How To Become A Successful Artist

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“[How to Become a Successful Artist] goes straight to the business of being an artist... Resch’s book offers practical advice to remind readers that there’s a lot more to being an artist than just making art.” – ArtNews

The must-have business guide for all artists, written by the leading specialist in the global art market

Written for artists of all levels, ages and mediums the latest book from bestselling author Magnus Resch explores how artists can have a career in the field they love. He answers the most important questions including: How do I find gallery representation? How do I write an artist statement? How should I price my artworks? And what's the best Instagram strategy? Case studies are drawn from interviews with leading experts and practitioners, including artists, gallerists, and curators. It's an invaluable resource to explain the core business principles of being an artist and reveals how to make it in the art market.

This must-have guide includes business advice from the art world's leading experts, such as Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jeffrey Deitch, Simon de Pury, Mera & Don Rubell, Mr. Brainwash, Oscar Murillo, Sean Scully, Peter Halley, Kenny Scharf, Lucien Smith, Lisa Schiff, Julian Schnabel, Georgina Adam, Katherine Bernhardt, Shirin Neshat, Laurie Simmons, Jordan Wolfson, Jitish Kallat, Zhang Huan, Rashid Johnson, Marilyn Minter, Raymond Pettibon, and many more.

 [How to Become a Successful Artist] goes straight to the business of being an artist... Resch’s book offers practical advice to remind readers that there’s a lot more to being an artist than just making art.” - ArtNews

The Reviews

If you are an artist with no business education: Buy this book! All the information you need to run your studio you can find in this book. I have bought various other books on the topic - often they are personal accounts of unknown artists. What makes this book unique is that Magnus is not an artist. He is a Professor at Yale for Art Management. His arguments are based on data. And on the advice of experts, such as Hans Ulrich Obrist, Marilyn Minter and many others. There is no other book that follows this approach. If you want to learn from the best, buy this book.

This is the only book artist need to read to become successful, super informative call, all you need to know is there. It covers all topic, no BS. Much appreciation for the author. This book reveals all the secrets, helps you to develop your own strategy, gives you a list of all the influential people in art. Step-by-step it helps you to get a global picture of what’s going on in the art world. The most inspiring book Just because of the incredibly useful information that’s in there.

Wonderful find! I really enjoyed this book. It is rich in content and has a great design. If you are just starting out in the art world, buy this book. It gives you all the key information you need to successfully run your business as an artist. It is a good companion to "Management of Art Galleries," which I read last year and also enjoyed. Both books provide artists with comprehensive yet easy to understand overviews of the “ins and outs” of the art market.

Brilliant bookMagnus Resch summarizes what it takes to be an artist. This is an excellent guide for artists, who are also entrepreneurs.

I just bought “How To Become A Successful Artist last week. It is not the first book I have related to art business advice, but I am literally in shock. I’m devouring it, eating and tasting every chapter and highlighting paragraphs with my yellow Staedtler Texsurfer classic.The author, Magnus Resch dedicated the book to his father. I think he was proud of him. I also have “100 Secrets of the Art World”. A guy with a Ph.D. in Economics and a real love for arts is a win-win math formula.To my fellow artists I just could shout: Buy this book and read it two or three times and start making your network right now!

Just finished reading this super insightful book, I am glad that I picked up a copy and can highly recommend it.

What a joke of a book for this price! Reads like a junior introduction to LinkedIn for budding artists. Avoid

Exactly what I was looking for: hard to find art world data.

When it comes to art books I typically roll my eyes and go about my day. They are usually the same generalized cliché on repeat; however, this book surprised me. I first heard about in on the Business Artist podcast where the author, Magnus Resch, participated as a guest. What caught my attention is how the author actually delves into the art market and explores the world of curators, galleries, successful artists, and the data that surrounds them. Now beware, the book is fairly pessimistic at times, but overall it’s a reality that you can mold to your liking in my opinion. I appreciate the content. Good stuff!

I recently purchased your book, How to Become a Successful Artist. I have read many a book over the years about the art market and how make it as an artist, and this is one of the freshest, most lucid volumes on the subject. Bravo. I am part way through and am already trying to put to work some of your insights. I’m sure it will improve my success as an artist.Thank you! Your hard work and art world understanding is much appreciated.

Enjoyable read. Makes me think differently in how I approach my art business! Thank you for such a great resource!

Magnus is Perfection Itself. I love how scientifically backed his research is and how clearly he compiles it for you.

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