The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There

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An intimate, behind-the-scenes, richly illustrated celebration of beloved The Office co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s friendship, and an insiders' view of Pam Beesly, Angela Martin, and the iconic TV show. Featuring many of their never-before-seen photos.

Receptionist Pam Beesly and accountant Angela Martin had very little in common when they toiled together at Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. But, in reality, the two bonded in their very first days on set and, over the nine seasons of the series’ run, built a friendship that transcended the show and continues to this day. Sharing everything from what it was like in the early days as the show struggled to gain traction, to walking their first red carpet—plus exclusive stories on the making of milestone episodes and how their lives changed when they became moms—The Office BFFs is full of the same warm and friendly tone Jenna and Angela have brought to their Office Ladies podcast.

The Reviews

This book is pure joy on every page ❤️ As the ladies have referenced to Pam's watercolor painting of the office as hope in a frame, this book is hope in a bound book. Every page is testament to what a loving, supportive adult friendship through growing, changing families and chaotic work schedules can look like, and it gives me hope that all of us can build similar friendships in our own lives. After all, Jenna & Angela didn't even meet until their 30s, we can still make true solid friendships in adulthood! I truly think their friendship is one of the things that draws us into listen faithfully to the podcast every week, they feel like true authentic friends even to us listeners. I am so thankful to these ladies for putting their hearts, energy and time into creating this beautiful book for all of us! The pictures and insight into the office behind the scenes stories are absolutely priceless to fans of the show. Also, I've listened to the podcast on repeat, many reviewers here seem to have misunderstood, you had to pay more and order through a certain link to get a signed edition. Amazon does not sell signed books, those were available at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Premiere Collectibles, and some smaller local book stores, but are hard to find now. Their book tour dates are soon to be announced, I plan to have my book signed at their closest location to me if it works out.

Adored this.Okay, I'm a HUGE fan of The Office and The Office Ladies Podcast. Like, HUGE. My entire family loves The Office. My daughter is 15 has no boyfriend, but we're already discussing recreating Jim and Pam's wedding when she gets married.This book got me in the feels. Not just because I love the show so, so much, but because I get Jenna and Angela's friendship. My best friend came from our years of being active duty Air Force. It's a bond most people just cannot understand. When I listen to Jenna and Angela talk about their friendship, about the ups and downs, about how they can gab for hours, about the intense desire to be together again after The Office ended, I get it. I really, really get it. I cried when they talked about Jenna breaking her back in New York and Angela taking care of her, because when I was pregnant with my fourth child, I started bleeding and was put on bedrest WHILE MY HUSBAND WAS IN ANOTHER STATE. My best friend moved into my house with her 2 year old and took care of my 3 kids, her daughter, and me. She scolded me if I lifted a finger. She did everything. She was amazing in a time when I had no family around and no other options available to me, and SHE suggested. No, not just suggested it, she insisted.That was more than a decade ago now and we haven't lived in the same state since 2010. We drifted because life is hard and complicated, but once we came back to each other, we've been closer than ever. She now lives in Florida, I live in Ohio, and we do our best to get together several times a year. We always go to her house for spring break. She always comes here for New Year's Eve (because my birthday is January 3rd). We do a family vacation together as often as we can - with all 7 kids (I have four, she has three). From meeting in Hawaii to meeting in Gatlinburg for Thanksgiving to Disney World and even taking all those crazy kids sailing in the Virgin Islands. Our daughters, who I say have known one another since before they were born because she and I were pregnant at the same time (me with my third, her with her first) are now also best friends and our kids call each other cousins. Our husbands put up with us, but thankfully, like each other as well. More importantly, they understand what this relationship means to us.While our families getting together is very important to everyone, we try to do one girls' trip every year because we don't see each other as often as we would like. She's gone with me to book conventions (I'm an introverted author who stresses about marketing herself and she's super out-going, so it helps a lot!), we've traveled back to Charleston, SC where we met (and we got matching tattoos together), we've gone to the Dominican Republic, we've gone to New York and saw three plays in three nights, and we have so many more trips planned. Those weekends are always a tangle of talking, drinking, laughing, and memories, and I savor them.Anyway, I say all of this to point out that this book is aptly named. Yes, it's about The Office, but it's about something so much bigger, and I get it on all those levels. When you're part of something amazing, you want the entire world to know. Jenna and Angela, I hope I get to meet you one day. I think we could be best friends.

