How To Build Your Art Business: With Limited Time Or Energy

by: Corrina Thurston (0)

Corrina Thurston is a professional artist, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who has also been chronically ill since 2008. In this book she takes what she's learned from her art business and teaches you how to build your art business, even if you have time or energy limitations, like she does. This book is helpful for anyone trying to build their art business, but it's especially helpful if you have a chronic illness, another full-time job, or are taking care of your kids and only have limited time to devote to your art right now.

Learn how to:

- Be more productive and get more done in the time you have - Prioritize what's most important in your art business - Grow your audience - Make the right goals - Avoid getting overwhelmed - Handle rejection and learn why rejection is a good thing - Create successful art marketing campaigns, online and in person - Build successful partnerships with galleries, retailers, organizations, and other artists - Make passive income - And much more!

The Reviews

I was fortunate enough to get this book pre-release and have read it no less than three times! Now I have purchased it and plan to do so again for several friends who need the boost and direction that Corinna provides herein.You can come out of art school on fire to make your mark, only to find yourself dead in the water without the practical grounding and business info to make it in the art world. I came out of school thinking all would be rainbows and unicorns (hey, it was the early 70s), and somehow talent and desire would propel me to all my dreams. Some ridiculous amount of years later, after a life of distraction, marriage, kids and working "real jobs" while my soul and joy suffered, I got to read this book, to find the straightforward, matter-of-fact, blueprint of what it takes to get where you want to be as an artist. Bottom line:Work, do your homework, treat it like a business every day, because that's what it IS. You wear all the hats until you are successful enough to share the load. It's not torture, it's not hard, it's life.I admire Corinna's persistence in spite of her health and energy issues, and completely rational analysis of her successful actions. Her ability to convey them is a big clue to how successful her next book on communication for artists will be. Can't wait!

Corrina's book is comprehensive, informative, honest, relatable, helpful and inspiring. Her recommendations and strategies strongly resonate, and her writing style is like receiving advice from a trusted friend who has been there-and learned from it. I have been living with chronic illness and creating music and art to heal for 10 years with limited energy, so I loved learning more specific ideas for growing my own art business. I enjoyed that not only did Corrina include in each chapter business strategies, but a personal story of things she tried, and what led her to doing some things differently. She's not afraid to share herself with the reader-even parts she might not ordinarily want others to see. Even though we are in different artistic fields, I found Corrina's messages in the book very transferable and highly recommend to anyone wanting to build her/his art business.

I found Corrina Thurston's first book to be well-written and thought out. She shares an appreciable amount of helpful information, learned from her own successful experiences. She writes in a warm conversational, tone, and her book is easy to read and comprehend. I'm grateful for the help she offers to artists, whether healthy or struggling with chronic illness, who want to build their own art business. I think this book would be useful to anyone who would like to succeed in making a living with their art.

I was hoping this would be a guide to help with the journey of furthering an art career filled with resources and tools. It was more of common sense, how the artist handles her personal battles, with a very small amount of common information that can be found freely and easily. I gave two stars because I wish this artist well. I would not recommend this book unfortunately. Was really hoping for a win. Possibly if you’re in your early years of highschool or younger this could be mentally helpful.

I really liked the way this book is organized and presented! Great ideas that are easy to implement that helped me to see a cleaner path going forward with my artwork and plans to be an illustrator. I'm going to read this again now and do some serious planning. Got my whiteboard all ready! This book showed up at a perfect time for me.

Some of what the author covers is traditional info. But most of it is from her own unique perspective and that’s what makes the book refreshing. Even though I’m not ill, I often work till I drop. I’ve already started adopting her advice on how to rest and recharge. And I’m doing it without guilt!

It was more a personal account of her illness and how she’s had to work around that. I didn’t really find it helpful from a business perspective, more of just an interesting read as to how a fellow Vermont artist did their thing.

I was excited to read this book. Corrina is unbelievably talented. It is simply amazing that she is able to concentrate on her art work while having such a debilitating disease. Her work is so well done & each piece leaves you wondering what she will do next!This book was a pleasure to read. It has so many great tidbits in it for artists and others building a business. I enjoyed it emensly & have found it to be a great source of information.Many thanks Corrina!Cindy Browning

What a wonderfully written and relevant book for anyone who lives with any sort of disability, finds comfort and usefulness in creativity and feels that they would like to make a career of it! Corrina’s struggles and her way of pushing past them are so inspiring. Highly recommended!

How To Build Your Art Business: With Limited Time Or Energy
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