8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go

by: Jay Shetty (0)

The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Think Like a Monk offers a revelatory guide to every stage of romance, drawing on ancient wisdom and new science.

Nobody sits us down and teaches us how to love. So we’re often thrown into relationships with nothing but romance movies and pop culture to help us muddle through. Until now.

Instead of presenting love as an ethereal concept or a collection of cliches, Jay Shetty lays out specific, actionable steps to help you develop the skills to practice and nurture love better than ever before. He shares insights on how to win or lose together, how to define love, and why you don’t break in a break-up. Inspired by Vedic wisdom and modern science, he tackles the entire relationship cycle, from first dates to moving in together to breaking up and starting over. And he shows us how to avoid falling for false promises and unfulfilling partners.

By living Jay Shetty’s eight rules, we can all love ourselves, our partner, and the world better than we ever thought possible.

The Reviews

Reading this book, you might not expect it, but you'll fall in love with your LIFE again, as well as with your partner, your family, and and your opportunity to create more real and genuine relationships in this chaotic and distracted world.It's weird to say this, but I love the structure, intention and what feels like emotional energy of this book. Starting with "Solitude" and moving through Compatibility, Healing, and Connection reminds us that love evolves and changes throughout our lives, to this day. I love the 8 Rules:1. Let Yourself Be Alone2. Don't Ignore Your Karma3. Define Love Before You Think It, Feel It, or Say It4. Your Partner is Your Guru5. Purpose Comes First6. Win or Lose Together7. You Don't Break in a Breakup8. Love Again and AgainThe section on Healing is especially powerful.Each rule is actually profound when you read them, but Jay gives so many great examples you know how to be and what to DO and SAY in your real relationships after reading.Like Jay's last book, this is practical but inspiring, elevated but relatable, hopeful but honest.I know Jay personally as a friend and he put so much heart and soul into this book, you really FEEL it. His humility, brilliance, and mindful approach to living shows up here just as you'd want in such a deeply personal topic.For those ready to reignite their relationships, this is for you.Brendon Burchard, author The Motivation Manifesto

Overall, this book made me a better partner. It made me realize the importance of the time I spend with my self. It’s full of anecdotes, exercises , studies and so much wisdom! I got the audible version for my partner so he can listen to it and get all the wisdom I got. He’s been hearing me rave about several of the anecdotes throughout. Excited for him and for everyone else that picks up this book!

Jay's second book hit me in way more ways than I expected. As a single gay man, at first I thought, "what am I going to get out of this?" well it turns out -- a lot. The self-love aspect and preparing for love was eaxctly what I needed to hear. Jay's interactive lessons and practices throughout the book ensure there is never a dull chapter or moment. I highly recommend this to anyone, no matter what walk of life you are in, because there is so much knowledge and expertise we can all get out of this.

I just got my copy yesterday and I’m about one chapter in and loving it! This book is definitely different and I love how it draws upon philosophy of ancient Vedic texts. I can’t wait to complete it!

Jay Shetty clearly and concisely breaks down what love is. Likely the most challenging emotion to define for us. Most importantly, he allows the reader or listener to discover what their definition of love means to them and challenges them to see what they carried from their childhood into their marriage.It's part information, part exploration, and part coaching manual. Love is the foundation of what we all seek. He relates both ancient wisdom and scientific research and brings the reader opportunity for personal growth and insights.Whether single, married, partnered, or widowed, this book is for every person seeking deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships.I recommend listening as there is some excellent mindful meditation he walks you through. However, I purchased both, and I am glad I did. I am now working through some steps to heal myself in my relationship with love, myself, and all my relationships.Jay is on a mission to “Make wisdom go viral.” He believes wisdom is the fountain of positive strength, giving the courage to fight the darkness of selfish greed and ignorance and the power to choose love, compassion, and empathy.I am glad to be a part of that mission, and you can be too, start here. You'll be happy you did.

I cannot put this book down. I am so excited to see how my relationship with myself and others improve from everything I am learning in this book. I truly believe that if everyone in the world reads this book, the world would become a better and happier place! Amazing work, Jay!

I bought Jay's last book, Think Like A Monk, and I recently joined his Genius Community. This book will be the foundation to me finding love again and I can't wait for this journey to begin!

Not your typical book on how to find romantic love but rather a complete guide around all forms of love with lots of excercises and meditations to help me work through elevating my love.