The media could not be loaded.  I love love love the office ladies podcast and and the office show. So excited to read this and I love the photos 😍

Absolutely delightful and charming. Also a fascinating read if you are interested in the journey of actors who start out as regular people. Their friendship is really special. We should all have BFFs like this. And simply great photos!

I bought both the hardcover and audible versions, because one has all the photos and one has audible-exclusive guest forewards. They write in such a happy style. I love that they have different sections, and as I read it I can hear them reading their parts in their voice. Just like the podcast. Can't wait to hear the audible Version too!If anyone thought they purchased the signed version and has a copy of the purchase, contact Amazon and get a refund. But when I purchased this book in January it was not labeled as signed. VERY happy with this purchase!

I read this book in three days. An office fan or fans of their podcast will really love this book. It’s filled all kinds of information about making of the office behind the scenes it was really great story finding out how the two of them became BFFs. I enjoyed all the pictures too. I recommend anyone who loves the office or are a fan of these two ladies read this book. The only negative thing I can say about this book was it ended way too soon I wish there was more to read!

If you love The Office and the Office Ladies podcast, you’ll love this book. It’s packed full of photos and stories that you can only hear from cast members. The book has a fun format, going back and forth between Jenna and Angela.Reading this book makes me love The Office even more. Knowing that the cast and crew all really did care about each other and still have great friendships makes it more meaningful.

I absolutely love these women! It’s clear they’re best friends, especially when you hear this as an audiobook. This book was informative and so much fun to listen to, especially for any fan of the office. I never particularly liked the character Angela on the show, but Angela Kinsey is SO vastly different! As you listen to stories about how she helped out Jenna through tough times is truly beautiful, spectacular ways, you just can’t help but think about how awesome the irl Angela is. I mean, most of us loved Pam, but I ended up loving Jenna even more. I have yet to hear their podcast but you can bet I’ll be starting soon. I’ve already started watching episodes of The Office in preparation! Bravo, ladies! You wrote a fabulous book!!

I found this on Amazon. Can’t remember what I was looking for. This is a book of recipes and other memories of a restaurant in my current home town. My husband grew up in Ballston spa as did all of his siblings and my brother in law! My brother in law looked through the book and saw that was actually in one of the photos! So we bought them one of the books too!

This book is amazing. Jenna and Angela tell it like it is while reminiscing about the best show ever. They talk about real life struggles as well as the joys of the career they chose. Highly recommend the audio version too!

Bought this book for my mom who loves the office. It has so many fun and beautiful photos from behind the scenes and lots of stories. A must have got a office fan.

I absolutely loved this book. It reads like two friends having a conversation which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Office is literally one of my all-time favorite shows and getting to read about behind-the-scenes happenings. It was a fun read!

This was a fun, quick read that gives so insight into the actors and others involved in The Office. Nothing really deep or shocking, but fun to read for a fan. And definitely a good story of female friendship and empowerment! I think it would be better as a paperback because of the amount of pictures in the book. It would be nice not to have to zoom in on them all to be able to see them.

This book was light and informative about one of my favorite shows that’s a comfort within itself. Life is so hard right now and the world is insane, so I wanted to read something that wasn’t a text book or the news and this was perfect. Love the behind the scenes pics as well! Read it in 2 days!

Great book, a lot of background and pics. Your not a real office fan if you don't buy this book.

I love the office ladies podcast. So I had to check out their book. I read the whole thing and enjoyed it- but there weren’t really any stories I had not already heard, from either the podcast or maybe Brian Baumgartner’s podcast. Which I get with this day and age, it’s hard to keep any content close to your chest, especially the interesting/relevant stuff. So I would totally recommend if you’re a The Office or Office Ladies fan. Might be more fun to get the audio book, which the authors narrate, if you’re a fan of the podcast already- or want a taste of it. Just don’t expect to get new content (some fun photos were added).

The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There
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