"A Little Long Time"

by: Brian Rutenberg (0)

The highly anticipated third book by Brian Rutenberg, A Little Long Time takes readers behind the studio door to reveal the making of a painter in intimate detail. Lively and thought provoking essays written by the artist are woven together with 129 rich, color plates of selected paintings from 2009-2019. A Little Long Time is full of technical advice, career tips, personal anecdotes, and time-lapsed images of paintings and drawings from blank canvas to finished work This is a book about how to be a painter, written by a painter.

The Reviews

Delicious colors! I want to swim in these paintings! Most amazing use of color that I've ever seen. Beautiful book. Thank you!

Love reading and looking at this book, fun beautiful paintings and lots of good art talk by the artist!Very inspiring !

1st book damaged in shipping due to poor packaging, just a box with no padding and the book shrink wrapped. Returned. Shipping damage denotes a minor rating dock because if they packaged it professionally, it would have been fine.It continues on: Replacement came directly from the gallery, packaged well but after opening the shrink wrapped book, I found part of a page ripped off!?! Returned.Replacement came from Amazon, again just in a box, minor dent on the front binding, kept it. It literally took months dealing with this round-about. The gallery was kind and helpful but couldn't believe the torn page in a shrink wrapped book! The book itself is great, love his work, but what a hassle to get a good physical copy of the book.

The color plates are gorgeous. And there is so much written wisdom here, not to mention multiple offerings of connection and solace for a lonely painter living in a box of paints.

This is a rare volume of beautiful color plates of Brian Rutenberg's paintings couched comfortably in his own writing (musings and medtations), to offer a fuller picture of what the ture aesthetic life of a seer/painter is like. Forum Gallery has done this painter proud. Worth the price. Makes a great gift book.

I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but you are safe to in this case..reading the back cover gives you a peak and smile letting you know this is going to be a great read and a new favorite in my art book collection. I really enjoy how we are also receiving a lovely art education woven amongst beautifully paired personal stories.

The reproductions of his paintings are fabulous! Plentiful and the colors and their accuracy are wonderful. I have barely started reading because each time I start I am distracted over again by the images of his paintings.

If I could only have 5 books in the world ; his would be one of themIf I could only have 5 books in the world; his would be one of them ! beautifully creative!

Mr. Rutenberg is obviously an exceptional talent - both as a painter and thinker. His narrative is brilliant, along with being poetically beautiful. The use of color in his magnificent work is bold, perfectly coordinated and so alive - it makes me want to sing and dance. As a man, he definitely one-of-a- kind and to be in his sphere must be otherworldly! Love the book!!

"A Little Long Time"
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