How to become a Successful Anime-Style Artist

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Turn creating anime characters and stories from a passion into your profession with this guide to drawing and painting, promoting, and selling your work. 

Specially commissioned step-by-step tutorials by respected professionals help you fine-tune your technique for engaging results, and define your niche as a pro artist. Projects tackle anime styles such as the dynamic Shōnen and fantasy tinged Shōjo, both aimed at adults, and Kodomo, created for children. 

Case studies explore anime sub-styles, helping you pinpoint how your innate style fits into the anime landscape, and what to focus on creatively and commercially for professional success. The book also asks: what is your brand, who is your audience, and how will you engage with it In a competitive environment, your ability to stand out, grab, and maintain attention is key. Independent professional artists who have done just that discuss this, plus the planning, work, and management that go into running you own brand. 

Promoting your art, growing your audience on social media, and establishing an ecommerce site to convert that audience into sales - every aspect of being a professional artist is covered. There is even advice about choosing related products and merchandise that complement your brand and provide a relevant backdrop for your art.

The Reviews

This book has amazing industry insight and gives you a lot to think about on the journey to become someone who creates anime art and wants to turn it into a business. It covers A LOT from social media, products, branding AND tutorials from top artist right now and their individual advice. I was hesitant about the price at first, but the quality of the book (3dtotal books always have amazing quality) as well as the wealth of knowledge. I'm glad I purchased it.

How to become a Successful Anime-Style Artist
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