Wow, I just devoured this book on the same day it was released.... At age 50, how I wish this book had existed decades ago. Shetty's writing resonated with me as much as Thich Nhat Hanh's in its depth, warmth, and insight. I am surprised given how relatively young Shetty is. In a world where there are so many now writing rather disappointing "self improvement' books, this one stands out as truly exceptional and was so very much well worth my time that I am actually going to reread it and give it as birthday gifts this year to my besties. Deeply moved and impressed by the beauty, guidance, and wisdom of this book.


I just started the book and after going though a recent breakup, I am finding this extremely helpful to learn from my experience and reboot what I know to be a better partner in the future and find the right person for me that I can grow with. Thank you Jay.....extremely grateful for the guidance and can't wait to see you on tour to hear more words of helpful advice!

This book gives insight on love in all of its forms and all that it encompasses. I recommend this book for anyone that struggles to find, grow, or give love to the world, surrounding, their partner, and others. Shetty gives a perspective on how to evolve and create nurturing/loving relationships with all that we encounter.

I just got this book today (release date) and I dove right into it. So far it has so many good insights and activities that are resonating so well with me. Great advice for people single and in a relationship about how to be self reliant and how to define what love is for you

Jay uses his extreme insight, research and knowledge to guide us through love, helping us to see that we must love ourselves first in order to love others . He has educated me personally that there are so many ways we can cultivate love in our lives . Who knew? Jay takes into account the modern day challenges we face as we tackle love and all aspects of intimacy. I'm so thankful for this guidebook to love and for Jay Shetty

Where can I start!!!! Been waiting for this book since September! Every page is full of words of wisdom! Words that are simple but yet never taught to me! My hope is to learn from this and apply it to my daily life with the hope of finding true LOVE in the future❤️Highly recommend this if you are to looking to heal and learn!

This creates a healthy view of self love ,familial relations ,intimacy and approaching the world with the love it requires in the moment of experience where you are .This brought peace ,understanding and forgiveness with several examples of how to positively interact with ourselves and the world's needs .Thank You I know I havnt said enough, this is priceless and well minded to invest your time within learning and practice .Brittany Johanson

So grateful for this incredible book about love. I just started reading it and already loving it and learning so much from it, about how to love, and how feel loved. Jay Shetty is an incredible writer, philosopher, mentor, and just an amazing human, who is decated to helping and serving others. Definitely recommend this book to everyone, everywhere, already got a few copies for my loved ones and close friends for an early Valentine's day gift. Thank you Jay, for all the amazing work you do!

As you start to read the book and start to understand what the author is saying you will feel a shift within yourself. I am only talking on my opinion on how I felt as i started to read. So much understanding and clarity comes with this book as well as some challenges that you may face in your life now and within yourself on a personally level. This book has reassured me that happiness has to come within before anything and love doesn’t just appear as it is in movies and on tv. There is nothing to dislike about this book so far. I will say hands down I have read “ Think like a monk” and that was a very good book and a eye opener into Jay Shetty life which made me shift my way of thinking much more. To say the less my husband was in the process of leaving to the army and we started to read “Think like a monk” and it set his mind to a complete focus as he left to boot camp and us seeing one another 8 months later. I will recommend both books!

I just entered the seventh decade of my life and this book came to me at the right moment as I am about to enter the 48th year of being married to my husband. It touched me at various levels. I am learning how to write a love letter to myself, to my husband and to the world; I am learning how to let go of those I love dearly; and most importantly, I am enjoying the process of redefining my purpose in life as I enter the Sanyasa stage of life. Thank You, Jay!

Jay, the author, has presented insights and wonderful knowledge in simple, reflective exercises through the book on knowing, understanding and defining love on deeper level. Loving the reflective and applicable exercises to build better, loving relationship with self and others with explanation of each distinguished rule! 🤩🫶💝.I have got the audiobook and hard copy and I am gifting this insightful book to people I love ❤️.

Being happily married for over 17 years I thought there was no way I needed this book I have this all figured out. But here I am telling you, everyone needs this book no matter what stage of love you are in! Friends, family, spouses there are lessons here for everyone!

I would recommend this book for anyone in or not in a relationship! Definitely a must read before marriage. It hit me from the start and talks about what real love is. Not this fairytale crap we have been fed our whole lives. It goes deeper to knowing yourself and respecting your partner. Love is between you and your significant other not the picture if what it is to others. I have been saying stuff like this for years about what a true relationship is like and Jay has put it all wrapped up in a bow for all to enjoy. Bought this for a friend but I want to keep it now and will buy her another haha.

8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go
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