How to Sell Your Art Online: Live a Successful Creative Life on Your Own Terms

by: Cory Huff (0)

An essential guide for every kind of artist that teaches them how to skip the gallery system, find their niche, and connect directly with collectors to profitably sell their art.

For years, galleries have acted as gatekeeper separating artists and collectors. But with the explosion of the Internet, a new generation of savvy, independent artists is connecting with buyers and making a substantial living doing what they love.

How to Sell Your Art Online shows any artist how to make a successful living from their work. Cory Huff dispels the myth of the starving artist and provides the effective business strategies necessary to make artistic creations pay. He helps individual artists find their niche; outlines the elements essential for an effective website; and provides invaluable advice on e-mail marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and paid advertising—explaining how to tie all these online activities into offline success.

Most importantly, he shares the secret to overcoming the biggest challenge artists face when self-marketing: learning how to tell their unique stories. Every artist has a reason for making art, but can’t always find the right way to express it. Huff provides exercises artists can use to clarify the intellectual and emotional process behind their art, and teaches them how turn that knowledge into stories they can tell online and in person—and expand their reach through blogs and social media to build their art business.

Drawing from the stories of successful artists, thoroughly describing how art is sold today, and providing tips on how to build connections personally and electronically, How to Sell Your Art Online illustrates the countless ways artists can take control of their creative careers—and sell their work without selling out.

The Reviews

This book is an interesting read if you can get past the typos – for artists it has some good resources; however the majority of this book is a sales pitch for Mr. Huff’s coaching etc… I took a look at the webpage and signed up for some more of the information, what I got was a ton of emails and promotions etc… not the least of it fit the bill. I have no interest in Pinterest or selling my work like some POP artist and it would seem that from this book it’s the only way it can be done.I would skip this book and look into “Death to the Starving Artist” by Nikolas Allen, “Real Artist Don’t Starve” by Jeff Goins or even “Art, Money, Success” Maria Brophy. All of these books have great information and you don’t get the used car salesman pitch with them. You get real information for what it takes to be a successful artist in a modern world without being a clone or sell out.

This book is full of banalities and very very few original thoughts. It talks about selling art through galleries even though the title of the book is about selling art online. What you will learn is that you need a great website and blog to sell your art online. So what else is new?

I pre-ordered the book and read it in a few days. There are some really good points and I walked away with a clearer picture of what my next steps are. I got a few answers in this book that I have not been able to find in other books/art marketing gurus. He goes through some things about a website that is good for you to know, but that part wasn't useful to me as I already have an established site not far off from what he describes. If your goal is selling the work, read this book. It puts things together here for you in regards to the art business and making sales online. The fulfillment process is not outlined like how to calculate shipping if you are fulfilling the orders yourself (selling sculpture). I wish the Unique selling proposition portion of the book was outlined a little more.It was easy to read. Some times books like these are just a long sales letter for hiring the author as a consultant. I was concerned about this as a I pre-ordered the book. I am glad that he focused on delivering actionable content and keeping the consultation at a minimum.All in all I would recommend this book. If you are at a point in your career where you need the why behind content marketing, this book has it.

City nail it! I read several books on business and e-marketing looking to improve my income as CG designer. So far, I couldn't fill the gap. Meaning that I couldn't relate all the business and marketing theory into my industry; questions like what kind of need people fulfill when contract my service?Maybe is me, been totally neophyte in business. But this book helps me to fill the gap, to nail it, to finally internalize all I read to this point and have clarity of what I am doing.I truly recommend it for those struggling, but also I recommend don't stop with this book and go deeper to the subject. This book will help you to understand why business mind set and marketing is as important as making our art.Hope that made sense and helps you to decide.

If you want to sell your Art or yourself (same thing) online, buy this book by Cory Huff. This will probably be the best investment you'll make for the next 12 month if you are serious and willing to learn about the way it can be done. I have been studying with Cory for 2 years, and am VERY satisfied. Doing this has opened to me avenues I did not know existed !It is very easy to spend lots of time, money and energy at trying to market your Art, with very little results. And there are lots of curus aout there trying to sell you miracuous solutions...This is different. You read the book - you try it, and then you'll wonder why you did not think about it in the first place !No fancy gimmick, just logic, common sense, If you are looking for the Silver Bullet or the rich heiress who will find you, fall in love with you and introduce you to all of her friends, forget this, but If you are willing to work hard at promoting your Art, buy this little book, read it again and again, apply it, and you will be rewarded.

This book, in general, is great. It is PACKED with information that one needs to get started. I gave it four stars instead of 5 because for a more introverted person like myself it can be very overwhelming. The tone of the book is also very fast-paced, which is fine for a type A personality, but a little intense for me.

This is the most relevant and actionable guide to making a living as an artist today. Times have changed and Cory Huff understands that. Not only does he present great resources for learning to sell art online, he does it in a way that is completely approachable and makes a sound argument for why online sales should be a key component in any artist's arsenal.

A lot of this book contained info I already knew just from googling how to's and pretty much any marketing articles you could find online. However, there was a lot of little tips and gems of info that I feel it was worth reading and I'm going to try to implement some of it into my own art business. Some reviews said the book was the authors way of promoting his coaching but I didn't get that at all from the book? I feel there was a lot of advice and if you're a total beginner it'd have a lot of value!

I bought the Kindle version of this book, and liked it so well I also bought the paperbook so I can easily refer back to it. Corey does a terrific job of covering the marketing aspects of selling art -- a subject I truly need help with! It is clearly written and interesting to read. I have been following his blog and website for years and know he's the real deal.

Great read so far and valuable information! Very excited to read this.

Great book to help me in my future artistic endeavours.

I had been waiting for this book to come out for several months and it did not disappoint. "How to Sell Your Art Online" does just that, describing the building blocks for a successful on-line marketing strategy.This book will be extremely useful for artists who do not have a lot of experience marketing their work online or those who have gotten their feet wet, but aren't really sure about how all of the marketing pieces fit together. Cory explains how those pieces: email, a website, and social media combined with a savvy approach to business can help the artist create a successful online business. At the same time, he argues that this requires a steady commitment to the business side of art.For those who do have a website as well as a substantial mailing list and social media presence, this book may be less useful. Nonetheless even experienced online marketers are likely to find useful nuggets of information, particularly in the last two chapters on social media and measuring your efforts.Finally, this book is just simply a good read. Cory knows art and tells engaging stories.

A comprehensive manual to get the struggling or apprehensive artists booted into action and prosperity! Way to go, Cory! Cory's can-do attitude rubs off on the unsure creatives and arms them with the practical sides of getting 'er done! Our world is challenging creatives to become more visibly involved and Cory's put his expertise out there to help make it happen! No more excuses!

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excellent product/ very fast service

I really like the advice in this book on how to sell my art. I have been taking notes to help myself remember and improve

This is worth a 5 for the starting point and framework it provides. I'm also taking one a the author's courses. I was wary of taking the course because I get bombarded with ads for art marketing and many are scammy. But after reading this well written and informative book I felt confident about it.

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This wasn’t that helpful and almost everything in the book I already knew.

This was a very easy read packed full of good info and tips. Granted some things like specific tools may be older since it’s from 2016 but still applicable but the marketing principles are solid and I think timeless. A great starting point and framework for me to hone in and build my small, new art business online. Highly recommend and I am in Cory Huff’s email list and follow his IG page. Worthwhile joining too!

This book is a no holds bared, no b.s., get straight to the point how to book. If you want to learn the business side of what it takes to make a great living as an artist, learn by reading this book!

How to Sell Your Art Online: Live a Successful Creative Life on Your Own Terms
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