Never Ride a Rollercoaster Upside Down: The Ups, Downs, and Reinvention of an Entrepreneur

by: Jeff Smulyan (0)

"A nicely balanced personal and practical book of corporate reflections and hard-won business lessons."  —Kirkus Reviews

What is it really like to be an entrepreneur? After nearly fifty years of building a successful media company, founder of American all-sports radio Jeff Smulyan shares with candor and humor just how many bitter failures come with each great victory along the way.

For founder and CEO of Emmis Communications Jeff Smulyan, the path to success has been anything but straightforward. When you’ve owned a Major League Baseball team, started America’s first all sports radio station, created the world’s two largest hip hop radio stations and managed everyone from David Letterman to Ken Griffey Jr. and Don Imus and even been nationalized by an ally of Vladimir Putin, you’ve seen the rollercoaster ride of an entrepreneur from every side. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs, radio and media industry insiders, and avid sports fans alike will appreciate Smulyan’s honesty as he shares the countless lessons he’s learned from decades of entrepreneurship. Smulyan offers readers priceless insight into navigating the twists and turns of growing a business and teaches how to build a culture based on both trust and humor—the essential keys to surviving almost anything.

Never Ride a Rollercoaster Upside Down details Smulyan’s journey: from taking over his cousin’s failing country music radio station and founding his own company, to purchasing and then selling ownership of the Seattle Mariners and guiding his company through the Golden Age of Radio. Alongside his humorous, eventful, and dramatic stories, Smulyan presents valuable pointers and tips—for anyone else brave enough to try their own hand at starting a business.

The journey to booming business is a rollercoaster. Learn from someone who has experienced all the ups and downs—and knows that what’s most important is to hold on while keeping your sense of humor intact.

The Reviews

I found this book to be well-written and much more honest than the average business biography. This is actually one of the most impactful business books I read in 2022 as I found myself stopping several times to write down a quote that I am sure to repeat in my professional life. Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in business in general or actually involved in the operations of a business.

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This is an insightful book, accessible and highly readable from start fo finish. It's a fascinating narrative and a compelling story. And it's told by an engaging person about intriguing, famous and near-famous enterprises and more than a few exotic people along the way, all still leading back to some common-sense, everyday lessons for taking the entrepreneurial plunge. It is also a great history of the modern transformation of media, communications and major-league sports--and the intense interconnections across all three.Most of all, for would-be entrepreneurs, the book makes clear the necessity not only of vision and persistence, but the ability to read people accurately and dispassionately (while, ideally, having as many as possible like you along the way) if you are really going to know where to place your very best bets and have any real chance to achieve startup, scale and success.

Never Ride a Rollercoaster Upside Down: The Ups, Downs, and Reinvention of an Entrepreneur
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