Skip the Flip: Secrets the 1% Know About Real Estate Investing

by: Hayden Crabtree (0)

  • Want to get started investing in rental property, but not sure how? 

  • Do you want to become a full time real estate investor, but not sure where to start or how to buy rental property with confidence? 

  • Have you heard about real estate loopholes, but not sure how to use them to benefit you? 

This useful and informative guide will break down all the barriers you have to get started investing in real estate. Skip The Flip teaches you the fundamentals you have to know to be a successful investor. 

The system is broken. What was once great advice of going to school, getting good grades, saving money and investing in a 401K is long gone. Many things in our financial system are broken and pitted against you. Were you taught in school how you can use other people's money to make yourself wealthy? Were you taught how you can generate millions a year in passive income through buying assets that puts cash in your pocket each month? Were you taught how to legally avoid paying a dollar in taxes.

No, you weren't. 

Skip The Flip busts down all those walls and shares with you in an easy to read format exactly how you can use the information that the wealthy 1% has been using for decades. 

Skip the Flip gives you the knowledge you need to change your financial life. After reading this book you will be able to: 

  • Invest in Real Estate with no money 
  • Pay no taxes (legally) so you can keep all the money you earn
  • Use debt to grow you wealth
  • Value any piece of real estate so you will know what is a good deal
  • Build your monthly cash flow so you never have to worry about money again.

Follow the advice in this easy to read book and your bank account will compeltely different in less than a year. 

What is stopping you from building enough wealth and passive income to quit your job and live the life of your dreams? 

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The Quotes

With the large tax benefits, it is possible for an investor to buy an entire property with the same money they were going to pay in taxes.

Oh yeah, and everytime you fix your building up, you get to reset the depreciation clock on that component of your building, resulting in more depreciation.

The 1031 exchange allows you to take those sales proceeds and buy another property with that money. As long as you buy a property with your sales proceeds, you do not have to pay any taxes on the gains.

The Reviews

I just completed the book. I'm very new to real estate and the book was very informative. It kept me engaged. There's still a lot to learn but this was definitely a great start. This is the first real estate book I've completed in its entirety.The only issues I found with the book were with the charts/graphs. Some of the equations didn't add up. I actually took the time to work out each problem to learn how Hayden got the answer and some of the answers in the book were incorrect (like typos that weren't double checked before publishing). I know they were examples only just to give the reader an idea of how the real estate calculations operate but after I broke down the examples to actually solve the problems quite a few figures were off.Even with the calculation errors I was able to understand the gist of how to work the scenarios and I understand the meaning behind the charts.With that said, the overall information given is awesome and I will read "Skip the Flip" again and again until I have drilled it in my head. I also signed up for Hayden's academy. I'm looking forward to expanding my real estate knowledge for sure. Thanks.

This has been the most informative book that I have read on real estate investing. The author puts it all out there, not holding back. Literally it was an answer to prayer that would have been answered years ago had I thought to ask. When I did ask a few days ago, I found this book with the glowing reviews and I knew it was what I wanted. Thank you. This information is very valuable and I hope that I can utilize it very soon. God bless you Hayden!!!

This is a very informative book on real estate. The author emphasizes creating a real estate business that produces a continuous CASH FLOW from your efforts. What I got from the book was instead of doing real estate where you have to continuously repeat your efforts without being rewarded financially; to concentrate on Multifamily/Commercial/Self Storage that create bigger paydays and a continuous CASH FLOW.

This book has given me an opportunity I never saw before. This book has given me hope I could not feel before. This book has opened new doors for me, which I am willing to go through and explore, to the best of by abilities, into a successful future. Thank you very much Hayden for giving hope and opportunity to the world.

What a concise read. Hayden covers so many facets of Real Estate investing in a very comprehensible way. Skip the Flip is a comprehensive guide to Real Estate Investing, it de-mystifies the industry. You won't regret reading this book!!

Very easy read. Great examples. Hayden does a phenomenal job keeping the reader intrigued and eager to learn more throughout the entire book!

Broken down to make it simple. Solid, easy to follow advice.

I really enjoyed this primer on real estate investing. It breaks down essential concepts into lay terms and makes them accessible to beginners like me.

I bought this book based on other reviews. As someone who is flipping houses quite profitably, I wanted to see what the counter-arguments against it would be.This book falls under the same general philosophy as "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and the Robert Kiyosaki investing advice, which emphasizes aggressive investing to generate assets and cash flow.Hayden makes a concise and well-reasoned argument for why cash-flow generating properties such as apartment complexes, commercial real estate and storage units are a better investment than flips. He also offers brief and succinct explanations of some of the important terms and concepts to know in real estate investing.I found his advice valuable and enlightening. I agree with most of what he says, though I think a more nuanced approach which takes into account the specifics for different markets and gives more weight to the quality of investments would be worth considering.Still, I felt this book brought a lot of value and was very worthwhile. It has gotten me thinking differently about how to invest in real estate and I will definitely follow some of his advice.I did have to dock a star and give it a 4/5 because the writing of the book felt hurried: it also lacked the copy-edit a major publisher would bring. Yet for the practical info and opinions it provides, I feel it's very worthwhile.

Good book full of useful information and not scared to share the "Real" knowledge. Thank you, well worth the read!

From a commercial real estate agent and new real estate investor, take it from me, this book is actually better than you might realize. It’s written so simply and covers so much that you don’t even realize you’re receiving a master class on real estate investing concepts and practices in a book that I actually was able to read in a single day. Some of these concepts took me months to figure out (others I wasn’t even aware of until I read this book) and I wish I had read it when I started.

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I enjoyed reading this book. It briefs over many aspects of the real estate investing "need to knows". I thought I knew how to invest into real estate from watching others buy properties but after reading this book I know know there is many more benefits to it than what you see and its much more than what you recieve for rent. Thank you Hayden for taking the time to share your knowledge!

Written clearly for a novice to understand. Resources so you don’t just read and put on your bookshelf. Knowledge without action is useless.

If you’ve been studying real estate for any amount of time then you likely have all the basics, and you can forgo reading this book. However, if this will be your first dive into real estate, then I would suggest reading this book as it does provide an overview of general RE concepts.

The most powerful takeaway for me in this book is the power of the cap rate. I first discovered this concept back in 2014, and I am finally ready to take advantage of the incredible income leverage in ability that it has. If you don't know about the benefits of multi-unit dwellings and increasing the cap rate to make significant money, you need to sit down and read this book and take plenty of notes!

The author covers a lot in this book, but one thing stands out - focusing on cash flow, holding and optimizing real estate is the “secret” to wealth. Hitting on everything from taxes to modeling and property selection, you get high level views of the real estate asset class.

I like all the techniques that can save you thousands by learning from someone who truly knows the subject.

Good but not enough information to really be applicable in the real world of investing.If you are a aspiring investor I would suggest something with more detail. This was too short. Not to say there was nothing worth while in the book. Just not enough information to even get started. The amount of information there is on real estate is incredible. A great book to check out would be commercial real estate for dummies or books by gary w. Eldred

I really enjoyed this book. Read it faster than previous books. He is very real in the book. Love the enthusiasm and explains real estate investing to someone who is just getting into it. Really appreciate the extra resources to help me on my journey. I would definitely read this.

Skip the Flip: Secrets the 1% Know About Real Estate Investing
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