it shows in the picture. On top of that, there were little hairs and stains on some of the keycaps which leads me to believe that this was a used set that was sent to me as new =/ Im also not sure why some keycaps are taller than others. Overall just a disappointing set. I see so many reviews of people liking it so maybe i just got bad luck with mine.

This is my first purchase of a waterpick. I felt compelled to buy one, after my Orthodontist inserted permanent wires behind my upper and lower teeth after completing Invisalign. I found out that I could no longer floss those teeth!!!I took a chance on this waterpucj, and I am thrilled with it. Most times, just one water tank is enough to clean my teeth, but sometimes I just refill to get the job done.Light, portable, holds a charge a long time, doesn’t take up space, and throughly cleans my teeth. I love it!!!!

Update October 25th 2018 - went for my 2nd cleaning this year and my dentist told me she definitely sees an improvement since my last visit in April. So this product is definitely doing something. A little messy at times and could use as a water gun if my boyfriend bothers me while I'm brushing my teeth, so will keep the 5 stars ;-). Great investment for my great smile! Also it's still kept its charge since I've received it. Haven't had to charge it yet. Great battery life.July 13th 2018 - absolutely love it. I use it every day since my purchase a month ago and haven't needed to charged it yet.

Love this cordless flosser. I have a waterpik from many years ago but it is such a pain to get out and set up, plus then you get to clean up all the water afterwards. This one is neat and compact and fills easily. I dump any remaining water and leave the little "hatch door" open on the back to dry the inside. The only suggestion I would make is there is no cover for the jet attachment. I am the only user so I leave it attached. Some kind of dust cap would be nice. I currently use the nozzle cover from a container of discarded nasal spray to cover the tip.

I bought this item for a three week trip overseas. It obviously can not compare to a traditional Waterpik. Does the job but could use some improvements. If you put the water setting on Normal, you will have to fill the water reservoir twice per use. The product has three settings: Normal, Pulse, and Soft. The Soft setting is too weak to clean your teeth and Normal setting is way too strong. If you have the setting on Normal you should turn off the power as you shift to the lower/upper or front/back teeth. Otherwise, you end up shooting the water stream into your gums and palette which can become sore after use. They should replace Pulse with a Medium setting. On the plus side the battery is amazing. Only charged it once during my entire trip. Also, the small carrying bag is a plus.

I have used this product for almost 2 weeks now and so far so good. At first I thought I got a faulty model because it was leaking around the tip, but after looking into this problem online I found that you have to use a pretty decent amount of force to click it into place which I was originally afraid of pushing to hard and breaking it. So if this happens to you just put a little more muscle into it than you think you would have to. My dentist recommended a water flosser because my wisdom teeth thankfully are not causing any problems and do not have to be removed, but they have made my teeth very tight together. I use traditional string floss but I was still getting cavities between my teeth due to how tight they are. I use this device daily but I still use string floss first if I noticeably have food between my teeth (like after eating corn on the cob) although I’m not sure if it’s necessary to use both, it just makes me feel like I really removed everything. I have also noticed that my breath stays fresh longer and my teeth feel super smooth like I just got a professional cleaning done. I also believe that they appear whiter. This model also allows for you to put mouthwash instead of water for a truly deep clean, I typically mix mouthwash with water once a week rather than using it full strength but you could use just mouthwash if you prefer.It is not too heavy and easy and quick to use once you get the hang of it.

I really like how well this flossed cleans out the food that is stuck between my teeth...way better than flossing. I love the way that it also massages my gums. I would change the design just a bit as it is way too easy to push the mode button accidentally while maneuvering to all parts of the mouth. Also, I am very thorough and have to refill the reservoir mid way through.

I had one before and I accidentally broke it. I was so glad Amazon still had them because I Like how they work. My mouth and teeth feel so clean after I use it. The device is easy to clean and dry. It comes with a cloth bag so you can put it in the bag, with the cord for charging it plus the different heads. So it is very easy to take it with you when going on a trip. I like the head that has the brush on it. My dentist states that my teeth don’t have a lot of plake. so it must be working good. I still brush my teeth with tooth paste before using it.

I’ve had two water flossers .Price wasn’t an issue.I bought one,it went south in two weeks.Now a flosser is not an electric toothbrush.It is spa day for your whole mouth!So I returned it & bought this item on a whim (should I say “whirlwind “ mI was extremely happy with the device. Until I dropped it against a ceramic title shower ! It was on me,so I reordered it ! Got it a day!My take on this one is absolutely convenient,self standing,battery is rechargeable,& best of all,Powerful & inexpensive!Spoken from a man with a lot of experience,Your mouth will love you.

Bought this book for my class, and it was painful to read. Reading the book is like reading Instagram inspirational posts. Don’t really have to use your brain when you read it because basically the author is just going circle and repeating himself while making up new words to make it seem fancy. His argument is very poorly supported. The 7 habits mentioned are what HE THINKS effective people have. He even used bible character to support his points of view, so....Good for people who are lost and need directions. But if you are intelligent, you probably already knew most of the things the author says.

