Live More, Want Less: 52 Ways to Find Order in Your Life

by: Mary Carlomagno (0)

“An enjoyable, inspiring guide to improving your life one clutter-free week at a time.” —Lindsey Pollak, New York Times–bestselling author of Recalculating

From taking control of an overflowing closet to creating clear and achievable life goals, Mary Carlomagno shows you how to strip away the nonessentials and make room for serenity, change, creativity, and even enlightenment.

Offering a practical week-at-a-time approach, Carlomagno helps you shed not only the unnecessary things that are cluttering up your day, but also the habits and mindsets that keep you from reaching your fullest potential. 

“A highly readable expose on the meaning of stuff.” —David Wann, coauthor of

The Reviews

It covers so many things that you can change in your life. It tells of small things that you can incorporate in your everyday routine. It also reaffirms the good choices you have made. Live is not a one size fits all and I think this books covers all if not most of the areas that could be improved on. I also like the idea that doing something little each day will achieve your goals. I have a habit of the extreme do or die theory so I feel like I have been given permission (it is okay) to slow down. Love the book.

Most excellent book. Changing my life. It has everyday fixes for a multitude of overwhelming problems. One baby step at a time. Also gives one pause to rethink and organize many different facets of our lives. It's not just about cleaning up our messes but finding order in all that we do. The author is intelligent, quick witted and to the point. She gives sensible ideas for finding order in all we do. Her insights and little stories are quick and to the point.

Loved the format. Helpful and enjoyable advice that follows logical steps. I read straight through, but selective reading would work as well.

The author runs her own business helping clients de-clutter their lives and this book proves she knows what she is doing! There are 52 chapters that utilize one WAY, or philosophy, to help get your life in balance. Whether you have collected stuff for years in your garage and attic, or are just starting out in life, there is great advice and ideas for taking control of the "stuff" that matters.

This is a great read with so many principles that apply to many areas of life. I shared passages from this book with friends while on a recent trip and ended having them ask for the title and author. I will reference this book often for the quick tips and reminders.

I first took this book out of the library to read. Then I began taking notes to help me do some of the suggestions. Then I went to to see if they had the book. Why takes notes when I could own the book. It has been well worth the purchase.I am a disorganized person and her tips have helped me.

A nice easy to read book, broken down in short chapters that you can go back and refer to or skip to the one that interests you. Practical tips with specific, hands on actions you can take!

I have just started reading and skimming over it. Looks good. I feel that as I settle into reading it, it will be a good read.

Live More, Want Less: 52 Ways to Find Order in Your Life
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