Fashion Design Sketchbook: Women’s Wear Fashion Illustration Templates. 9 heads tall figure. (Fashion Croquis Sketch Books)

by: Irina V. Ivanova (0)

Excited to start your women's wear design project and willing to skip tedious figure drawing routine?

Here is your solution:a figure sketchbook with all figures professionally designed,preprinted, ready for sketching and shaped specifically for women's wearfashion projects.

What is in the sketchbook?

  • Eight fashion figures
  • All figure are 9 heads tall fashion design proportions
  • Single (one per page) figures as well as groups of two and three figures per page arrangements
  • All templates are on one side of the page. Reversed side is blank
  • Light grey color for easy sketching over the figures faces on the templates are slightly darker than figures, so you do not have to draw faces if you do not want to
  • Three-quarter, front, back and side views included
  • Mild movement and still poses

How to use this sketchbook?

  • This is a sketchbook. It is not a book "about fashion drawing". It is a book for drawing in it. Draw your sketches directly in the book
  • Draw right over the figures. Use grey figure as an underdrawing
  • Use pencil or marker (if you are sketching using a marker it will be a good idea to place an extra sheet of paper under the page of the book you are coloring to prevent ink from bleeding through the page)

Who should use this sketchbook?

  • Women's wear fashion and clothing designers
  • Students working on women’s wear fashion projects
  • Anyone who have fashion ideas for women's clothing and need support in its picturing

Women's wear fashion design drawing is easier and more enjoyable with the Women's Wear Fashion Illustration Templates

The Reviews

If you want to focus on drawing fashions and skip all of the anatomy, then this book is for you. Less instruction and more workbook, it has a ton of templates that you can use right away--avoid having to learn how to draw a basic female -- it is already done for you so you can get right to designing! A great book for templates!

Love it

The only things I didn't like about this book were : that the figures were too close on the "duo" pages, that there were not enough back views, what the necessity for "trio" pages is, and shouldn't the pages be easier to remove from the book? Otherwise, the quality of this book matches Mme. Ivanova's other "croqui" books, and I hope she does a template book for male figures, also!

Bought for my niece and she loves it and said it is very helpful.

The figures are great

Sketches are too dark, very distracting. Proportions are good.

Great book! Have read some reviews that mentioned that the figures were too light to see well,solution I used was tracing over the images with a extra fine point,permanent Sharpie. I plan on ordering other books by the author.👍👍

OK book

The figures are great

Fashion Design Sketchbook: Women’s Wear Fashion Illustration Templates. 9 heads tall figure. (Fashion Croquis Sketch Books)
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