Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat: The BRRRR Rental Property Investment Strategy Made Simple

by: David M Greene (0)

Invest in real estate, flip houses, buy rental properties, and never run out of money―using the hottest strategy in the real estate world!

“From A–Z (or B–R), David covers just what you'll need to execute like a master and build wealth like the pros." ―David Osborn, New York Times bestselling author

For years, investors have built wealth through real estate the hard way: slowly saving money and sacrificing their current happiness for a future reward. While this method produces results in the long run, what if there's a better, more efficient way that works in years instead of decades?

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat is the five-part BRRRR real estate investing strategy that makes financial freedom more attainable than ever: You buy a property under market value, add value with renovations, rent it out to tenants, complete a cash-out refinance, then use that money to do it all over again. In this book, author and investor David Greene shares the exact systems he used to scale his real estate business from buying two houses per year to buying two houses per month using BRRRR.

This easy-to-follow plan will grow your wealth quickly without letting a lack of cash get in the way of pulling it off. With the BRRRR method, you’ll create wealth with real estate investment properties and BRRRR your way to financial independence!

Inside, you'll discover:

  • A solid plan for getting started, even with limited capital
  • How to identify target properties locally and all over the country
  • Negotiation tactics for making offers that get accepted
  • How to recover 100% (or more) of your money in a deal
  • Unique ways to increase a property's value (and your own net worth)
  • The key to identifying emerging markets destined for huge growth
  • How to recruit top talent to work on your deals (so they build wealth for you!)
  • And so much more!

The Quotes

The 1 percent rule is a very simple maxim that states if a property will rent for 1 percent of the price you paid for it, it’s likely to cash-flow positively.

This rule states that I want my total expenses for a property (acquisition plus rehab) to add up to 75 percent of what the property will appraise for when I’m finished. It is essentially saying I’m willing to pay 75 cents on the dollar for what I buy.

The single, most important act a real estate investor can do to grow their wealth is to add value to a property—be it through purchasing below market value or adding value through a rehab.

My criteria are simple and logical. I look for three things in a deal. To be all-in for 75 percent of ARV. To cash-flow positively. To be in an area that won’t cause me a headache.

Velocity of money is a cool term used to describe how many times you can make the same source of capital work for you.

The Reviews

I finished this audiobook yesterday and there is some good information in it. But the good information is buried in heaps upon heaps of fluff. The author is very very long-winded and it makes this a difficult listen.For example: Until almost 2 hours in, every paragraph was the author saying 'my method is the best method because I say so'. Once you're past the first 2 hours things are said that support that assertion (though that support is still mixed into heaps of fluff), but 2 hours of worthless babble to start the book was infuriating.

Wow this is an amazing book! First off I am a licensed real estate broker who specializes in investment properties and helping my clients build passive income through real estate. David has taken a somewhat complex strategy and simplified it so that most people can create the financial freedom they are looking for through real estate investing. I highly recommend this book To anyone who may be looking to retire early, diversify their investments, build a rental portfolio, or even just create more income. David you’ve done an amazing job!

At first, the author is long-winded and repeats itself. However, keep reading. The BRRRRR is an excellent method, and the method is eventually explained, LOL. Structurally, the book could have been laid out better. I found it confusing at first because I wasn't quite sure if I was still in the intro or actually in chapter one. That is why it is not a 5 star. Again, I just kept reading. Great advice and awesome tidbits the author learned and shares from going through the sales program at Keller Williams. Folks, hang on, things may get interesting in my RE market because of rising interest rates and the 'trade wars. (long overdue to IMHO). Foreign money is now being withheld... WATCH for deals - best of luck!

Thanks for making me read the whole book only to find out at the end it is impossible to do. Buying under 50% of asking price, is just not a real thing. Great work to anyone who has actaully manage to buy a property a low as is required for the 'scheme' to work. Not just A property but serveral every 3 months right? Find a property every three months that you can buy for 50% less than asking price. Seriously? What does that require? Knocking on doors of dilapitated houses? Offering less than fair price? Or buying something that needs dire rennovation? Foreclosure? If you're not willing to do go to these extremes, this strategy is not for you. If you live in a state that is highly desireable and prosperous, this strategy is not for you. You can make a buck on a flip, but to actually turn a profit and get your entire money back to buy the next house, is not possible anywhere. I've read tons of examples of people using so called brrrr and not one of them got their enitre mortage and then some back. It brrrrsht.Previous reviewNo index!The book is useful, a little fluffy, probably can charge more for it that way. Had to skip through a lot on the audio book of just the author reiterating the same point for too long. Anyhow how am I supposed to go back and find an important part in the book, without an index?

I've read probably 10 Real estate books at this point and this has to be the best. The thoughtfulness and clarity with which it's written is unparalleled. David actually goes out of his way to break down specifics of how to build/improve your real estate business instead of simply repeating mantras like "you make your money when you buy" I would 100% recommend this to a friend and have already taken action as a result of this book.

I would recommend this book to anyone investing in real estate. It's easy to read and easy to understand. It teaches the process in the title. If you want to know how to BRRRR or just want to learn how to start and get involved in real estate then this book is for you and definitely worth it. From a beginner stand point I know have a foundation to build on by starting with this book. If anything, for someone who is a professional or expert in real estate could at least enjoy the good read and maybe see how they could look at our think about real estate differently. I would recommend this book to anyone. I think everyone needs to be investing in something (themselves and their future) and why not real estate? I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this book! Thanks to David Greene for writing it.

