Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media

by: Brittany Hennessy (0)

“I highly advise anyone who has an interest in life online to get this book, sit down, and take notes because you're going to want to hear what Brittany has to say.”
 –Iskra Lawrence, Aerie Model and Instagram star (@iskra)
If you’ve ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and thought, I wear clothes, eat avocado toast and like sunsets, why can’t someone pay me to live my best life? this book is for you . . .
  Every one of your favorite influencers started with zero followers and had to make a lot of mistakes to get where they are today—earning more money each year than their parents made in the last decade. But to become a top creator, you need to understand the strategies behind the Insta-ready lifestyle . . .
  As nightlife blogger, then social media strategist, and now Senior Director of Influencer Strategy and Talent Partnerships at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, Brittany Hennessy has seen the role of influencers evolve and expand into something that few could have imagined when social media first emerged. She has unrivaled insight into where the branded content industry was, where it is, and where it's going. In this book she'll reveal how to:
*Build an audience and keep them engaged
*Package your brand and pitch your favorite companies
*Monetize your influence and figure out how much to charge
Plus tips on:
*Landing an agent
*Getting on the radar of your favorite sites
*Praising a brand without alienating their competitors
  Whether you’re just starting out or you're ready for bigger campaigns, Hennessy guides you through core influencer principles. From creating content worth double tapping and using hashtags to get discovered, to understanding FTC

The Quotes

Content creators are people who are creating blogs, vlogs, and Instagram photos out of thin air. Lifecasters are people who are just living their best life and you’re following them because their feed exudes sheer awesomeness.

That said, everyone should have an account on the big four: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

A decent engagement rate is 1.5 percent to ~2.5 percent, but your goal should be to exceed 3 percent.

The Reviews

If you’re serious about being an influencer, this book is a must read! There’s a lot of good information in it!! I highly recommend it!!

The world of social media and online influencers it's changing so rapidly that is hard for anyone to keep up. What I like about this book is it there's a lot of great content and some online sources and an easy read. I recommend this book, for any influencers that are looking for their nook. Thank you for looking at my review. I hope it is helpful for you. If it was, please let me know by simply checking the helpful box below. God bless you. May the rest of your life be the best in your life. BABA Oran Z

I highly recommend this book for any independent creator or business.I was hesitant at first because of some of the youtube reviews i saw for this book. People were saying that it was just okay, and it was written for people who only want to learn about working with influencers. It is definitely helpful for “influencers”, but the information in this book is relevant to any brand that wants to learn anything about marketing and attention the internet. It’s is obvious that the best and biggest place to do marketing on the internet is through social media, so “influencer” is just the term that will be used to frame the information. The section that stuck with me the most is when she breaks down how businesses view social media accounts depending on what sort of engagement and following they have. Incredibly valuable information that I will never forget!I am so thankful I read this! I recommend it to every person or business who wants to build a following on social media.This book will clear up any doubts you have in your understanding of social media marketing, and the author writes in a very direct and no nonsense way.

Before reading this book, I was enthusiastic and passionate about sharing different makeup and nail design looks via Instagram. My following has been and continues to be organic interactive followers. I wanted and needed to increase my social media following. I needed to learn how to improve my social media profile, that can lead to increased followers. I knew that I need to improve my social media marketing plan. I seriously wanted to figure out, how to use social media to gain many more loyal, interactive followers. And, to gain followers to purchase my own cosmetics brand. This season I have launched my brand of skincare and makeup. (The launch of my own company was my ultimate goal.) These are the following things that I appreciated about this book, and is helpful for myself:1. Before buying this book, I either spent my personal money on makeup products or I would receive free makeup products from different brands. Sometimes, I still record and post "sponsored content" for other beauty brands. Chapter 5: "Money," helped me to know exactly how to calculate the formula, to know the appropriate amount to charge to the beauty brand, that initiates contact with me.2. The author explained the professional information that needs to be included on an influencers' profile. This was helpful. I needed to better organize the contact, heading, and other information, for my social media profiles to look more professional or polished.3. Chapter 2: "The Audience," helped me with so many things that I was overlooking. The importance of engaging into genuine conversations or comments with the followers. Previously, I thought that the number of likes for a post was just enough. Now I realize that, I need to write questions about the product that is featured within the post. Also, in this chapter, there is a helpful list of #hashtags, that can be used when posting photo's or video's to social media.4. This book has given me the guideline to become better at different aspects of operating my social media campaigns, posting and promotions. Over the months, I continue to use this book as a good reference, to help myself know the sensible, logical actions to do, to meet my social goals. I am 100% satisfied with this book purchase.

To be fair, I would give this book 3.5 ⭐️As a marketer, I am always fascinated by influencers and their ability to draw an audience no matter what their platform or niche.Before I ordered this book, I had read some of the negative reviews. For example: "The entire book is about women in the influencer market. If you are a female, this may be an empowering book, but as a male, I find it useless."That didn’t stop me from ordering the book because it didn’t actually seem like a negative thing. However, what this reviewer missed was that it isn’t about male vs. female. The book is focused on beauty and fashion influencers. And yes, the author is speaking primarily to women (she even warns about that in the beginning), but that’s because that is primarily who does the influencing in those markets.But the word “influencer” is not limited to these niches. Wikipedia defines influencer marketing as “a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers, people and organizations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.”People can be influencers in all different kinds of genres, even accounting. But this book is not talking to anyone in any other industries.If you’re an influencer in another niche, you might find some of the information in the book helpful. But I wouldn’t recommend reading it unless you are specifically interested in beauty, fashion, or something closely related.

Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media
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