Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

by: Julie Smith (0)

International bestseller

“Smart, insightful, and warm. Dr. Julie is both the expert and wise friend we all need.” –Lori Gottlieb, New York Times bestselling author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone and co-host of the "Dear Therapists" podcast?

Drawing on years of experience as a clinical psychologist, online sensation Dr Julie Smith provides the skills you need to navigate common life challenges and take charge of your emotional and mental health in her debut book.

Filled with secrets from a therapist's toolkit, Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before teaches you how to fortify and maintain your mental health, even in the most trying of times. Dr Julie Smith’s expert advice and powerful coping techniques will help you stay resilient, whether you want to manage anxiety, deal with criticism, cope with depression, build self-confidence, find motivation, or learn to forgive yourself. Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before tackles everyday issues and offers practical solutions in bite-sized, easy-to-digest entries which make it easy to quickly find specific information and guidance. 

Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical well-being. Packed with proven strategies, Dr. Julie’s empathetic guide offers a deeper understanding of how your mind works and gives you the insights and help you need to nurture your mental health every day. Wise and practical, Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before might just change your life. 

The Reviews

I love Dr. Julie on Instagram and so I was super excited to read this book. I was so disappointed that the book is not really very helpful at all. The book is so repetitive and it kind of goes around in circles but never really gets anywhere. For example, just the introduction repeats and repeats how this book is a tool and it will help you build this set of tools for life, and that's it. She goes on and on about that. The rest of the book is the same- super repetitive and never really getting anywhere. I really wanted to love it because she is awesome on IG ..... maybe I got send a fake book, I dont know but it sucked for me.

I love her. Her social media has helped SO MUCH and I was counting down until I could order this book. In the beginning there are a ton of diagrams that were pretty helpful and it made me hopeful for the rest of the book. The book was extremely repetitive and I don’t really know how to explain it but I feel like the concepts are like 3/4 of the way complete. Like I’m reading and reading hoping it will all click and it just kind of doesn’t. Some areas are incredible, eye opening, and sincerely helpful but other areas just feel incomplete and I’m left wishing for more. I felt like something was wrong with me for feeling this way, but I noticed others felt the same way. The sections I was most excited for and felt I needed guidance on, was so so disappointing. Long story short, I loved it in the beginning to where I was taking notes and looked forward/hopeful for the rest. In the middle to end it felt like a chore to read and honestly wasn’t helpful enough to take notes on.

Dr. Julie Smith Is extremely successful TikTok presenter. This book explains everything so well, read the introduction, look at the index and pick the topic you would like to read about. Each sentence means something. Awesome book.

I am still reading this book as I write this review. So will be back with edits. This book to me is like a fine wine, meant to be sipped on and savored. Every section I read, I find I have to sit and marinate in it for a bit. I then find myself incorporating a small changes here and there with it.The information is provided in a really good way and allows room for reflection.Will be back for more of a review once I finish!

Found Dr Julie a couple years back on Instagram. I jumped on her book and got it super fast with pre order, the physical book is a great hardcover copy. I work in human services and find tips to help talk to my clients, and useful advice for my own mental health, this is a easy-to-read modern take. This is a book I will read throughout life as needed, not something to all digest at once!

I follow this wonderful Dr. On Instagram and love how she has taken what she explains on that forum and put it in writing with further explanation. Seriously why hasn’t anyone told me this before! Great life tips for anyone!

I thought this was just going to be a book. But I love that there are different learning styles addressed in the way this book is laid out. As you're reading about different scenarios or emotional connections, there's also a diagram for a visual representation and they call it a tool. Then (above and beyond) at the back...they have all the "tools" there so that you can fill them out with your own situation and emotions. Love this and highly recommend

An practical and efficient read that reviews problems we all face at some time or another, many facets of mental well being and how to maintain it. If you ever wonder how therapy works, this is the place to start.

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?
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