This book has a lot of useful information for those that are new to investing. The BRRR strategy is more difficult to start than traditional real estate investing with a 20% down payment every time. This book explains why the BRRR is much more effective and tries to persuade you to use it.The Good:The author really digs deep on what will make a real estate investor successful and I mean any real estate investor, not just for the BRRR strategy. The main reason is to have a solid team. The book explains how to get a good team together, what to watch out for, and how to have the team work together. The author explains how you can use a team member to make sure another team member is doing their job. The rehab section was one of the best because the book explains where to put your money when doing a rehab.The bad:Not a lot of examples on deal analysis. I think it would be helpful to include more examples of how to analyze a brrr deal. Also not a lot of information on how to estimate ARV. Sometimes the books seem to have information that is not needed.Overall:Even though the book is missing some stuff, it is still a great book that new investors should read. After reading this book, you have a better understanding of terms and it makes you more curious about other things. You should still have questions after reading this book and go find books to answer those questions.

Detailed explanation of each step of the BRRRR method. If you listen to Bigger Pockets a lot of this will not be new but DG has curated the information on the topic such that it can be referenced and it is complete to fill in any gaps left from partial explanations from the podcast. Excellent book.

I am in the world of real estate but if you are not this book is very easy to follow and understand the way BRRRR works. I couldn't put my copy down. Long Distance RE Investing is also a must read!

Exactly as described!

Awkward to use. Glue dot did not hold its shape

David does a fantastic job of simplifying the real estate investing cycle so anyone at any level can understand it. I have 3.5 years of experience and a 17 unit portfolio and still pulled out good nuggets in every chapter. Of which I already knew and it just further cemented my understanding or it was a new process that I will look to implement. All around good stuff!

The book has great content about real estate investing but sometimes it’s feels very boring as it’s padded with a lot of buzz words and fluff. Also in some chapters I feel like he gives advice but there are not enough information to practically follow it. I would say this book is a good place to start to learn about real estate investing but I would look for more content before I start investing.

This book provides a pretty straightforward easy to understand explanation of the BRRR method. I didn’t know much about it coming in, but I did have some background on investing and economic/financial terminology. I am also a lawyer that has dealt with real estate. I can imagine this book might be a lot to swallow for some.Even with my background, the book worked best for me when I started running the numbers myself. I formed an excel and started pretending I bought some houses. Then I started finding properties and running those through the excel. It definitely is not get rich quick. But you can see how over 15-20 years, you can really grow your wealth. (I also started doing test runs. I’d find properties; pretend I bought them; and follow to see if I’d made good choices. You will find that a lot of these properties are targeted by flippers or other investors; when they pop back on the market after the rehab, you can see how much they go for; and if the rehabs were financed, how much they cost).As other reviews mention, the book can drag on a bit. But, the nuggets are there, and maybe more importantly, it got me thinking about things I hadn’t considered. It eliminated some of the unknowns. It triggered some thoughts of my own. My wife and I plan on following this model, more or less. We are saving for our first house. Fingers crossed.

I really enjoyed this book and the detailed descriptions David laid out along with his analogies. I also read Long distance real estate investing by the author, and got a lot out of both. I’m going to be buying my second property and looking to do a rehab and refinance to get capital out so this was a very helpful read.I only wish that the book had more examples of the numbers of different deals with how to analyze the refinanced mortgage amounts. I think there where only 1 or 2 ex on the financing PITI and how to analyze the numbers for a good deal before buying and rehabbing but would of liked to see more examples throughout the book since it’s such an important part of the BRRR strategy. And maybe a comparison of doing similar BRRR HELOC.Overall great book, and highly recommend to anyone interested in real estate investing! Thanks David!

Great book to get started with SF investments. BRRRR method is explained really nice, i would love to checkout more of your books to gain more knowledge. Thanks David!

Real estate authors are authors. You will find fundamentals though.

Great book ! Super helpful , detail to the core, anyone interested in real estate investing ! Training and the how To, this is the book ! David green has his bigger pockets podcast which is out of this world , the dude knows his trade that is for sure! And for us newbies , gives us the ins and outs of this complicated world of buying and selling right ! This is a must have book , and for reference as well , great book !!! Superb well written ona language that we can understand,I will definitely buy more books from him. Thanks and get this book ! You won’t be disappointed :)

This was the first book I read when I wanted to learn more about real estate investing. I cannot say enough great things about it. Coming from a completely different career, I knew almost zero about real estate and this book gave me the confidence to take my first steps. It is excellently written, loaded with important complements and terms and supported with clear examples and personal experience. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about investing or who feels they can’t do it.

Good book, but be warned, that part of the method stipulates that you purchase the home upfront in cash. Even if you can't do that, there are great lessons to be learned.

Great product and cost. I ordered for a 2004 Ford f150. I didn't factor in the built in seat belts so I had to modify the covers but that's no fault of theirs.


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This book is a road map for everything you need to know about how to recycle your money and buy property after property with the same money over and over again. It tells you exactly what to do and whom to talk to. I just finished remodeling a house and I got most of my money back and I have already started fixing up the next house. This book is going to make me a ton of money! If you want to buy rental properties and you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank ready to invest READ THIS BOOK!

Great for understanding BRRRR strategy

Book was a great Read and was quite informative about the BRRRR method. I would definitely recommend it to others if they sought to learn the BRRRR real estate method.

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