Selling Contemporary Art: How to Navigate the Evolving Market

by: Edward Winkleman (0)

A sophisticated examination of today’s contemporary art market from an art dealer’s point of view, this new book focuses on recent changes in the quickly evolving market. With an emphasis on how the market responded to the global recession that began in 2008, gallery owner Edward Winkleman moves from an examination of the factors beyond the individual dealer’s command to those that the dealer can control. Sections cover:
  • The rise of the art fair
  • The rise of the mega gallery
  • New online competition
  • Models of post–brick-and-mortar art dealing
  • Art dealers as art fair organizers
  • Collaboration in a new era
Coverage is also given to the specifics of contracts contemporary art dealers may need, including an examination of a variety of contracts for representation, consignment, and new forms of contemporary art. Exhibiting a wide range of interviews with international experts including dealers, collectors, art fair directors, journalists, and online art entrepreneurs, Selling Contemporary Art is a must-read for gallery owners, dealers, and artists affected by the rapid innovations in the art-dealing industry.

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The Reviews

If you work in a gallery, this is the basic what you need to know. If you could know it and present it as well as the author would be ideal comprehension.

As I dive head first into owning an art gallery I am thankful to have read this book. There is tremendous insight some of which has only become truer over time. Excellent read. Highly recommend.

If you're in the visual arts, this is a good book for you, read it, highlight, make notes - read it AGAIN and AGAIN until you get this.

Great and insightful

This is a great book. Anyone anticipating a career in the fine arts needs take a look.

Buy it if you are or want to be a gallerist!

This was a Christmas gift. I have not read it myself, but am told it will be helpful.

While "Selling Contemporary Art" was written to help gallerists navigate the quickly-evolving art landscape in this era of art fairs and Instagram sales, it's not a bad idea for artists themselves to have a better understanding of the challenges of selling their work in the current environment. Personally, I found the book informative, easy to read, and very pertinent to my self-education. #LeoCastelliModel

Selling Contemporary Art: How to Navigate the Evolving Market
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