Even though I am not in one hundred percent agreement with some of the terms used to attempt an explanation of human emotion and behavior change this book is still headed in the right direction. As an example, the author uses the term paradigm shift when he experiences a change in perception given a specific circumstance. In my mind, a paradigm shift occurs when there is a permanent change in emotion and behavior which does not occur with most people in a single change of perception. Children can experience a paradigm shift if caught early in a behavior that does not work. A 40 or 50-year-old adult, however, is a very different animal.“The Way We See the Problem is the Problem.” I agree with this one hundred percent but being told how to reframe it and take another approach without revealing the mechanism of the thought process behind it will only work with some people. Something I have found to be consistent with all people is teaching them the mechanism of how thought emotion and behavior work as opposed to trying to tell them what to do which I think would integrate perfectly with the principals of 7 Habits. An example of one of those mechanisms is our internal dialogue which runs at approximately one thousand to twelve hundred words per minute which is about four times faster then we can speak. This internal dialogue is generated in large part by our self-questioning Following is the mechanism.ExampleQuestion: Do we ask ourselves questions?Answer: YesQuestion: Does the subconscious work on those questions when we are not consciously involved.Answer: YesExample: If you see someone you know or an actor you are familiar with and ask yourself “What is their name?” You may not get an answer right away, but in an hour or two or maybe even the next day their name will pop into your head as clear as day.Internal dialogue is the first and most important thing we can use to change any circumstance. Getting back to “The Way We See the Problem is the Problem.” the first two questions need to be “What can I learn from this” and “How can I use this to move more quickly toward my objectives?”Now that you understand that you ask questions and the subconscious will work on those questions when you are not consciously involved “How important is the structure of the questions you ask yourself? ” The structure is extremely important because if you ask yourself “Why can't I resolve this issue” what do you think the results will be? The result will be negative because the question is in a negative context.The 7 habits make perfect sense but for most consistent implementation will be an issue. There are many moving parts when initiating change or causing a paradigm shift especially if a programmed pattern is 10, 20 or 30 years old. Internal dialogue especially in the form questions, however, is the absolute foundation for initiating and maintaining this shift. Following are some of the questions I use for each of the 7 Habits.Habit 1: Be ProactiveWhat action can I take every day to move as quickly as possible toward my objective?Habit 2: Begin with the End in MindEverything we do in life produces a result, so the key question for Habit 2 is…What result do I want to produce?”Habit 3: Put First Things FirstWithin the FEF™ process, there are two keywords which determine one's objectives and define what needs to be put first, and they are “Absolute Must,” so the key question for Habit 3 is…What are my Absolute Musts or what are my Absolute Musts for today?Habit 4: Think Win/WinThe Win/Win scenario can be accomplished if one has the ability to use every life experience good or bad. This can be done with the two key questions I mentioned earlier.What can I learn from this? andHow can I use this to move more quickly toward my objectives?Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be UnderstoodHow can I make sure I have a comprehensive understanding of the people I serve and the objectives I believe will serve them?How can I make sure I am communicating my services in the best way possible?Habit 6: SynergizeIn the days of social media, there are many questions regarding Habit 6.Will social media create the synergistic relationships I need to achieve my objectives?What do I need to do to create the synergistic personal relationships that will move me quickly toward my objectives?Habit 7: Sharpen the SawIn this chapter, Covey reiterates the importance of physical-spiritual mental and social/emotional. I agree on the context but not the order and everything that is included. How we feel about everything in our lives will determine whether we move toward them or not so for me emotion is the most important and this encompasses the mind or what Covey refers to as mental. When establishing objectives in Functional Emotional Fitness™, there are four categories which cover all human objectives and they are “Love, Health, Wealth and Self-Image” which I feel clearly defines the full spectrum of what one needs to keep sharp. You can, however, use Coeys or your own within the context of the following question.How can I make sure my Love, Health, Wealth and Self-Image are clearly defined and operating in the 90 plus percent range?If you need to generate more questions to make sure you are keeping the saw as sharp as possible simply ask yourself “What questions do I need to ask myself .about Habit 1 or 2 or 3 or 7?”Given the current science on the influence of the gut over our thought processes keeping the saw sharp might need to be addressed first. Whatever the case the 7 Habits is a rock solid foundation.

I was forced to read this book in high school and I got through it but the insights went straight over my head. Now, it took me several months but I read it very carefully. Taking time to do the suggested activities brought amazing insights which I found applicable to all aspects of my life. I also enjoyed watching videos on YouTube and tapping into additional FranklinCovey resources. I will be reading this one again and again.

A guide on valuing the correct principles. A must read for all individuals, especially those who desire to be the best version of themselves

Still reading this….

What Stephen presents in his book is a structured approach on becoming a highly effective person. He stressed the fact that he did not invent any of these but rather structured them for his readers. All of these actions are innate to us already, i.e., either we are not aware or we just refuse to practice these habits.I would recommend this to people who are trying to get their personal lives or careers back on track. The book is full of practical knowledge and illustrative examples on how to apply the 7 Habits which can really help the reader.As it is not expected for everyone to get a good grasp of the 7 Habits after picking up and completing the book, I believe a reread of this book is in order.Great material!

This book spoke to me more than any other book I have ever read. It was almost as if everything in the book was already a part of me, and reading the words made me aware that they were there. I truly believe that when I apply this to my life, I will see significant change. I believed that if our society as a whole applied these principles, then we would have a peaceful, sustainable, and beautiful future where we worked together and found peace.

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